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  1. isn't there anything with us regulation concerning crypto happening in Dec. 20 - Jan 21 ? am I right?
  2. Hi Julian, honestly what is the meaning of such a poll? Of course if only xrp investors are asked, they will express a positive opinion. Otherwise they would have not invested. Investors expressed nothing more than their hopes. They do not have any piece of calculation to base their believe on. Those calculation, I have seen, say about 30$ as highest value in the best case (5 trillion daily are exchanged). I think we have to be honest on the complete lack of meaning of such surveys PS. and If they are right (we 'll touch 100$) I will go naked to work (and th
  3. Thank you! After surfing a bit now I know what Bitso is... But then it is TRUE that Utility Scan is not (yet) reliable!
  4. How do you know that it's missing these transfers? Do you have another source where the transfers are shown?
  5. yes: 10$ for sure not in the next 3-4 years (if ever).
  6. Indeed: I saw a bullish retracement pattern some days ago which was completely blamed by real movement: it's going down instead of retracing up. And, as you say, all main crypto are following BTC which these days is depreciating. I have noticed that sometimes xrp and ETH follow BTC but with some delay (a couple of days).
  7. It's not a matter of attitude: I have used this site to state that the real amount of xrp used for cross border payments is ridiculously low and all the rest is stored somewhere and not used, and I have been attacked as if I had written a nonsense. The point of those who attacked me was that this site is not reliable and cannot track the whole volume. Of course (and I agree with you) such a statement shall be motivated, but it was not: the only motivation was that it is a fan-made site (at the time I was quite curious to understand why Wietse's sites should be reliable, while utility-scan shou
  8. it's like a sort of feeling: all expect BTC to skyrocket and I think it will never go beyond its ath. in the best case it will maybe reach 150%-180% of the ath which is not few, but does not justify buying now. Another story is for those who bought btc when it was worth 500$, but they have already earned enough and should all leave the market at this level. Now BTC is not performing so well and it's just dragging the other cryptos down. Nobody is expecting xrp to go up, because of the max supply (100bln) and that's why I think it will (in my physically useful lifetimes, I mean b4 I'll be
  9. Julian, I always play safe. So I take the worst case. But I also think that the rate or release will not remain linear. The point is that nobody is able to say how fast it will change. In the next months we will see how fast the new excrows are absorbed by the market and so we'll be abl to update the function: maybe quadratic? or the 3rd power? or really exponential as you state? I have made a simulation with a parabolic rate of release fitted to three data points taken from the past months. In that case I get not 244 months, but only 148 months, that is less than 12 year
  10. at the present rate (200,000,000 xrp/month) it takes 244 months (20 years and 4 months) to release the remaining 48,8blns. But we suppose that: 1 this rate won't be constant. Actually there has already been an increase from 2018 (the rate of release was even smaller) 2 assumed that price is going sometimes to increase, this should happen before the whole 48,8 blns have been released. actually there's a mistake in the chart: Jan 2018 is at the origin, but the first month all released xrp went back into new escrows. so first release took place in Feb 2018.
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