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  1. Lots of wishful thinking in this thread unfortunately. Let’s just say it how it is. Everyone thinks ripple is winning in this forum, except the judge is going against them almost every step of the way.
  2. This whole case is a complete mockery of the judicial system. And these judges are complete jokes as well.
  3. Probably a lot more than $1m per month. And I’d wager that these legal costs probably isn’t hurting them financially very much.
  4. Got my exfi. Let’s see what these trade for. Given the ratio of what you get, hope they don’t go for pennies
  5. This user just DM’d me on how to claim exfi tokes through a link they shared. Watch out…. https://www.xrpchat.com/profile/39333-tech/
  6. I’d be pretty upset if I was the Flare team. Flare Finance makes them seem affiliated to Flare and they look quite amateur.
  7. It’s pretty weird. Plus they said the airdrop would happen yesterday and many have still not received theirs yet.
  8. You could do that. Or just head to the casino and put it on black or red at the roulette table.
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