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  1. It’s very clear that ripple is in complete alignment with the issues that these major companies care about. The only question is, will ripple play a role in all this or will they get shafted as they typically have been. im really hoping that what they’ve been doing over the past decade is building these connections and getting super deep with the big players so that they can come out on the right side of this.
  2. Seems logical. I’d be a quadrillionaire among with many others.
  3. I read through the original complaint once which was painful enough. Would be nice if they bolded the differences. Def can’t read through it again.
  4. Ripple may not have been 100% in the right, but the SEC looks like a complete disaster. It’s frankly embarrassing.
  5. I’m debating putting USDC on Ledger Live to earn interest through Compound. Anyone do this? See any potential risks?
  6. What’s the % of xrp that brad still holds compared to what he sold? If he only sold a minority, and he’s holding a majority, then it’s not lying.
  7. Brad saying he’s long Xrp was taken out of context. Read ripple’s Answer to SEC. He said he was long Xrp as a proportion of his total assets. So he might have sold a big chunk of his Xrp, but the rest he had, proportional to his assets, he could have still been long.
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