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  1. It's gotten to the point where I don't even listen to his interviews anymore.
  2. My sense is that this is not good for xrp, but then again I don't know enough about this kinda stuff.
  3. I’ve read enough of these reports by now. All I gotta say is... meh.
  4. You’ve been here since 2015 and you actually have to ask if it’s legit?
  5. hmmm, didn't see this coming.... i'm curious why they would raise money rather than just sell xrp.
  6. this video proves one thing: we are still years away from anything substantial happening
  7. imagine if Arthur b was actually satoshi? We would see some btc maxi heads explode!
  8. Contrast how this CEO is talking compared to Western Union's. One gets the future, the other doesn't.
  9. Moneygram confirms that right now 10% of their Mexican Peso volume is going through XRP. That's actually significant.
  10. Just read it. Basically they are trying to convince the central bank to change their laws around to accommodate virtual currencies. Neither good nor bad to be honest. With all the new hires made in regulation, it seems that this will literally be Ripple's goal over the next few years: convince government's to change their laws. We're several years off still...
  11. Pretty please let it be true (and that they were discussing xrp in it)
  12. i was fine with the whole interview, but pomp really lost me in the last 5 minutes when he said "why not bitcoin?"..... arrrghhh....
  13. They were doing 2 per week years ago. Imo it should be more than that if they're going to build a network. You need 1000's of contracts, not 100's.
  14. This article was a complete rip off of what ripple has been saying, word for word, for the last 6 years.
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