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  1. And why would States mandate millions of people to stay home? Because they are afraid people could die in the hundreds of thousands of not millions if everyone is out and about. Today President Trump said we could lose anywhere between 100,000-240,000 people from Covid-19, even with the Fed and State mandates to stay home. I wouldn't say people are not afraid.
  2. And why would businesses be down for several months? Surely not because they are afraid?
  3. With trillions added to the debt and dilution of the dollars purchasing power? Perhaps in the short-term to stabilize the market from plummeting further, but we'll have to see how this plays out long-term because the truth is nobody knows. There is a pandemic out there and there isn't anything Bitcoin can do about it.
  4. Yes but this time it's different. Death is brought by a pandemic with no vaccine in sight for at least another year. It doesn't matter how much government's pump the markets. It doesn't matter when Bitcoin has a halvening. Business outlook will be grim because people are afraid. They are afraid to die. Whether from Covid-19 complications or from the lack of proper medical treatment because hospitals are overwhelmed.
  5. Seems like the global markets will be stabilized with QE measures in the short term. What are your long-term thoughts? Will crypto projects like XRP thrive in this environment? @KarmaCoverage @Wandering_Dog @Eric123
  6. Bumping this thread from 2017. It was speculated that for 2020 we could see a higher valuation of XRP of 2.25$. Apart from the speculative mania of 2017, how far off are we from this potentially being a reality in 2023-2025, pandemic and economic stability permitting? What ever happened to @Graine? @Mercury? @tulo?
  7. This is true. I don't think institutional money will flow into crypto until use case based digital assets show their promise. XRP is part of a working product, but it will take a while before it's utility impacts value. Even then, that's not promised. Someone once explained to me that we need a horrible market correction to create a liquidity crisis for digital assets to become a real alternative. Basically they said, if central banks pump billions into their economies and interest rates turn negative, then people will hold on to their cash. With the expectation that holding cash will be better because they see potential decrease in asset prices like real estate, stocks etc and they aren't getting higher yields from reinvesting it. Prices for assets decline, so why invest in the short term and hold until assets seem to have better "promise and yields". This exacerbates the liquidity crisis because monies aren't flowing. Could this provide an opportunity for XRP and similar assets? Maybe, but as of now I'm not sure I believe cryptos are a solution until we can get these assets under better custody solutions. This market is a mess. Retail speculators are almost all gone, with the exception of a few, like me, who are dreamers and must really hate their day jobs.
  8. Thank you guys for the information and warm welcome!
  9. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if Polysign custody of XRP will be for institutional investors only? Or, will it be for retail speculators as well? As the market matures, this seems like it is an essential part the DA space. People want security and insurance for their assets. Coinbase is fine, but i don't think it's enough. Last I heard, German banks would hold digital assets for customers starting this year. Is this true and if so is this still happening, and is anyone taking advantage of this? I do feel we are years away from significant changes in price action. That's just my opinion, and I hope I am wrong. Certainly, regulatory clarity will make the market move faster. Finally, if there is a severe economic slowdown, and Fiat currencies weaken as far as purchasing power due to inflation, I think digital assets may see positive price pressure because of investors allocating small percentages of investments in use case based DAs. Does anyone have more info on Polysign? Thank you. @nikb @JoelKatz
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