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  1. 100% we will be back to 20cents by Monday. Damn shame 😢
  2. This drop is very healthy, let’s hope for sub 20 cents so we can all stock up 💪
  3. TRX & XRZ are up 7% - looks like we will see some action today as well!
  4. Probably, but these bots must have tremendous coin backing them in the sum of billion of dollars to move the market like this. A large % of the xrp holders are just waiting to take profit as we move up towards 40, 50 & 60 cents. I see struggle ahead for xrp.
  5. I.e this is a coordinated pump ( historically followed by a dump ) ?
  6. As ripple ecosystem is growing with smaller payments institutions from Canada to China, how many corridors are now open not including PH & MX?
  7. I’m my personal opinion 28cents is a great exit point for xrp. I’m out very shortly. I’m contemplating BTC.
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