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  1. Hi all, if my Xrp were on a ledger and I used the wietse wind took to claim the flare token during the snapshot period, would I then follow the instructions to claim songbird through a ledger? Is this correct?
  2. Nice but also not super exciting for me 1) there’s been enough ripple pilots over the past decade now. None have materialized 2) this is a private ledger. It will be a billion years before xrp is even involved in this
  3. “Rules are extremely clear” Imagine actually being able to say that with a straight face? Think of the kind of person you need to be…
  4. I set up flare through that wietse wind tool that was available. Any clue how I would claim these tokens?
  5. I already set things up from flare a while back. Perhaps I’ll just leave these tokens sitting there until one day when they may be actually worth something. Any harm there?
  6. Don’t underestimate the ignorance of the SEC. They could keep playing this game for another 6 months.
  7. That entire agency should just be scrapped.
  8. Move that decimal over to the left and we’re all set
  9. The US is really dead set on destroying crypto in that country. It’s so obvious how they’re messing it up. I believe they’re past the point of no return now.
  10. Because you have to protect innovation, just like most other developed countries in the world are doing
  11. I doubt he’ll do anything to help ripple or crypto in general. The SEC is hopeless.
  12. Similar move by me. Went in 50% eth at 1900 and 50% Xrp at 0.70
  13. seems like hogan was happy with how it went based on his tweet. we'll see. my take is that the judge is being WAY too nice to SEC. they're playing dirty, and the judge is just letting it happen.
  14. Completely out of control. Totally oblivious and fully in their own bubble. It’s unreal. I’m not sure how the judge allows this crap.
  15. Btc dominance is dropping like a rock. Hope xrp has its run before it’s too late.
  16. We can believe whatever we want but it’s very clear that he’s pro doge. If I had to bet on anything, Tesla will accept doge next. It’s got a massive following and Elon seems to get a kick out of memes. Heck, his cars make fart sounds.
  17. That part stood out with me as well. even if what Clayton did with ripple had nothing to do with his new advisor role, the optics on this is terrible and suggests exceptionally poor judgment.
  18. the problem is not with choosing to ignore. the problem is about less experienced members reading those junk blog posts and spreading fake news.
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