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  1. I have a question about the existing ODL providers. Presumably to be an ODL provider you need to keep an inventory in XRP. Doesnt that mean that all the ODL liquidity providers have taken a huge bath recently? What is the incentive to become a major ODL provider if the value of your inventory can plunge like XPR has? I must be missing something so please help me understand. I am in this all the way to the moon with all of you great people.
  2. Commodities traders do the same if we want to think of XRP in that way
  3. Maybe this is a crazy idea, but Ripple have been selling XRP to build the business and that's great, but in this time of need maybe they could reverse the flow and commit to buy lets say $20 million a month for the next 12 months? Thats what the central banks do to build confidence, they buy their country's own bonds. It is called Quantitative Easing and it has pushed up bond prices enormously... this stuff works! Sell high, buy low Ripple, and help drag us out of this hole we are in! There's a lot of dry powder ready to follow you on the way up!
  4. We need to stay strong, as Brad said, holding XRP for a short time is less volatile that holding fiat for a long time.
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