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  1. That might be helpful, so I'll let you know. Thank you!
  2. Well, I don't know... It looks like the Etherium chart has a little hook in it that the XRP chart doesn't have, so I don't know if this means anything ; )
  3. Thanks, Streamliner. Would you also assist with translation on Korean exchange, Coinone, if asked?
  4. Were you able to get Coinone to fix this? Did you have trouble initially opening an account?
  5. Ripple Lab's goal is for XRP to become the the primary token for transfer of value. What is used to transfer value? Money. If XRP becomes "Money," and if the US experiences severe inflation, the depreciation of the USD might be horrible, while the appreciation of XRP might be phenomenal. If the US does not experience severe inflation, XRP may still increase in value. About a predicted 'Fed Coin'... Sooner or later, the US Gov't will go to digital currency - this is clear. But why make a 'Fed Coin,' when there is already a coin (XRP) that the Fed's can use? Besides, I don't think the banks that have already invested in XRP would want a Fed Coin. So, it would not surprise me to see the Federal Reserve make a deal with Ripple Labs to assume control of XRP, or for the Federal Gov't to appropriate all XRP, by decree. These are just my thoughts on realities and possibilities
  6. I noticed over the last 36 hours that the character of orders in the Order Books has changed. No longer are uptrends and downtrends driven by 50 - 100 BTC orders that magically appear and disappear, always a few bids below or above the orders that are actually being executed. Now, the Order books are filled with 200 - 600 BTC orders about a penny below and above, to about 600 - 2000+ BTC orders about 2 cents below and above. These orders are not disappearing, whether the market is going up, or down. The whole market seems to have suddenly changed. I don't know what is caused this, other than leaked secret news that is pending, Consensus, or whatever. Has anyone else noticed this? Any comments?
  7. Can anyone offer an explanation, speculation or otherwise, as to why the XRP/USDT and the BTC?USDT charts on the two day time frame look almost exactly the same?
  8. The problem with trading with an exchange other than Polo is that Polo has the deepest most liquid XRP market. My experience of trading on other exchanges is that it means enduring a thin market with wide spreads. Not only that, the exchange that I regularly use has ranges of highs and lows that are distinctly smaller than Polo's, so that is a big disadvantage. That's the plus side of Polo. Now the downside... ON THE OTHER HAND, Polo announced it would terminate the accounts of customers of my state on a certain date. Instead, they did so more than 24 hours ahead of schedule, locking the account funds for those who were preparing to transfer their XRP. For me, someone who had just closed an XRP position on Polo, that meant a 30% loss in XRP (due to XRP moving higher) by the time Polo finally got around to moving the funds to an exchange where they could be reinvested in XRP. Almost all customer service requests went unanswered, or answered with cryptic messages that had nothing to do with my inquiries. My sense is that Polo froze my Bitcoins, then traded them, and was waiting for the Bitcoin market to reverse trend, before releasing them back to me. But the market didn't reverse course, and instead just kept going up, up, up. This caused a problem for the Polo internal traders because they needed to close the position(s) at a high, let the market pull back, then release the coins back to me , thereby pocketing the difference between where they closed the trade, and the pullback price at which they actually unfroze my Bitcoins. The same thing could be done with shorts, only in reverse. I played these scenarios out in my mind in great detail, and over the long run it would be next to impossible for an exchange not to be able make 100% winning trades, after any losses were transferred back to the customer when the coins were unfrozen. It is the ultimate, unregulated, unregistered, money making machine. If you ask me, Polo doesn't give a crap about their customers. Attitudes like this come from the top down, and I see nothing in the near future that would cause these attitudes and problems with Polo to change.
  9. plutopark

    Chatbox gone

    I agree that off-topics, such as alternate coins, were discussed all too often, and I once raised this point in the chatbox. But reading up in the chatbox provided me with a lot of insight into the business of Ripple Labs. I'm glad it was up as long as it was.
  10. My name is not on here - if you'd like to contact me directly, I will kindly provide some good troll advice.
  11. Oh, for God's sake... Do you really believe there anyone here for whom that posting generated FUD? There might be??? Ok, that explains it! Actually, he states some valid points and proposals: 1. "...Ripple should develop wallets and lobby the coin to companies like coinbase and such so e-commerce sites start using it." What's wrong with this? 2. "XBT and ETH will soon lower their transaction times and at that point XRP will lose his big advantage." Are you sure they wont'? 3. "What's causing the XBT and ETH rise and why isn't ripple doing the same for XRP?" I couldn't chart XBT, but sure looks like ETH is rising while XRP is going down (last couple of days), to me. 4. "IMO ripple is missing the wave while waiting for SWIFT to die and there is no guarantee banks will adopt XRP." This is also true. If people want only to see pretty rosy pictures of XRP's future, a free exchange of ideas forum is not the place to look for them.
  12. You sure possess an extraordinary ability to read into a posting. And Yes, I was obviously referring to you. You need to learn that some level of anxiety in a newbie XRP holders is just normal human emotion. While you apparently see a tidal wave of FUD directed at everyone who reads the post, others don't, and instead see someone trying to initiate normal, albeit uninformed, dialogue. So, please get over it. XRPchat is for everyone, not just those, such as yourself, who are endued with knowledge that is superior to everyone else's.
  13. @ReneXRP, There's no reason for you to be condescending to new members, unless you feel it's especially important to try to make yourself look big - which it doesn't. It makes you look very small.
  14. Senol, Sorry to hear about the theft. I've furnished the service request, and asked Bittrex to look into it, as well as to contact you.
  15. Also, please provide the Transaction ID !!!
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