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  1. Will this mean people in the UK can finally buy XRP? If so we will see this asset catapult beyond imagination.
  2. It’s a tad strange that someone with zero knowledge like @Chewiecoin had this huge following. This guy is the biggest imbecile ever In this space!
  3. XRP aside, I hope hope every BM will be corona safe in the coming days and weeks. God bless you all.
  4. @PhiGuy are you happy xrp is going down so you can buy more ?
  5. Corona is just the catalyst! This is the start of a new financial crisis like the one we saw back in 08/09. This crisis will be debt /credit driven followed by massive housing bobble. Brace yourself!
  6. IMHO I see $10 as highly unrealistic. That being said I respect his TA arguments. This Sunday stop just proves that OP just posting without merit and is just as clueless as the rest of us. Bad timing for such a thread.
  7. Crypto is a strange place that attracts so many lost souls hoping for that get rich quick solution clinging in to whom ever will give you hopium and insane price prediction that never delivers. Huge respect to Eric & Dr Ed for the TA analyzes. Value add to the forum.
  8. Nice vid from Jungle https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw7eMlkTXr8&t=307s
  9. It’s with a 100% certainty that price will go down even more!
  10. Good times? I read some of your earlier posts spreading ad nauseam about wealth and high xrp profits. You should be banned from this forum for all nonsense posts you have made in the past. Shame on you!!
  11. I would imagine many BM would love to see 13 cents again in regards to adding more to their position!
  12. 100% we will be back to 20cents by Monday. Damn shame 😢
  13. This drop is very healthy, let’s hope for sub 20 cents so we can all stock up 💪
  14. TRX & XRZ are up 7% - looks like we will see some action today as well!
  15. Probably, but these bots must have tremendous coin backing them in the sum of billion of dollars to move the market like this. A large % of the xrp holders are just waiting to take profit as we move up towards 40, 50 & 60 cents. I see struggle ahead for xrp.
  16. I.e this is a coordinated pump ( historically followed by a dump ) ?
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