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  1. I think btc will close the week around 36K and show will go on.
  2. Very true! I still have to understand which is the less important and less difficult of the 4 cause to me all ar dififcult...
  3. JJJ2


    SO the conclusion I draw form these data, which represent a statistically very meaningful set are: live in a healthy way: do not get fat, train your body (heart, lungs), do not smoke, do not drink much alcohol (not at all if possible), if you are young you do not have much to worry but do not ignore that even young people can be ill if they get fat and drink much. On 24th DEc 2020 my wife had suddenly nausea and vomit in the evening fever (37,4°C so not much). The day after all gone and she felt well. Never tested. I did not feel anything (I'm 51). We do not know if it was it, b
  4. JJJ2


    I will put again the Italian statistics from the official governmental health institution (Istituto Superiore di Sanità or ISS). The link is here: https://www.epicentro.iss.it/coronavirus/sars-cov-2-decessi-italia The report was updated last time on 16 December 2020 and all data refer to this day. The number of casualties with positive covid test was 63.573 Average age is 80 85,7% of the victims (54494) had age above 70y. On average the victims already suffered from 3,6 pre-existing diseases and 66,1% had 3 or more pre-existing diseases among th
  5. Who's Alessio? As short term trend (emphasis on short): BTC will bounce from here IMHO at least to 34k and then we've to wait and see if it manages to regain the upper portion of the BB. ADA will probably stop here and retrace but 0,3 is possible imho: They all seem to belong to the same orchestra, where btc is the director. Xrp is the percussion....
  6. I share your view. But I would include the other two (CL and JC, well the last already gone, but still sells). So on one way this fact of developing ODL and sales from Ripple as means to achieve to that, but on the other side all these sales have the side effect to keep price low. So their ability to dump the market shall be limited somehow. Edit: I just want to add that "some months" are really a lot of time...
  7. The dark abyss is so dark that there must be deep sh*t in order to push xrp there. First, if it breaks the first yellow line, there's still the second, then the 0,1$ region, then the region between 0,08 and 0,05 (I'd extend it down to 0,03), then the 0,018-0,01 and, last one, the abyss. But it' s very unlikely. There must really be a very negative outcome to push price there. But if it spikes down very quickly in an emotional way it would probably also rise again very quickly (like during the previous fall to 0,17 and then bounce to 0,37 some days ago).
  8. price is now testing the triangle. If it breaks it then it will retest main support line (yellow) I had hoped that Biden could take any action just after entering the WH in order to bring clarity. Well, he just began yesterday, so let's give him some more time. If he does it, then we'll see any sudden change of behaviour. But if Biden's politics is to lead that process through the long content between SEC and ripple, then xrp will reach deeper levels. To me the outlook is still quite bearish: the longer we are in this situation and no good news occur the deeper price
  9. The experience I have (mainly with fiat) pairs is bollinger + RSI plus candle patterns some of which I have shown here. I generally use 1D TF with 5H in order to get best point where to enter and 1W for longer term trends. I buy when price goes below or approaches the lower BB, RSI is oversold or anyway very close to the oversold region and hold until the middle of the BB. or if in an uptrend I buy when price reaches the 20sma in a retracement and hold until it goes to the upper boundary of the bollinger band. I do not use many more indicators because they give more or less the
  10. It will move to .286 and then if it crosses the line it will retest .268 the 20sma on monthly TF and at the same time the higher main support line. If btc falls xrp follows. I know: nobody likes watching negative predictions. I hope I am wrong. But consider that every new high is smaller than the previous one in this very dififcult moment for xrp. Then maybe even if it touches the main support it will bounce from there.
  11. I am not so sure that btc won't make it. Maybe not this time, but by now it seems in consolidating triangle on 1D and 5H. And these TFs are not overbought anymore. the longest TFs are really overbought. That is, price may even float in the 34-40k region for some weeks until the weekly TF is not overbought and then go on to higher highs (which i find crazy) But for sure if btc falls then xrp will be dragged down again.
  12. It is even worse: Ripple would not achieve profits and therefore it would not be able to buy customers for ODL, because until now, all new institutions joining ODL did it because they could earn money by selling the xrp at market price after having bought them from ripple at prices below market. So, you stop ripple sales = you kill ripple. If you kill ripple I want to know who will ever support odl growth?
  13. he meant Ripple owns 60%: in fact ripple owns still48,1bln escrows + 6bln free to be sold. The difference with the escrows is that those are subjected to limitation in sales to a maximum of 1bln monthly, while the other 6blns can be sold immediately if necessary.
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