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  1. Great videos. Mercury fx will soon send payments to Canada. Wonder who they’ll be dealing with.
  2. while no one can predict the future, there's no way in the world xrp can ever reach $10,000. not gonna happen.
  3. This is great news. xRapid is just a way of using xrp but if others want to use xrp in different ways it will save the same purpose for us I suspect.
  4. Man that would be insane if that actually happened! Hopefully Chris Larsen on the IWF board is helping this along
  5. So this coin was created to solve the instant settlement problem. Looks like xrp's use-case is validated should this prove successful.
  6. I can't even see how someone can spin this negatively. So ripple has xrp that they will pay in bonuses. Is that even newsworthy?
  7. The fact that they are still testing ripple is pretty impressive. No company tests something that long without a ton of interest.
  8. I was never really a huge fan. And if I understand the role correctly (I could be wrong), but he was there to try and change the perception of ripple, which if thats the case, he failed at
  9. i really don't think she's being paid to discredit ripple. i think she's just one of those people that thinks she's smarter than everyone else. again, her resume says it all. low-ish to mid-level level jobs her whole career but talking like like she had VP level experience at a bank. i would shut up if her resume was even close to impressive.
  10. Anyone that actually speaks like that literally has no credibility in my books.
  11. this frances person acts as such a big shot know-it-all, meanwhile, check her Linkedin profile. her CV is posted there. hardly impressive. most recently she was a contractor at Royal Bank of Scotland (back in 2002) where she helped implement a group consolidation system. whoopie doo. i guess that makes her the banking expert. Marcus Treacher on the other hand, he was on the SWIFT Board of Directors, he was at HSBC for 11 years, with his last role there being head of innovation in global payments. ya, i wonder which one of them knows what they are talking about. this "banking know-it-all that bounced around contract to contract" almost 2 decades ago or the ripple team who actually have executives from pertinent high-up positions.
  12. Wonder if we’ll see someone at ripple respond,...
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