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  1. I was never into coil. I don’t even really understand it (and this coming from someone who paid the $5/month way back when and implemented it on my site). If xrp is going to take 10 years to pan out, coil will take 20.
  2. Until I see $$$ flowing through ODL I am not impressed. It's easy to have 400% growth when your last quarter volume was $1000 (for example).
  3. Ah. The annual Miguel is leaving thread. If it were true this time, I'm not sure it would actually even change anything.
  4. Let's assume this was true (though it highly likely is not) , I don't thick this would be a good thing for xrp
  5. There’s actually a thread for this? I guess this forum really has gone to sh*t.
  6. I'd bet on it being legit. Alex is one of the better ones out there. He's called out a ton of shady stuff in the past. That being said, I doubt BoA would be on ODL, so we can expect no price appreciation
  7. Why is this even surprising ? It's a high growth tech startup. None of them make profits... You know how long it took Amazon to have a profitable year? 12 years. /endthread
  8. Thanks for sharing and if true I retract my previous comments in this thread.
  9. This post makes no sense. MGI received 8.9m. This is not subject to r&d credits since they are receiving the money. For ripple, whether or not MGI classifies the 8.9m received as a revenue of negative/contra expense makes no difference for ripple being able to potentially claim these expenditures for r&d credits. Bottom line: ripple gave 8.9m to MGI likely because ODL wasn’t efficient and resulted in costs.
  10. Contra expense is a financial statement classification. Instead of classifying the 8.9m as revenues, they reduced the related revenue account by 8.9m. It's purely classification. The point is, MGI received 8.9m from ripple last quarter. Whether it was classified as revenue or a reduction of their expenses makes no difference to us. We should be concerned about the fact that ripple had to pay them money, likely because ODL resulted in efficiencies that cost MGI money
  11. The main point here is that ripple actually paid MoneyGram $8.9m. They shouldn't be paying money if the solution is working. Couple that with the fact that ripple bought a 10% stake in MGI at an above market price just to get their foot in the door. Ya... Real good...
  12. Brad said that last week xrp was part of 7% of all Mexican peso flows (something along those lines). I wondered if the price increase had anything to do with that...
  13. It's gotten to the point where I don't even listen to his interviews anymore.
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