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  1. Hi guys 😘 I'm trying to stay motivated to go back to daily blogs, hope it helps me to have a purpose in life, besides eating and sleeping now that I'm in lockdown... 😅 And I hope to help myself while giving you with ideas of delicious foods to make 😉 On the blog there's more pics 😉 https://bit.ly/Coil-DinnerRolls-Ribs Stay safe! ❤️
  2. Hi guys 😘 Today went on a baking spree cause you know... We need to find ways to entertain ourselves during lockdown... Hope you like my surprise peanut butter cookies 😉 https://bit.ly/Coil-Special-PeanutButter-Cookies
  3. Hi guys! 😘 Just a quick update on our new 3D printing project! Hope you like it and fingers crossed for it to work out! https://bit.ly/Coil-3DPrinting-FaceMasks Stay safe! ❤️
  4. Hi guys! 😘 My motivation is lacking these last couple of days, but there's nothing wrong with taking our time! https://bit.ly/Coil-Relax Stay safe! ❤️
  5. True and since lot of people are waiting for results, plus the ones not tested yet if tends to go up even with most people staying home. But we have a lot of people here being completely careless about it... Oh yes, thank you for pointing that out! Yes all official numbers for the ministry of health, will update it tomorrow 🙂
  6. Hi guys! Today I have for you another covid-19 update and a sweet something that I hope you guys enjoy and can take advantage of the extra time home to make it! Numbers are going up pretty fast here, it's scary as hell! https://bit.ly/Coil-Covid-19-Update22ndM Stay safe everyone! 😘
  7. Hi guys 😘 Day one of State of Emergency and already miss going outside 😅 But since we should avoid that and entertainment is needed here is another one on my series Coil Bloggers to Discover: http://bit.ly/Coil-Bloggers-EP9 Stay safe! ❤️
  8. Hi guys! Unfortunately not great news today also, it's official for us: http://bit.ly/Coil-State-of-Emergency Stay safe! ❤️
  9. Hi guys! My blog today is not a happy one, we're dealing with tough times due to covid-19 so I decided to give you guys an update. http://bit.ly/Coil-Covid19-Update Stay safe! ❤️
  10. Hello guys, happy Sunday! 🥰 I know this chat probably doesn't have a lot of ladies but still sharing here... Last Monday I had eye strokes caused by age + the birth control pill so read it and if it helps anyone you know please share it ❤️ http://bit.ly/Coil-I-Had-A-Stroke
  11. Hi guys! 😘 After the bleeding from yesterday, that is still going on, I bring you something that always helps, something chocolate on steroids 😂 http://bit.ly/Coil-Chocolate-Cravings Hope you enjoy it, stock chocolate and most of all, be safe!! 😉
  12. Hi guys! 😘 The market if bleeding today so just have FUN and goof around, for your sanity! 😁 http://bit.ly/Coil-BleedingDay-GoofAround And yesterday I forgot to add here our live stream so to avoid double posts here it is: http://bit.ly/Coil-WomensDay-PLANlive 😘
  13. Hi guys! Here is my weekend Vlog, hope you enjoy it! 😊 http://bit.ly/Coil-Covid-19-PLANlive Have a great weekend!! 😘
  14. Hi guys! 😘 Here is another Coil Bloggers to Discover, Episode 8 of this series. Hope you guys like it! https://coil.com/p/PatriciaC/Coil-Blogger-to-Discover-Episode-8/VXgr92Zd See you on the next one 😉
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