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  1. Chewiecoin claims we will see xrp over $100 very soon and BTC @ zero! My money is on Chewie.
  2. You must be insane not to buy more xrp at the current prices. Prices so low you must think Brad have brain damage!
  3. Chewiecoin must be behind this dump!! There are no other realistic scenarios!!
  4. In crypto people tend to buy high and sell low. Tech bobble looks to be bursting...
  5. We must be back on track as I have never seen XRP this strong!
  6. In your humble option, is now the time to move on BTC ?
  7. I just sold everything with massive losses! I’m out. Good luck guys. I wish you the best.
  8. Anyone think the BYC halving will have any effect on the XRP price ? I’m out too after next pump.
  9. Will this mean people in the UK can finally buy XRP? If so we will see this asset catapult beyond imagination.
  10. It’s a tad strange that someone with zero knowledge like @Chewiecoin had this huge following. This guy is the biggest imbecile ever In this space!
  11. Corona is just the catalyst! This is the start of a new financial crisis like the one we saw back in 08/09. This crisis will be debt /credit driven followed by massive housing bobble. Brace yourself!
  12. Nice vid from Jungle https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw7eMlkTXr8&t=307s
  13. It’s with a 100% certainty that price will go down even more!
  14. Good times? I read some of your earlier posts spreading ad nauseam about wealth and high xrp profits. You should be banned from this forum for all nonsense posts you have made in the past. Shame on you!!
  15. I would imagine many BM would love to see 13 cents again in regards to adding more to their position!
  16. If we ever reach 35cents again I’m out for good!
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