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  1. Allvor looked like junk right from the get go. What actually happened with it?
  2. Doesn’t connecting your ledger nano to that toolkit expose your Xrp?
  3. so i also checked bithomp and i see a flare address there. i guess i'm good to go?
  4. "According to the pseudonymous analyst who is identified on Twitter as Magic" these articles are pure junk...
  5. Would love to hear that also. This is getting kinda technical.
  6. Is there a non-sketchy, but also not super technical way to claim flare on ledger? I saw the link above that showed I needed to download some kind of toolkit? Seems kinda sketchy... Are there any step by step instructions somewhere?
  7. I hate to be one of those, but how can you claim these tokens if you're storing xrp off an exchange. Do we know yet?
  8. I was never into coil. I don’t even really understand it (and this coming from someone who paid the $5/month way back when and implemented it on my site). If xrp is going to take 10 years to pan out, coil will take 20.
  9. Until I see $$$ flowing through ODL I am not impressed. It's easy to have 400% growth when your last quarter volume was $1000 (for example).
  10. Ah. The annual Miguel is leaving thread. If it were true this time, I'm not sure it would actually even change anything.
  11. Let's assume this was true (though it highly likely is not) , I don't thick this would be a good thing for xrp
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