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  1. Hi guys, despite being active on Coil almost daily missed a few that I didn't added here for lack of time, you can check them on my blog page: https://coil.com/u/PatriciaC But for today I bring you guys with our bi-weekly stream about Coil, Coil Creators, web monetization, etc... Enjoy! 😘 https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Do-you-have-a-PLAN-in-your-life-/kXhvfBFh
  2. Hello everyone! I'm back with another 3d printing blog, this time with useful items. Besides the fun in printing them, that is always a plus, they serve a purpose 😂 https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/3D-Printing-is-not-only-about-having-fun-Ok-it-is-/k2Z67YWc
  3. Hello everyone! If you celebrate Valentine's day I hope you have a great one! https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Happy-Valentine-s-Day-/SXdgqrBP
  4. Hello everyone 😘 This is something you can't miss, my Q&A session with the CTO and Co-founder of Coil.com 😉 https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/My-Video-Q-A-session-with-Ben-Sharafian-Co-Founder-and-CTO-of-Coil-com/rAO4M5PP
  5. Hello everyone! Hope that you guys had a great start on your week! 😉 If you're a 3D printing fan don't miss out my new blog on Coil: https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Travel-around-the-world-with-3D-printing-/pTj7ODpf See you on the next one! 😘
  6. Hello everyone, happy weekend! 😘 Not sure if you saw my blogs last week? No problem... Here is my weekly recap, an easy way for you to find them all in one place 😉 https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Lazy-Sundays-Wait-No-Saturdays-01-26-2020-to-01-31-2020/eeEuLpRKR
  7. Hello everyone! Today I bring you and update on my boost and also a very important Apology to the XRP Community! https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Coil-Boosts-so-far-January-2020-update-and-an-Apology-to-the-XRP-Community-/PxzPZWMFY
  8. If that works I'm doing my part 😂😂
  9. Hello guys, Today I'm talking about something that is very dear to me, being a blood donor! ❤️ If you're not can you consider being one, please? https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/The-Importance-of-Donating-Blood-/WneAuD1hN
  10. Hello everyone! Want to know a bit more about me? So check this blog 😉 https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/-thecoilchallenge-/wahE_e8eQ
  11. Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! I made XRP, Ripple and other shaped cookies with the help of my 3D printer! 😁 https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Want-XRP-Ripple-or-other-special-shapes-Sugar-Cookies-/wcp9y-b_C
  12. Hi guys! This blog is for the Star Wars, XRP, Sushi and 3d printing fans out there 😉 https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Spoiler-Alert-Star-Wars-and-XRP-3D-Printed-items/IpBQ7BxuZ
  13. Hello everyone! I'm passionate about my pets, as you can understand by past blogs. So that got me thinking about blockchain and pet supplies! Hope you like it! https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Blockchain-for-Pet-owners-Cat-Food-What-to-Look-For-Part-3/k7quRhdVR
  14. Hello everyone! Since xrp is not my single topic of interest, mine today brings you my extended research about cat food to keep our loved ones healthy 😉 https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Cat-Food-What-to-Look-For-Part-1/gx8wLZ9bc
  15. Guys last night I did a stream with Rob, the CEO and founder of Cinnamon Video, here is the result! https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Cinnamon-Video-Updates-for-2020-Last-night-s-Live-Stream-/-PyogsVx7
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