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  1. @Kakoyla thanks this was really helpful. Will be sure to checkout your website too
  2. Thanks, although I had figured out the signing of an offline transaction this really cleared some details about multiple transactions. One more doubt @mDuo13, once I sign the transaction, I get the response in the form of a BLOB, which I see is a hexadecimal representation of the binary transaction. Is there anyway to get back trx_json instead of trx_blob when I sign the transaction. My application requires that I submit this transaction in JSON for verification purposes. Thanks a lot!!
  3. Hi! I recently signed a transaction and I was hoping to get response in the form of JSON, but instead it returned it in the form of a blob which was the hexadecimal representation of the binary transaction. I desperately want the transaction to be in JSON format. Does anyone have any idea how to deal with this?
  4. Hi I was dabbling with signing transactions offline, and I came across the following code const txJSON = { "TransactionType": "Payment", "Account": fromAddress, "Amount": amount, "Destination": toAddress, "Fee": feeVal, "Sequence": parseInt(sequenceVal, 10), "DestinationTag": dTag, }; let signedTx = null; const { signedTransaction } = api.sign(JSON.stringify(txJSON), privateKey); signedTx = signedTransaction; After reading the ripple docs, I got to know that feeVal and SequenceVal are not necessary for signing the transaction, and the server inputs these two omitted values on its own, or we can input fee using fee mult max and fee div max. Now I want to know how to sign this transaction offline. How to include fee as fee mult max and fee div max? Can I simply omit sequence field from the txJSON and make it work? Should I include the option 'offline' into the request to sign the transaction? const { signedTransaction } = api.sign(JSON.stringify(txJSON), privateKey, offline: 'true'); How can I sign multiple transactions? It says I cannot sign multiple transactions unless I wait for the earlier transaction to be submitted. But I feel that would be really cumbersome if one has to go to the airgap again and again to sign and then submit the transaction. Any workarounds for this. Can I call the sequence value again and again for different transaction before I go and get them signed on the airgap? Do I need to feed into the value using a nonce generator? Any help would be great.
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