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  1. 1. Reread my points, I never said that crypto is not already subject to taxes. Obviously if I said in my post that crypto to crypto is a taxable event I know crypto is taxed. 2. Never said a govt coin is a crypto currency. govt alternative, better? 3. I'm not going to split hairs on the article if you didn't find it useful thats ok. Finally if you think the only people that will be impacted by regulations in crypto are money laudering activities and terrorist and that me or crypto will not be impacted (good or bad) by any regulations then there is nothing more to say here. It's already happened, Binance as you know whether forced or not, restricted US investors because of the regulatory climate, as one example, that impacted everyday investors. I could list many more already. I would point you to another article from last year but my last one bombed out on you so here is a quote from it, you can easily find it from the quote on google if interested. I get it Eric not everyone agrees and you don't, that is fine, I'm not here to convince you. There are many posts in this thread I don't agree with and some I agree with. Personally I think BTC ever getting to 200K or even higher is a pipe dream. I would love to be wrong I just don't see it happening. “The days of massive returns in cryptocurrency markets are probably coming to an end shortly,” says Chris Housser, CEO and co-founder of Polymath, a startup that provides services for issuing security tokens to organizations. According to him, the introduction of regulations will narrow volatility and returns for crypto markets will mirror those from conventional venues, such as stock markets."
  2. Yep that’s one of the arguments I hear as well and yes I agree liquidity lessens manipulation along with other things. I believe 90% of the crypto space would be gone today if regulations were in place. As far as what regulations are coming your guess is as good as mine governments can’t even decide yet what is coming but they are coming. My main point was about regulations not about manipulation. I should of elaborated more and been clearer but my post was to long already like this one. I’m talking about regulations meant to impact the average investor. When I say regulations I’m including any action a govt takes and it’s impact on the crypto market and that could mean a govt backed competing “coin”. Some governments realized they can’t ban bitcoin for example so maybe competition in an attempt to kill bitcoin or at least steer people towards the govt coin for use because the govt coin is “better”. People won’t go for that? Just look at the amount of people asking to be put on a private pm list of a popcorn eating giraffe or whatever that is (no offense giraffe for all I know you are an investing genius). How will that impact the crypto investment market and the dream of btc hitting 200k if people in a society are mostly using the govt backed coin. I see the crypto manipulators today as the kids whose parents are away and once the parents come home the real manipulators (govt) will have their turn punish us with regulations and the odds will be against us. Manipulation will always be involved where there is money. A manipulated market on top of regulations most likely not to benefit the average investor. I’d rather deal with the kids. No more pos crypto projects gaining 1000% for example or at least not the norm as in the past. I also feel regulations on crypto investors will be heavier besides the normal capital gains etc in order to regulate where and what we are investing in. What exactly I don’t know maybe some govt wants to discourage investing in crypto or certain crypto sectors and decides to put a 75 % tax on certain crypto investment income. Or maybe a different capital gains tax for crypto. Doubt will happen but I don’t know. goverments always pull crap out of their ass. Governments want their hand in this. Some crypto investors don’t know that trading crypto for crypto is a taxable event, irs is coming as we saw last year, will that discourage people with the headache of having to convert crypto to crypto just to trade certain crypto’s, who knows. They are working daily on figuring this out. Don’t get me wrong I’m not talking all doom and gloom here some regulations will be good and most likely will pull people in. It’s not good when the average joe has to worry about keeping a ledger around so their crypto isn’t stolen from their exchange, so maybe some type of regulation will help that hurdle. It would be nice if regulators ruled in xrp favor for the securities issue. As far as crypto in general the tech is here to stay. I just think the space’s eventual mainstream success will change the landscape from what we have seen in the past and eventually the days of overnight riches will be few and far between for the average investor which has not been the case in the past. I’m glad I was in way early. Here is a decent article on what to possibly expect in 2020. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/expect-cryptocurrency-legislation-2020-180028179.html
