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  1. We have all been complaining about ripple "dumping" on us, but perhaps all along they are selling xrp in order to get some acquisitions ready that may significantly help ripple. Would be a nice thought!
  2. If this were in fact true, I’d gladly wait until 2023. Im not one to jump on the hype train, but if I had to bet, i would bet that this involves ripple over any other crypto project out there...
  3. Thanks for sharing. I wish I was able to understand what he was saying.
  4. I can't believe we're still posting these useless PowerPoint slides. Years later...
  5. Its a poorly translated quote that may or may not actually mean what the quote says
  6. Why is there even a thread on this? Those that have been here long enough know SBI is certainly not going live on the 31st. And at the end of the day, SBI going live will literally do nothing to the price. They have been overhyped to death
  7. Back on topic... Good for Alex. While you may complain about some of his videos, he has the best Ripple/XRP Youtube vids out of any of the others.
  8. What matters though is that it needs to be xrp oriented. No more if this xcurrent flip the switch stuff, which,according to the patent, seems to be the latter.
  9. brad: "i am surprised by that patent application because we have not announced anything." my inference from that is that there will be an announcement at some point down the road. would be awesome if they are using xrp
  10. I don't think I've ever seen Tiffany criticize ripple.... The tide seems to be turning
  11. could be.... and i hope you're right....
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