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  1. Very disappointed in all of this. Unnecessary, self-inflicted crisis and complete abdication of leadership. Either leave it as planned or drop 100% at launch to avoid the tax issue (and so many others). Only Flare can choose the 100% option which is the best option but they will cop out and try to hide behind the democracy of a community vote. They are fumbling on the one yard line. Everyone is watching and credibility is taking a massive hit.
  2. Requests for discovery extensions are very common especially in large, complex cases. I don't like it but wouldn't read too much into this.
  3. Their XRP page still stays XRP trading suspended for US residents. Not sure why the intro of an app for the US would change that.
  4. I also think lowering the reserve sends a positive signal of confidence about the price. Conversely, I'm a bit worried that reluctance to lower the reserve betrays some concern about a significant price crash.
  5. Thanks all. Even 10/2 seems unnecessarily high. More and more people are getting introduced to crypto and I would hate to have this perceived "barrier" prevent them from buying XRP.
  6. Seems like it's finally time to lower the reserve from 20 to 1. How does that decision get made and implemented?
  7. BTC is more than 3x its 2017 ATH. After the lawsuit resolves favorably and exchanges relist, I see XRP doing the same which would mean around $10. Assuming favorable regulatory clarity with the SEC outcome, the superior utility of XRP could drive it well above $10.
  8. I agree this is probably the right thing to say at this point even if you don't really mean it. But hypothetically, what would be the argument to be long bitcoin? If pressed to support that position, what would he say? Store of value doesn't really cut it. It's prohibitively slow and expensive per transaction.
  9. Brad was excellent, again. Every time he talks, I actually walk away dumbfounded that XRP and other useful tokens are not being distinguished by investors (a point he actually made during this interview).
  10. New question. I sent a small amount of XRP from Bitstamp to my Nano wallet to test it. Worked great. Very fast transfer. I then tried to send part of that back to my Bitstamp account and got a series of error messages. First, it just said Ripple Network Unavailable. After several attempts, it finally prompted me to confirm the transaction on the device. When I did, it said the transaction was being broadcast to the network and should be validated soon. After about 30 secs, I received an error message saying Transaction Expired. Tried this 10 times with same result. Thoughts?
  11. I got the following message from Norton when installing the Ledger Ripple Wallet: "Ledger wallet Ripple does not have a valid digital signature." Any idea what that means? Concerned with proceeding to set this up after getting that message. Thanks
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