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  1. Hey @JoelKatz Volcker rule: Prevents banks from holding positions deemed speculative, prevents banks from prop. trading, and making bad bets. But what happens when the #Volcker Rule is tweaked to allow banks to hold (not trade) speculative 'crypto' positions ($XRP) to help streamline their business and make them more efficient? Speculative trades are held in the trading book, what if XRP was held in the banking books by financial institutions. #ODL and #XCurrent = is the plumbing, and XRP is the liquid that flows through it between financial insitutions to help them settle transactions faster - it helps financial institutions stay liquid by eliminating the need to lock liquid cash reserves in domestic and foreign FIs. If FIs hold XRP, then what happens to the price of XRP? Is there enough XRP for all financial instituions to hold as a commodity in their book? What happens when there just isn't enough XRP for FI's to hold, what happens to the value of XRP? Inorder for any of this to happen the Volcker Rule needs to be tweaked. This only works if XRP is classified as a commodity and not a security BTW: Trading books hold all tradeable financial assets of a bank and the banking book refers to assets on a bank's balance sheet that are expected to be held to maturity.
  2. I disagree. Buybacks are done my desperate mature companies looking to attract investors. Ripple is neither desperate, or mature. I think using the funds to build out a company is much more valuable for XRPs prices. Increasing utility > buybacks
  3. There is absolutely no reason for them to do 'buy back' - the only thing buy backs do is artificially pump up XRP and the only people that benefit from short term gimmicks are short term traders. I never bought XRP for short term gains of 30-100%. I think if we want XRP to 10x, who knows maybe even 100x in price Ripple the company needs to use the funds they earned from selling XRP to do more business development and increase the number of daily institutional transactions. I think that's exactly what they're doing. We need more liquidity, let liquidity from use cases actually drive up the price of XRP. That way we will all benefit. We can't compare companies trading on the stock market to crypto companies. Crypto companies, and traders don't have a regulatory body looking over them, they can practically do anything they wont. That's why so many of these companies with no real use cases exist like Tron. Their CEO is the king of Gimmicks. When you're building a real company like the guys at Ripple are you don't need any gimmicks. You just need customers that use the tools you build.
  4. They comply with regulators which basically requires them not to hold speculative positions. Crypto unfortunately is considered speculative. If the regulators change their classification of XRP that changes everything
  5. For the purpose of their business it's not a requirement to own XRP. Rather they'll borrow it or buy it and sell it back instantly
  6. Thanks my catch isn't that bad. I know I wouldn't catch the bottom I have been in and out of crypto for a while. I wanted to get in at 21 cents figured we were near the bottom. I'm confident this would work out to be my best investment yet. BTW this was proceeds from flipping an investment property. So I'm freerolling
  7. could be a glitch - but looking forwrd to the MGI interview tomorrow. should provide us with some more clarity on ODL and it's effictiveness. All we've seen are liqudity figures growing, but it's not indicative of price movement
  8. MGI's CEO could reveal some interesting FACTS about it's operations, and how ODL has benefited them. The timing comes at a time where many of us who have been holding for long have given up. Could this interview be the catlyst that gets the ball moving? The big sharks are lurking, I think we're very close and capitalization is the worst thing to do at this point. BTW I just joined the party, new to this forum, and looking to find out more information about XRP. I recently purchased 13 btc of it at 22 cents (Down 15 k)
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