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  1. We can believe whatever we want but it’s very clear that he’s pro doge. If I had to bet on anything, Tesla will accept doge next. It’s got a massive following and Elon seems to get a kick out of memes. Heck, his cars make fart sounds.
  2. That part stood out with me as well. even if what Clayton did with ripple had nothing to do with his new advisor role, the optics on this is terrible and suggests exceptionally poor judgment.
  3. the problem is not with choosing to ignore. the problem is about less experienced members reading those junk blog posts and spreading fake news.
  4. i'm also listening in now, ripple making their arguments against the MOU's. not sure the judge is into it.
  5. it was the wrong code. i found the actual code on twitter but i can't find it now.
  6. Is it so hard for brad to buy a $50 microphone for his home office?
  7. Wow, the TRON example he gives is disputable behaviour. TRON is def one of my least fav cryptos.
  8. Don’t hold your breath. I’m sure they have lots more of their aggressive stupidity to come over the coming months.
  9. Sounds like just about the worst strategy possible. Good luck with that.
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