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    EyesOnThais reacted to KarmaCoverage in Jed in Thailand?   
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    EyesOnThais reacted to Sporticus in IPO, the SEC and XRP   
    The problem I see with a Ripple IPO involves the necessity of explaining adequately to any stock subscriber contingent liabilities in relation to pending securities  lawsuits.  The class action suit filed against Ripple for securities violations in relation to the XRP  Perpetual Coin Offering (PCO)  is outside the purview of the SEC. That class action suit  is a civil matter where the SEC is not a party and is filed by a representative of the class by a competent and reputable law firm  in the US District Court for the Northern District of California. The SEC can be influenced by ICO promoters  and the SEC  has acted in a capricious fashion if you compare EOS and Telegram ICO's legal outcomes. In this  Ripple class action there is no SEC  for Ripple lawyers to schmooze or influence, but the company will have to defend on the merits. These are contingent litigation  risks factors  are difficult for quantification and qualification, and any of Ripple's IPO disclosures need  to be very granular and detailed to avoid an additional law suit for failure to ameliorate information asymmetry requirements  in their IPO. 
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    EyesOnThais reacted to itcdominic in Interview between Julia Chatterley and Brad Garlinghouse   
    Did you watch the video?  Julia stated that JP Morgan would drop JPCoin for a Fedcoin.....when Julia then asked Brad if he would Drop XRP for a fed coin....he responded, We'd love to work with a Fed Coin......so my point is I'd like clarity.
    Next on regulatory clarity....they have hired some of the best lobbyist, have an office in Washington, and often get blackballed by the crypto community because of the association with regulators (mostly assumed).....I'd like more clarity on how Ripples investment into regulation is working.
    TRUTH is....they do not owe us anything......
    TRUTH is.....I am a holder of XRP
    TRUTH is....... I not changing my views...HODL is my MOTTO
    And further clarity would be nice....that is all.  Something solid enough to swing the skeptics.
    Again,  I'm a long time fan.....    
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    EyesOnThais reacted to Sharkey in Interview between Julia Chatterley and Brad Garlinghouse   
    Agree 1,000%.  I just don’t understand why some of the people here are so disillusioned that Brad didn’t reveal some major company strategy or secret in this interview.  Seriously, WTF would you all expect him to say?   It was a decent and measured interview. End of story.  If he had said too much more, you all would probably whine that he was reckless.  It’s an interview, not a senate investigation, FFS.  Jeeze!!
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    EyesOnThais reacted to BravoTango in Three things Amazon stock can teach you about XRP   
    I always thought bezos was the bearable bull.
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    EyesOnThais reacted to xrphilosophy in Settlement of Jed's XRP   
    Prices are up for the moment.  Let's ALL cool off for a bit.  Threads are getting too personal.  We've got a great group here, let's try and remember that as emotions swirl. Thanks.
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    EyesOnThais reacted to LeonidasH in Intermex partners with Ripple to use RippleNet and ODL   
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    EyesOnThais reacted to LeonidasH in XRParcade XRP ATM map   
    Really proud of this one: Introducing a new page on XRParcade: A worldwide map of ATMs that support XRP. Right now only General Bytes ATMs are included but we are working on adding more manufacturers. Big thank you to Stefanos for making this page possible!
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    EyesOnThais reacted to Julian_Williams in Scenario: Ripple Goes Public   
    Obviously the important execs would be given large golden handshakes to continue to work with the company
    Ripple would be awash with billions which it could use to strategically to leverage itself into the cross border banking sector a lot faster than if it has only a few hundred million.
    Where Ripple has to use guile now it could instead use its chequebook in the future.  It could set up ODL MM/exchanges wherever it chose.
    Lets us suppose it retains 5 billion XRP and gives the rest to IMF.  ODL, and raising the price of XRP to $5 in the market place, would still be is the biggest money earner the company owned.
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    EyesOnThais got a reaction from Cesar1810 in Bitkub servicing seven Thai banks joining ODL   
    From the article:  "A recent survey conducted by PwC found that 86% of China’s population uses mobile payment apps, with 67% of that population being in Thailand."
    This statistic is so totally unbelievable, it absolutely defies reason!!!
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    EyesOnThais got a reaction from Mpolnet in Will ODL cause an increase in price? Some thoughts..   
    Nice taxi analogy there - simple but elegant!
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    EyesOnThais got a reaction from Julian_Williams in Bitkub servicing seven Thai banks joining ODL   
    A bit odd that Kasikorn (the green logo) is pictured twice...
