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  1. Couple of things for people to think about here. First, if the RTGS.Global application(s) was(were) filed both in the UK and WIPO in Sept. of last year, you won't see the details of it (them) until March 2021 because of the publication rules. Look all you want, but it won't be available unless someone with access to it posts it somewhere (which is unlikely). Second, patents or applications don't infringe each other. Only a product/service/activity can infringe a patent. Patents don't give you any affirmative right to practice what you invented. They only give you a right to exclude
  2. Out of curiosity, how do you know RTGS Global has a patent or patent application? Was it mentioned somewhere?
  3. The application does have a priority date of September 10, 2012. Your argument might still hold water, though.
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