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    Hi there, this youtube channel is scamming people left and right. You should make there XRP useless or somehow give them problem by reporting there youtube channel. Scam address : rLTtjvVDqAmoMeYcw1SXZ9jamZjG3ZJawP
  2. I head god I a woman.. but then again.. I heard i don't like hearing stuff and then leave it half knowing.. that a childish investment. And we have some adults wanting to know what they bought and what they are holding. Because this is a massive problem... and we can't afford hearing about things.
  3. I been wondering my self I bought 100 xrp for 2.5 $ each. 250$ total.. and 20 xrp was taken for the ledger wallet.. and 20 xrp every time I was sending it too a new wallet. And Gatehub.com give us 20xrp so we don't need to pay for the wallet.. but whos paying for this? Where does this xrp come from? What if 1 billion people makes a wallet? xrp from thin air? Please answer this question.. i have been wondering
  4. Hi there, i have 2 question. Been wondering about a thing.. if it cost 20 xrp to create a wallet.. what will happen when xrp hits 10 dollar? 10 dollar x 20xrp for the wallet = 200 dollar just for wallet???? ledger xrp adress cost, exchange adress cost And for every xrp wallet being created, 20xrp is being lock in. In to the wallet, right? How can that be calculated in to the coinmarketcap? example. 1.15 dollar xrp X 39 billion xrp = 44 billion dollar... but what about the wallet xrp adress wallet thats being created and locking in 20xrp..?!?!
  5. i tried with Tag too and it still dont work... I cant send my xrp from ledger to exchange... why? and how much drops for higher volume?
  6. i have tried on 4 exchanges... Guys i bet i been doing this longer then most of u Sense 2013 came back 2015. I can proof that too... I aint no noob but u guys are trolling without help video is up in 20 sec
  7. BUT WHY WOULD I LOOOOOOK FOR MY TRANSCATION WHEN I CANT DO IT????????? sorry but read please! and scroll down and look at the time on the last once
  8. Look i know that an explorer is for me to look for my own transcation... Been using btc for over 6 year buddy.. Now are you going to tell me about me looking for my own transaktion ? cuz i keep saying.. I CANT SEND MY XRP how would i look for my transaction id ? if i cant sell... u make no sense buddy Help or dont wast my time please
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