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    EyesOnThais got a reaction from CountZerpula in Will ODL cause an increase in price? Some thoughts..   
    Nice taxi analogy there - simple but elegant!
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    EyesOnThais got a reaction from WrathofKahneman in Will ODL cause an increase in price? Some thoughts..   
    Nice taxi analogy there - simple but elegant!
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    EyesOnThais reacted to Julian_Williams in Will ODL cause an increase in price? Some thoughts..   
    I am not an economist but when I run models of the transactions in my head I can see many ways that volume of ODL increases value of XRP.  Points which I think make your statement wrong. 
    The XRP is not "returned right after".  The XRP goes from America and lands in China, where (because of imbalances in trade) they build up.  The Chinese exchange paid X + TC (transaction Charge).  So the XRP has to be bought back by America at a later time at X + TC +TC2 = Y. 
    Every corridor has to have an exchange with stock of XRP at each end, on sale within narrow spreads.  The spreads narrow as the price accrues upwards.  So for high value or high vol transactions you have to have high value XRP
    The only useful stock is the XRP that is available in the narrow band of spread that is being utilised.  It is no good to use XRP that is over priced. 
    Also a bank that has branches in more than one country might own XRP which it sends backwards and forwards between different subsidiaries, so HSBC might begin to have a pile of XRP that goes back and fore from China to the UK on a closed system.
    Then there are areas where XRP will be locked up in smart contracts
    I think the ways ODL sends the price upwards are endless.
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    EyesOnThais reacted to LeonidasH in After partnering with Alipay, Tranglo is now integrating RippleNet   
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    EyesOnThais reacted to ADingoAteMyXRP in ATH ODL Jan 17, 2020   
    I would bet Moneygram has set some kind of a ceiling for this early period to give their data science team a good sample to analyze the advantages of these flows.
    Why? So they can share some bulletproof A/B tested impacts of ODL. Especially for Ripple, Moneygram would be a gold-standard case study. It’s one thing to sell a product as better — a whole other thing to be able to point to real world at-scale usage and say “their costs went down by X% compared to standard flows.”
    Once they prove it out the sky’s the limit.
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    EyesOnThais got a reaction from Cesar1810 in Bitkub is Ripple's official exchange partner in Thailand   
    Great news, indeed!
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    EyesOnThais reacted to Gilligan in Crypto Eri interviews FlashFX's Nicolas Steiger   
    Thank you Nicholas for taking the time to respond and your kind offer of participating in a Q&A.   I’m sure there are lots of us here (most more technically astute than me) who will come up with some great questions for you and I look forward to seeing the results.  
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    EyesOnThais reacted to Julian_Williams in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    I think it is pure speculation, but all news is good news!
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    EyesOnThais reacted to LeonidasH in Ripple customer revealed in Indonesia   
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    EyesOnThais reacted to Julian_Williams in possible Ripple buy-out soon   
    Ripple have just borrowed 200 million on top of money they have in the bank, so the theory on the Zigone thread is they are positioning to buy or merge.  Maybe with R3.
    If you were the owners of Ripple would you sell to Google?  It seems the wrong tome to sell and lose control over your products that are awaiting reg clarity before bursting on the market.
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    EyesOnThais reacted to Caracappa in Ryan Zagone gone from Ripple?   
    Apply for a job at Ripple's HR department. Then you can see everybody come and go.
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    EyesOnThais reacted to Dinoizzy in XRP accounts - Top 1%, 5% and 10% (visualized)   
    Yeh agreed i would take these figures with a huge pinch of salt, loads of people keep their XRP (or other crypto) on exchanges (if they didn't then we wouldnt see these huge hacks so often) and so it almost makes these figures meaningless. Sorry to burst anyones bubble about being a 1%er but i think these figures are way off.
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    EyesOnThais reacted to mike91 in Jed in Thailand?   
    I'm a bit confused by lightnet dot systems and lightnet dot io websites
    Especially lightnet dot systems website shows some app with some redflags to me:
    - 'Get it on Google Play' icon links to app
    - 'Available on the app store' icon link does not work (Apple is usually more secure/restricted)
    - Spelling errors and weird stuff in charts
    - Too many good promises imo
    Regarding lightnet dot io team, i randomly checked a few names:
    - "Trithip Sivakrishkul" no results
    - "Athi Pisuthipun" not much
    - Photo quality differences
    I've seen cryptocoins set up multiple completely fake partner company websites and identities
    Note I only checked it for a few minutes, do your own research
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