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  1. I am still of the idea that MOST PROBABLY the local high of the XRPUSD chart, printed the 7th of April of 0.205$, will not be broken to the upside. MOST IMPORTANT, even if by chance that level is broken to the upside, on the mid term, I still expect a move down as a retracement to the 50% / 61.8% fibonacci levels of the current move, OR a total final breakdown to complete the 5th Elliot wave impulse down. More detailed infos in the video below: complete Coil article with updated ROI@ATH chart : https://coil.com/p/CriptoItaTrade/ROI-ATH-Apr-17/lfZnv-yaU
  2. Hi guys! In my last few videos i was highlighting exactly this area where we find ourself just now as a pivotal point for a reversal. There is still chance to go further up in next few days, but on the higher time frames things are looking not so good. More details here on the video technical analysis.
  3. Hello guys! Boring weekend... My thinking is that all the markets will keep on falling in next few month....crypto included. MAYBE we could see a little retracement in the .19$ / .2$ region if we are VERY LUCKY....remote possibility but still into play until we fall from the last bottom. Onece the last bottom is crushed down my "buy the low" area are around .02$. My strategy is to buy small lots whenever it dips down with power until August. I hope in mid September to see some recovery...always if this bad virus condition is over...which is still unkonwn. If you like to see some more charting around here is a vid recorded few hours ago with detailed targets: Today i released the last ROI@ATH CHART: https://coil.com/p/CriptoItaTrade/ROI-ATH-Mar-16/Lbf3MNuc
  4. Ok guys...i took a great stop loss. In the video I show some detail directly on the chart and the reasons behind.
  5. Hello guys. These days i wasn't updating because there wasn't any other thing to add to my previous analysis. Target hit. I bought back inside the green box. Still considering for the possibility of another little drop, but to me this is a good buy point. IF (and this is a HUGE IF) we manage to hold 0.2$, this in my opinion is the bottom. Stop loss placed right under 0.2. More consideration and in depth analysi in video to come. Stay tuned.😎❤☀️
  6. There is an hidden bearish RSI that is impossible not to be seen on both 1hr and 4hr.😱
  7. Hi guys good morning and good week to you all! Basically in the video i share what are in my opinion, the most important resistances in THE ZONE: The edge of the triangle formation ans the 50 SMA on the 4hr. Targets are still the same at .21$ / .2$.... Extra infos on my blog: https://coil.com/p/CriptoItaTrade/ROI-ATH-Mar-2/xac_53P- Interesting fact: today beging the SOLOGENIC trading on Coinfield. The project is built on the XRPL....so who knows what could happen? 😎☀️
  8. Hi guys. The last dump of few hours ago maybe puts into play something like this...final targets remains the same.
  9. It actually seem that we could go to test the 50 SMA on the 4hr chart wich is very close to the 200 SMA on 1hr and Daily timeframes. That move in my opinion, could sign the end of a 4th corrective wave. I still lean slightly on the baerish side until .21$ / .2$ level for sure if we see a shooting star kind of candle when we touch one of the above mentioned SMA resistances. For those of you wondering what a shooting star candle is, it is a candle with a long tail and a very little body facing down.
  10. There is a said that tells "the market reacts before the news comes". One of the principles of TA is that the price action already discount the news. From my perspective the market...every market, evolves in cycles determined by human psychology. We, as humans, despite the fact that we isolated ourself from Nature, are actually its byproduct. Needless to say that our evolutive matrix in each one of our expressions (so even markets) follows the same patterns and ways of motion like 3 steps forward and 1 or 2 steps back (Elliot waves) and ratios of growth or recession (fibonacci retracement and extension). In the grand scheme of things even TEMPORARY bad news and recovers are part of the evolution of the market dictated by this human, sometimes hidden sometime less, evolutive psychology of the markets.
  11. Sure kind Sir!! You just needed to ask! 😁 I was thinking that video was more immediate but apparently is not....my mistake, sorry guys! From now on I'll provide some summary as suggested by Molten! See you soon!!
  12. Hello guys...this where i think we are going. More stats and infos on my COIL BLOG https://coil.com/p/CriptoItaTrade/ROI-ATH-Feb-27/x6isxMbN 😎❤☀️
  13. Latest chart review of today. More info here: https://coil.com/p/CriptoItaTrade/ROI-ATH-Feb-24/5FuwI1tl
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