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  1. I don't have that candle in my bitstamp chart. I also had a buy order set at $0.16 which wasn't filled.
  2. Hello Nicolas thank you for taking the time to do this. I wrote a blog about my hobby of body language using your video call with Eri as an example and was wondering if you could comment on how accurate I was? https://coil.com/p/Mikey_Ashman/Body-language-reading-CryptoEri-Vs-Steiger/rNy2iG7z9
  3. Lol thanks for the mention bud. Once you have the bot up and running I might be interested in sharing a trading tactic of my own I have. I have the trading tactic but not the coding skills to create a bot so we each bring something to the table. I would be happy to configure and test beta.
  4. Here's my blog for the day, short poem. https://coil.com/p/Mikey_Ashman/The-escalation-of-love/n8nHVtSH5
  5. Here's my blog for the day, short poem. https://coil.com/p/Mikey_Ashman/The-escalation-of-love/n8nHVtSH5
  6. Todays blog is about the recent interview between CryptoEri and Mr Steiger from flashfx where I do some fun body language analysis. https://coil.com/p/Mikey_Ashman/Body-language-reading-CryptoEri-Vs-Steiger/rNy2iG7z9
  7. I am literally sat at a poker table now. For sure when we're millionaires we'll go take down a main event or two.
  8. That's an excellent point, I don't want people thinking that I'm some interrogation pro or have qualifications. It's all just a hobby I have fun with and helps me on the poker table. It's just a bit of fun, stop taking everything so seriously.
  9. Like when the police interrogate a murder suspect and say they use body language when what they actually do is look at a cloud before arresting the black guy?
  10. I will be leaving a link to the person I learnt what I know from because she is really quite brilliant at what she does. As for this, I'm not gonna be a "like shloot" and seven likes amd two comments this quickly is enough for me to forge ahead. The blog should be ready later today or tomorrow. Thank you to all who gave feedback.
  11. @PunishmentOfLuxury posted a really great video of CryptoEri interviewing Flashfx's Nicolas Steiger just here, I am pondering about whether to write a blog regarding Nicolas's body language and would like some feedback because it would take a good number of hours and I don't want to waste my time if nobody is interested so here's my views on the first four minutes. I actually did a blog a while back (link below) reviewing his interview with Mr Nugget but that was just audio which is where I found his "tell" when asked questions he doesn't like to answer. https://coil.com/p/Mikey_Ashman/Flashy-Fx/YXzhT4tuu As for this video, this is what I have noted down to begin with. @0:00 Starts off nervous with tense shoulders and using the table as support with both arms, also notice the large breaths in @0:31. The heart is pumping harder than usual so it needs more oxygen so the breaths get heavier. His heart is going and he is using the table as support, clearly not use to being on camera in this manner. Doesn’t start relaxing until @2:30. @1:17 mentions Bitstamp and smiles, probably because they are happy to have finally got a deal with the USD/AUD corridor. Mentions again with a little smile/laugh at @2:12. @1:29 looks down before answering the question indicates he’s not super comfortable with saying whether Ripple approached them for help or vice versa. Shows quite well in his answer which is somewhat evasive and just focuses on how they expanded their corridors without mentioning specifically whether Ripple asked them to. @2:35, does his “tell” lol. Doesn’t like the question. Hence him not giving any names, talks about “team effort” then changes the answer topic to corridors again but does it with a smile. New corridors opening makes him happy.
  12. Today's blog is a step by step process of how to generate your wallet and secret key offline. Coming soon will be a more in depth version showing how to generate the address and key from Ripples own source code to ensure complete integrity. https://coil.com/p/Mikey_Ashman/Safely-store-your-XRP-offline/9PwuCI1Rd EDIT - I forgot to add that to celebrate my last blog getting 20 upvotes I am doing a 20 XRP giveaway on Twitter so get involved if you want a chance to win some free XRP! https://twitter.com/votefortomorrow
  13. Excellent, excellent blog. News stories are written by such complete con artists sometimes.
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