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  1. Over the past few hours, an astonishing amount of XRP has been moved between three major exchanges and one crypto wallet with an anonymous owner. Four transactions – 10 mln, 11.5 mln, 50 mln and 22 mln XRP. Exchanges involved: Coincheck, Bitstamp, and Bithumb, as well as one anonymous crypto wallet. As reported by the XRPL Monitor account on Twitter, over the past few hours, four transactions totaling almost 93,5 mln XRP have been performed on the XRP ledger. The largest one of them (49,999,994.9999 XPR) was confirmed by Whale Alert, which tracks only large crypto fund movements. Read fulll: https://azcoinnews.com/over-90-million-xrp-has-been-moved-between-coincheck-bitstamp-and-bithumb.html
  2. New heights every day for the XRP as the recent data reaching us that the liquidity of XRP against Philippines Peso (PHP) on Coins.ph, Mexico Peso on Bitso, and Australian dollar just attained new all-time high with a very wide margin from the previously recorded all-time high. This seems to be an indication that there has been an increase in the transaction of XRP against Philippines Peso (PHP) for a couple of days, which resulted in a 79% increase. Liquidity Index Bot shared this, “Liquidity Index for Coins.ph XRP/PHP (28-day moving trend) .Day progress: 79%. Today so far: 1,973,579. All-Time High: 1,792,356.” Read full: https://azcoinnews.com/xrp-against-php-mxn-and-aud-iquidity-attains-new-all-time-high-and-price-could-soon-explode-higher-by-over-100.html
  3. Ripple “Decacorn” Startup Says Will Add More Corridors In Regions Throughout The Year For Its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) In latest XRP Markets Report, the “decacorn” startup based in San Francisco says it will add more corridors in the following regions throughout the year for its On-Demand Liquidity (formerly xRapid). Asia-Pacific Europe Middle East Africa Latin America https://azcoinnews.com/ripple-decacorn-startup-says-will-add-more-corridors-in-regions-throughout-the-year-for-its-on-demand-liquidity-odl.html
  4. In latest XRP Markets Report, the “decacorn” startup based in San Francisco says it will add more corridors in the following regions throughout the year for its On-Demand Liquidity (formerly xRapid). Asia-Pacific Europe Middle East Africa Latin America Read full: https://azcoinnews.com/ripple-decacorn-startup-says-will-add-more-corridors-in-regions-throughout-the-year-for-its-on-demand-liquidity-odl.html
  5. Ripple, the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has recently renamed its payment technology, On-Demand Liquidity (formerly xRapid). It has achieved a new record of volume liquidity against the Philippine and Mexican peso in the last quarter of 2019 with a 650% increase in transaction volume. Emerging countries support the application of digital payment systems such as those offered by Ripple. Since the launch of ODL, the demand for XRP has increased rapidly and is attracting to establish itself as one of the leading digital assets for cross-border payment services with lower commission costs. https://azcoinnews.com/ripples-xrp-transaction-volume-created-a-new-milestone-in-the-philippines-and-mexico.html
  6. Ripple, the decacorn startup based in San Francisco, which owns more than half of all XRP in existence, sent the XRP to unknown wallets in two separate transactions. The first transfer happened on Wednesday, with the second coming through two days later. In response to the above tweet from Whale Alert, crypto community connected the transfer to the Luxembourg-based crypto exchange Bitstamp. https://azcoinnews.com/ripple-sent-178103677-xrp-39496930-usd-to-bitstamp-exchange.html
  7. In a mission to find a solution to the financial issues that have been ranging since 2019 within the Litecoin ecosystem, Charlie Lee has made a significant suggestion for the way out in a series of tweets shared on January 25. In the first tweet, Charlie Lee moved to proffer permanent solution to the financial challenge by suggesting a bailout fundraising. He said the donation should come voluntarily from a portion of the block reward of the mining pools. He tweeted: I think a better way to fund development is mining pools voluntarily donate a portion of the block reward. How about Litecoin pools donate 1% (0.125 LTC) of block rewards to the Litecoin Foundation? If every miner/pool does this, it amounts to about $1.5MM donation per year! Read full : https://azcoinnews.com/charlie-lee-suggested-that-litecoin-pools-to-donate-1-0-125-ltc-or-15mm-per-year-of-block-rewards-to-the-litecoin-foundation.html
  8. The value of the US dollar transferred by ODL has increased more than 100 times from Q1 to Q4 2019 and especially grew by 650% from Q3 to Q4. The company also reported that the number of ODL transactions also increased significantly by 390% between Q3 and Q4. Ripple, the US-based blockchain technology, recently published its Q4 financial and performance reports. Many important aspects were discussed extensively in the report. But one of the aspects in the report that caught the attention was the significant increase in On-Demand Liquidity (ODL). Ripple reported at the Swell conference last November that more than 20 companies are using ODL. Some of them include US Moneygram and Australian FlashFX. https://azcoinnews.com/ripple-reports-the-value-of-the-us-dollar-transferred-by-odl-has-increased-more-than-100-times-from-q1-to-q4-2019.html
  9. BitPay has just announced that XRP can now be accepted by all its merchants globally. XRP was integrated on BitPay via Ripple’s Xpring platform in October as part of their partnership. At the time, Sean Rolland, BitPay’s product manager, said XRP could offer fast, efficient, and scalable payment options. However, token integration ended in January. https://azcoinnews.com/xrp-now-available-on-bitpay.html
