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  1. I can honestly tell you that all the thoughts expressed on my post came from my head alone on real concerns that I came up with without having read about them before. I had to google what Tinyaccount meant by FUD as I wasn’t aware of that term. I definitely felt the tension on his or her response and the fact that you feel my intentions could be malicious proves my point exactly about my concerns on what I’ve seen community wise. If I question things is due to the fact that I have my own money on the line, I think it’s way more harmful to constantly promote fluff and blindly believe all the hy
  2. I think it’s irrational to believe that every single store of value will flow through XRP. Having a decent understanding of what something is worth gives you a gauge of an equilibrium range. Think of it this way, would you buy a bag of chips at $1, $3, $5 $20, $50, $100? If you have unrealistic expectations on what your bag of chips is worth you will probably miss out on higher returns when the prices normalize after a breakout. In a bubble you do not want to be the person left holding that bag. Charts are good tools that reflect market sentiment, but knowing the value of something is the best
  3. I have to say....I'm pretty impressed with this forum. Thank you all for your responses. ObeyTheWaffleHouse - pretty good references, I'm on page 3 of the Hi! I'm Bob thread and I can already see a huge difference in content to what I had seen in the past. There are a lot of details I don't have knowledge on and even though it has never been my intention to go deep into this rabbit hole, this kind of response is pretty encouraging. I'll be browsing through these threads and see what I can pick up and comment now and again. I love to speak my mind and question arguments, you learn more from bei
  4. I actually have a degree in Economics. That's not my livelihood, I work with data analysis but I'm somewhat versed on Economic principles. Back on 2017 I bought some XRP and was able to sell it almost at the all time high and was able to make around a 500% profit. The only reason I did that was because I was trying to take advantage of the bubble before it exploded and it worked. I didn't know anything about crypto except for the world wide hype at that point in time. This November, the same friend who introduced me to bitcoin (should have bought some back then - around $800 BTC) sai
  5. I don’t consider myself as devoted to XRP as a lot of people who I’ve seen are. For this reason, I haven’t spent countless hours researching about it and might not have an expert knowledge to answer some of my own concerns. I do see potential in what is happening with our financial system and because of that I do have a couple of thousand dollars invested in XRP. Here are some of my concerns: Part of the XRP community – My only experience so far has been youtube so I'll talk about what I've seen there. I think it’s great that youtubers are posting information of things that are happe
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