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  1. DeeMoney is Thailand’s first non-bank company that uses RippleNet of Ripple Blockchain to help transfer money to 300 financial institutions worldwide. DeeMoney, a fintech specialist in international money transfers, announces the release of Ripple’s money transfer service, the Blockchain solution for payment. Through the RippleNet network, Ripple’s global money transfer network of more than 300 financial institutions around the world. Today, DeeMoney is the first non-bank company in Thailand that uses RippleNet to provide more efficient cross-border money transfer services, with a fee that is cheaper than other brands in the market. DeeMoney uses RippleNet to receive the money transferred into Thailand through primary payment methods from South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Israel, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf region. Currently, over a million Thai people are working all over the world that needs to transfer money back home. DeeMoney can now deposit money into accounts in all Thai banks on the same day. It is a way for cross border payment business partners that have a high transfer amount to do business more conveniently in Thailand. With RippleNet, the money transfer process for money transfers of an increasing number of financial institutions. More efficient at the lowest exchange rate possible For the second phase, DeeMoney will leverage RippleNet technology to transfer money out of Thailand and to select the most suitable partner to transfer money to various target countries. Aswin Palaphongpanich, Chief Executive Officer of DeeMoney, stated: “Currently, Ripple is at the forefront of technology and regulations. Ripple’s technology is the only automated system that communicates with 300 partners through the same method worldwide. We are excited to work with Ripple to create equality in the financial system in Thailand. By enhancing the efficiency and access to cross border money transfers, both in and out of the country.” Marcus Treacher, SVP of Customer Success at Ripple, was also among those who welcomed the development. He said: “The digital banking revolution is taking Thailand by storm, and DeeMoney is a key player in this. By being the first non-bank institution in Thailand to use RippleNet, it redraws the boundaries and rules of engagement by providing efficient international transfers at low fees and competitive rates.” Link: https://azcoinnews.com/ripple-partners-with-deemoney-to-revolutionize-cross-border-money-transfers-immediately-at-cheaper-price.html
  2. There seems to be more trouble in the Ripple Labs suit. In fact, after the California District Court ruling, we can see a significant increase in collective lawsuits across the entire cryptocurrency space. Ripple Labs may face more lawsuits Since the SEC began controlling ICOs because it is an illegal securities service, most cryptocurrency companies have tried to justify that their token is not a security. However, as a California district court has just pointed out in a lawsuit against Ripple Labs, the fact that tokens are not securities, on the contrary, bring more impact. If cryptocurrencies like XRP are not securities, state and federal laws against unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts (UDAAP) may apply. This includes California’s unjust competition law. To date, tokens are still classified as securities, mainly leading to out-of-court penalties with some exceptions. Notably, the lawsuit between SEC and Telegram is still ongoing. However, if UDAAP rules apply, the situation will be different. Not just the SEC, any individual can bring a case against a company for unfair or deceptive acts. They can also act on behalf of the entire customer of a company, negatively affecting business. These types of lawsuits can cover everything from the fine print on marketing materials to hidden fees charged by financial institutions. Link: https://azcoinnews.com/ripple-labs-may-face-more-lawsuits-after-after-the-ruling-whether-security-or-not.html
  3. The third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, XRP price seems to be following the king Bitcoin while the queen Ethereum was enjoying good yields yesterday. XRPXRP/PHP liquidity hits ATH Ripple has had a fantastic start to the new year. On-Demand Liquidity (ODL), usage, and payment volumes broke new records. According to the latest update of the Liquidity Index Bot, XRP/PHP recorded an all-time high of 6,026 million on March 5 on the Filipino corridor operating through Coins.ph. LINK: https://azcoinnews.com/xrp-php-registered-an-ath-of-6-026-million-on-5-march-on-the-philipines-corridor.html
