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  1. Make some XRP tall-socks! Also down to donate some XRP to that account
  2. More like it could just be another day as an XRP holder
  3. I have had several superb customer service experiences with Bitfinex. Seems like it has improved lately.
  4. Essentially all of which will be happening at the years end! Might take a while before the upward trend begins, but lets hope I'm wrong!
  5. Definitely puts our current state of affairs into a better perspective.
  6. There are only ~ 286k subscribers on /r/Bitcoin. We are still early.
  7. That neo run was awesome. Super bummed I didnt stock up more on the dip, great returns nonetheless.
  8. Woahhhhhhhh. This is heavy! Great connections being made here. Keep those bag-holding arms strong guys, we got this.
  9. Just got a private message from the freestellar guy. Keep your wits about you fellas, no frivolous clicks.
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