  3. Very true you are right and I agree... I guess we will have to see when regulations come, people show, and the "fuse is lit"
  4. Thanks for the post Eric, I could be wrong but my feeling is that we are in a closing window in crypto in a few years to see huge swings up and down as routine as we once did. We'll get some nice pops here and there but nothing like in the past, in a few years and unlike most I feel that regulations will be partly the reason to blame. I know I'm probably on an island with this thinking, I bet most disagree with my regulations thinking. The gains won't go on like this forever. In the past it's been an easy money maker partly because of no regulations. With crypto easily manipulated and no one watching you just had to ride the manipulators coat tails which I was happy to do. I didnt mind a manipulated crypto market to get these huge gains. Just about anyone whose made money in crypto in the past few years have done so because the market is manipulated. Some of these projects shouldn't even be a penny. xrp is one of the few that is actually showing a good use case. A few years ago or less just about any bozo could make money in crypto, like throwing darts at a board to pick one. I'm probably one of the few that feel this way but I think regulations will ruin crypto in the sense that these huge swings, manipulation, and the chance to get %1000 gains or more in a short time period will be gone for us peons. Once the crowds come, like anything else it will get ruined. The more eyes on crypto the less chance we have for huge gains. I'd rather be in the Wild West and take my chances. Many counter-arguments to my point I know, institutional money coming in, regulations will further the tech, no regulations will keep away institutional money (chicken or the egg) etc etc etc, and I know xrp needs regulations but it is just a feeling I have in general for crypto investing.
  5. Yeah that's common sense, wasn't really asking for investment advice (not implying you were giving it to me) but you missed my point of the question. I've been in this space a long time and fortunate to be up on xrp. Xrp isn't my only holding, I believe Bitcoin is a way better investment choice and will continue to believe so until my results are proven wrong. Doesn't mean I think bitcoins technology is better. I also own several other alt coins. My main point of the question is Alex said Eric's ta adds much value and how much he respects it but then also mentioned about insane price predictions from other people and lost souls that cling to it so I was curious what he thought of Eric's prediction of $10. The two sentences seemed contradictory until he explained it which I appreciate his response. Final thing, not trying to give anyone a hard time I like Eric's posts and genuinely enjoy reading them and he is one of the few I believe without an agenda. Original op of this thread I haven't figured out yet other than I like his avatar.
  6. Do you consider $10 price prediction insane for xrp? (Serious question) Eric has said many times he sees $10 and won't sell before that.
  7. Yep, my chart says we might be going up or down, stay tuned, waiting for confirmation.
  8. I searched and found this, keeps getting better lol... https://www.walmart.com/ip/How-Much-XRP-Do-I-Need-to-Retire-eBook-9781540130686/332898924
  9. I saw that this morning surprising thing to me was there was a link to another article from a couple weeks ago in which Justin Sun says he owns large stacks of xrp, bullish on xrp (along with ETH). Some people don't like him but was interesting to read.
  10. Yep again I agree not listing my personal investment strategy, it's what I've seen. Everyone is in a different situation holding different amount of bags etc etc. But yes for sure ideal to keep some set aside for the big numbers. Exactly. Goes up to $5 people hold then it drops to $3.50 and people think it's dumping and panic and sell or not panic and just start thinking about the great returns they have versus what they maybe will have not knowing when the higher returns come and sell. Or people think it will rise again and it keeps dumping and two years later someone is still waiting for it to increase and finally it does and then there out. It's mind games to a certain extent, really need an exit plan and stick to it as best as possible. Or maybe the number in mind is $10 and sell all and it goes to $30 but someone is perfectly happy with their returns at $10, it's all good. Ive been through bull and bear markets and it seems to get lonely the higher prices go at some point for many different reasons. But I don't judge,everyone is in a different situation and people have their reasons and some very good. It's a problem that I would love all of us to have with xrp within two years
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