  4. Ripple has published an article showing the inside of the collaboration between MoneyGram, Ripple and the Mexico-based Bitso digital exchange, which has now become a crypto heavyweight in Latin America. The head of finance at Bitso, Bárbara González Briseño, says that Ripple has turned transnational payments to Mexico into a fast and low-cost process. It has also given a great deal of the unbanked population there access to finance. Ripple’s ODL and MoneyGram have completely changed the way remittance now works from abroad to Mexico, says Briseño. Ripple has transformed Bitso itself, she adds. “We have the world’s largest liquidity of Mexican pesos to digital assets and are MoneyGram’s key exchange partner for remittances into Mexico.” Link: https://azcoinnews.com/ripples-xrp-has-now-become-a-crypto-heavyweight-in-latin-america.html
  5. An important aspect that makes Bitcoin different from fiat types is that it is mined. Therefore, those who want to mint BTC must achieve a minimum of computing power and consume a lot of electricity to do it, in stark contrast to the fiat money, which can be printed infinitely. And perhaps because of this (and some other reason), Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse thinks that XRP will be able to beat Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although many people believe that the mining feature is more attractive to Bitcoin than fiat. However, there are also some critics that this is an essential factor in the growing climate crisis. It’s no secret that Bitcoin is not the most popular asset; Many economists and technologists around the world are skeptical about cryptocurrencies for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons cited is because it kills the Earth. Ripple CEO is probably the one who cares about this issue. Garlinghouse recently considered this debate, supporting critics who claim that Bitcoin (and Ethereum, etc.) energy consumption through mining is a colossal waste. He explained: “There’s no incentive to take responsibility for the carbon footprint (of crypto mining). Absolutely (mind-blowing) that this isn’t high on the list for the growing climate crisis.” LINK: https://azcoinnews.com/one-of-the-reasons-xrp-is-capable-of-defeating-bitcoin-is-that-bitcoin-is-killing-the-earth.html
  6. National Bank of Fujairah PJSC (NBF), has just announced a partnership with Ripple and its plan to use RippleNet to pay for cross-border money transfers to Indian customers. The bank will also cooperate with Indian bank Indus Ind Bank. n Ripple’s latest collaboration announcement, a cross-border payment startup announced that the National Bank of Fujairah PJSC (NBF) would be the latest company to use RippleNet. The partnership will allow NBF customers to use RippleNet’s cross-border payment system for a cheaper, more transparent way to send money transfers to India. It will also facilitate faster and more trackable payments, resulting in an improved experience. NBF, which is a Shariah-compliant bank, offers retail and commercial banking options to customers. They have 18 branches throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE). NBF has a large customer base in India. NBF’s CEO, Vince Cook, spoke a lot about the frictionless experience provided by leveraging digital technology and Blockchain. RippleNet will create a more efficient option for corporate customers to manage their finances. He said: “Digitization is still a key catalyst for change, and as the customer’s first bank, we understand the importance of leveraging Blockchain technology to provide seamless and frictionless experiences for customers. RippleNet will allow us to stimulate an enhanced payment experience that allows our business customers to manage their finances more effectively. We will always look for the next best for customers as part of their commitment to being the best financial partner for their business and personal needs.” LINK: https://azcoinnews.com/ripple-announced-that-national-bank-of-fujairah-pjsc-nbf-will-be-the-latest-to-utilize-ripplenet.html
  7. RippleNet has been in substantial development ever since it was created in 2012. System users have long been able to conduct transactions on a decentralized ledger – XRP Ledger. They will soon be able to take advantage of an online feature, which will allow them to cast asset-backed tokens like stablecoins on the XRP ledger. Ripple is adding new features to the company’s XRP Ledger According to a video released by Ripple last month, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), David Schwartz, said he is working on adding new features to the company’s cryptocurrency ledger. In addition to improvements to the core consensus of the group, CTO has stated in the past not to develop one of the popular features of Blockchain. He shared: “Proof-of-Work is a technological dead-end.” LINK: https://azcoinnews.com/ripple-cto-david-schwartz-stablecoins-should-be-created-on-xrp-ledger.html
  8. Data from the XRP blockchain noted by monitoring resource Whale Alert on March . 1 confirmed two transactions of 1.000,000,000 tokens worth over $230 million left Ripple’s escrow the same day. The move is the latest in a series of planned releases, which Ripple has scheduled to occur on the first of each month for 55 months. Its aim is to provide incentives for market makers, with Ripple nonetheless remaining in control of the newly-released tokens. Link: https://azcoinnews.com/ripple-unlocks-500-million-xrp-worth-115-933-million-from-escrow.html