  10. Russian President Vladimir Putin nominated Mishustin after the latter caused the entire government to retire in an effort to make room for big constitutional changes. On January 16, Mishustin was appointed Prime Minister after being unanimously elected by the State Duma. The fact that Mishustin doesn’t seem to change the government’s approach towards cryptocurrency. He is an avid fan of digitization, and this is a plus for the cryptocurrency world. His government’s goal will be to turn the country into a digital platform for the people. However, time will tell whether his plan includes the legal use of decentralized digital currencies. Mishustin said that the country should implement modern information technology, including the development of a national digital economic program. Medvedev supported a scenario in which the presidential organization and the government were united, thus giving the president total executive powers. Medvedev has now been appointed deputy head of the Russian Security Council under Putin. Supporters say they will bring democratization to Duma, the collective authority, which has more influence in Russia’s internal affairs. However, critics worry that these have been designed to allow Vladimir Putin to retain control even when his last presidential term expires by becoming prime minister again. https://azcoinnews.com/russias-new-prime-minister-mikhail-mishustin-has-called-for-priority-development-of-digital-economy.html
  11. A proposed bill on payment insurances refers to Ripple and XRP as the newest developments in payment channels. The incline in cross-border remittances has raised US awareness of regulators to the opportunities for tracking and securing funds. The future potential of payment platform Ripple and XRP were mentioned as cross-border payment systems in the proposed bill text. A document on Remittance Transfers Under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (Regulation E) is still in discussion until January 2021. On page 38 of Remittance Rules stated that the continued growth of “fintech” nonbank remittance transfer providers and their further expansion into partnerships and other relationships with banks and credit unions, which allow such entities to tap into the closed network payment systems that nonbank remittance transfer providers have developed. With the continued growth and expanding partnerships of virtual currency companies, such as Ripple, which offer both a payment messaging platform to support cross-border money transfers as well as a proprietary virtual currency, XRP, which can be used to the adequate settlement of those transfers. https://azcoinnews.com/the-u-s-bill-proposal-referred-to-ripple-and-xrp.html
  12. Although only 11 years old, Bitcoin has left a mark with a lot of famous and influential people. Elon Musk, one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the world, is one of them. Seemingly wanting to imitate Donald Trump, Elon Musk tweeted six short words and focused all criticism on Bitcoin. It’s still unclear what his purpose is, but this action has angered the crypto community. Elon Musk is the founder of PayPal, one of the largest payment companies in the world. He is also the founder and CEO of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla. Each of his companies played a role in revolutionizing the field they occupied. Therefore, Elon Musk has always been admired and considered as one of the most influential people. This is why when Elon Musk suddenly mentioned Bitcoin, but it was not a positive one, the cryptocurrency community was so excited. Elon Musk dropped a Bitcoin bomb on Twitter, saying that Bitcoin is not his safe word. After a few hours later, he changed his nickname to "Buff Mage". Do you understand his tweet? https://azcoinnews.com/elon-musk-dropped-a-bitcoin-bomb-on-twitter-bitcoin-is-not-my-safe-word.html
  13. As AZCoin News reported, the Bitcoin price increased significantly after the news that an American drone airstrikes Iran killed the top general Qassam Suleimani of the Middle East nation. Many commentators have quickly attributed the sudden increase in buying pressure as a way to find a fence in times of heightened political instability. However, others have argued that it is likely that Bitcoin buyers are only speculating on developments in the Middle East will see a significant number of buyers turn to Bitcoin as a secure store of value. One thing is for sure, the event has created a lot of political instability, exacerbating a tense situation between Iran and the United States. The term “World War 3” and similar has tended to increase its presence on Twitter and Google since the news broke down. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley said Trump was “abusing power for political gain and now he is leading us to the brink of war because he believes it will help him to be re-elected.” https://azcoinnews.com/world-war-3-on-the-horizon-bitcoin-market-cap-jumped-about-8-billion-in-just-a-few-hours-btc-volume-and-price-skyrocketed-on-localbitcoins.html?preview_id=6640&preview_nonce=32dafa0fb3&post_format=standard&_thumbnail_id=6644&preview=true
  14. XRP, the digital asset of Ripple and the third-largest cryptocurrency, became one of the worst-performing coins in 2019 when the price dropped by nearly 99% from the 2018 peak. It not only closed the year of losses but also established a new bear market. As AZCoin News reported, when 2020 just started, Ripple Escrow transferred 200 million XRP from the escrow wallet to an address owned by Ripple Labs, fintech companies use cryptocurrencies and corresponding ledgers to improve financial services. Almost immediately after, Ripple Escrow opened 1 billion XRP. About 48 hours after unlocking, Ripple Escrow transferred 1 billion XRP to Ripple and locked the same amount in escrow at Ripple. Despite these unusual moves, the XRP price remains fairly stable within the range of $ 0.185 – $ 0.19. https://azcoinnews.com/ripple-suddenly-locked-1-billion-xrp-will-token-price-increase.html
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