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  1. Am in profit.. the market is speaking for itself.
  2. My short has been in sense an hour ago i said it.
  3. I'll be shorting XRP until he shows up. And i am sorry for that
  4. I'll be shorting XRP until he shows up. And i am sorry for that
  5. I would like to see the WIZARD to give a day when they are going to lower it.
  6. Are you bored or something? i don't need new friends but thanks for you comments.
  7. After what i've been reading.. am thinking of selling all my XRP, MARKET DROP !! Its already gone up and i think this is it for a LONG time. Lets see if am right
  8. Someone likes to shill 8 dollars account while other don't Nice.
  9. Stop typing... your comments have been a joke sense you started typing
  10. So you know i sold 83k xrp.. nice Whats you problem, really?
  11. why are bothering so much ? Why do you like people paying 8 dollars ? WHY WHY WHY??? Why do you attack me? I want it to be like it was and you don't why?
  12. I think its necessary :/ People who join from my side.. have always the same question and i can't really give them a good answer. Knowing that they can also get hacked and lose it.. thats just makes things worse
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