  9. Link: https://azcoinnews.com/revealing-the-reason-for-luno-exchange-support-xrp-concerns-about-odl-solution-and-xrp-price-forecast.html
  10. Ripple, the enterprise blockchain solution for global payments, has announced that it has partnered with Azimo, Europe’s leading digital money transfer service. Read full: https://azcoinnews.com/azimo-deploys-ripple-for-faster-cheaper-cross-border-payments-to-the-philippines.html
  11. In an interview with CNN’s Julia Chatterley, Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Capital, said he would not buy XRP. He has put Bitcoin apart from other Blockchain projects and said XRP is not worth any promotion. Co-founder Morgan Creek Capital has no faith in Ripple’s XRP Anthony Pompliano seems to have never considered buying XRP or TRX. Because Pomp flatly says no to XRP as well as other crypto-assets. He makes Bitcoin different from all other Blockchain projects. He stated simply that he did not believe that they hold the same value proposition as Bitcoin. He shared: “No, because I ultimately don’t think that they have the same value that these assets have. I believe that stocks – what gives them value? – GDP, revenue, profits, etc. Everything that makes those valuable that doesn’t ‘ t change. You’re just changing the technology form factor of which you will buy that asset.” He continues: “All of these other assets that are ‘utility tokens,’ either they’re utility in terms that they give you access to something. Hence, they’re not an investment, or it is more I get utility or some [better] service in exchange.” Pompliano went on to explain that XRP and Ripple are two very different investments. For example, Ripple has assets like xRapid, xCurrent, and XRP, as well as profits, cash flow, investments in Bitso, Moneygram, and other metrics used for valuation. On the other hand, XRP has nothing to create or promote its value other than price speculation. He shared: “Ripple, the software company, is different than XRP, the token. I think that part of the problem is that retail investors had believed that by buying XRP, they had exposure to the financial performance of Ripple. That’s not true … If Ripple is successful, that does not necessarily mean that XRP ends up being successful.” He added: “I, as an investor, want to own equity in the software company because there are profits, there’s assets, revenues, etc. I don’t want to own an asset that may or may not be there in the future and doesn’t have an underlying utility or value driver that I can point to and say I have confidence that that’s going to last.” He went on to say that in addition to Bitcoin, he felt that tokenized securities were the second most exciting type of crypto investment and that he saw a great future for traditional tokenizing assets. Read full: https://azcoinnews.com/anthony-pompliano-would-not-buy-xrp-cause-it-has-nothing-driving-value.html
  12. Two cryptocurrency exchanges, Valr.com and Luno, have officially announced the listing of XRP. These are two exchanges that specialize in the international cryptocurrency market. In it, Valr.com is a South African exchange, and Luno is a Singapore-based exchange, also serving about 40 countries with more than 3 million users. Read full: https://azcoinnews.com/xrp-now-be-available-to-millions-of-new-investors-thanks-to-valr-and-luno-exchange.html
  13. The three major cryptocurrency exchanges are moving a plummeting number of XRP, while one cryptocurrency trader spotted the Golden Cross pattern on the XRP price chart. Golden Cross appeared on XRP chart A Twitter user posted an XRP chart showing the Golden Cross pattern, promising an imminent price increase. Meanwhile, the three major cryptocurrency exchanges are moving vast amounts of XRP between each other. A Twitter user shared a screenshot saying that XRP has formed a bullish pattern called Golden Cross. Usually, after this sign appears, the price of a currency is expected to skyrocket. Based on the chart, we can expect the price of XRP to skyrocket above $ 0.37. Not long ago, the Golden Cross was also noticed on the Bitcoin rankings. However, instead of skyrocketing, the price of BTC fell below the $ 10,000 level. Will the same thing happen to XRP? At press time, XRP price has dropped nearly 5% in the last 24 hours, hovering around $ 0.269. Read full: https://azcoinnews.com/41-6-mln-xrp-was-transferred-between-major-exchanges-while-golden-cross-pattern-appeared-on-xrp-chart.html
  14. https://azcoinnews.com/uae-bank-use-ripplenet-to-enhance-rmt-services-into-philippines-justin-sun-is-bullish-xrp-what-will-xrp-price-look-like-in-the-near-future.html
  15. https://azcoinnews.com/50-million-xrp-has-been-moved-between-three-large-trading-platforms-and-the-japanese-bitbank-xrp-price-has-strong-signs-of-growth.html
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