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  1. Is it possible that this can be interpreted as ripple being so desperate for xrapid traction that they were willing to pay 3 times the current MoneyGram share price to get it?
  2. Wondering if this is a desperate move by MoneyGram and perhaps a hail Mary pass since I believe they were having difficulties?
  3. You're needed around here to bust through some FUD. Thanks for chiming in.
  4. How professional. Really makes Santander look good.
  5. I'll be honest, I would have expected them to be further along by now
  6. Well, one of the leading ripplenet members just confirmed no plans for xrp. This really ain't looking good. This could be a while.
  7. Oh look, another crummy article that clogs this forum up
  8. Clearly it's a poorly translated tweet so you can't really put too much faith into the literal meaning of it
  9. Guys, watch the video. She clearly says that that there is much more interest in DLT At the moment then with btc, eth and all those others. I actually think this bodes well for ripple.
  10. $1b is a heck of a lot of money for a startup. this is likely not going to happen.
  11. guys, it's probably true. the price is going down
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