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  1. I can respect that; always be skeptical of people, especially those on the net. And #stayPompous [emoji13]
  2. I can't vouch for the genuineness of the other guys giveaway but I can assure you, mine is no scam. I've done a giveaway like this in the past, much to the delight of all my Twitter followers. Edit: and yes, let's be real, I do want more followers but that isn't the only reason I'm doing this. XRP has been very profitable for me and, prior to the last major crypto bull run, I had a lot of bad experiences in life that have led me to strongly appreciate the philosophy of 'karma'. Get rich and help make those around you rich. Spread the wealth, build good karma and you're bound to get even more rich. At least, that's the philosophy I like to subscribe to nowadays.
  3. watch them pull a "0" tomorrow and then a "-1" after that markets will just lose it and tank
  4. Fidget spinner = success, ripple logo = fidget spinner, ergo ripple = success. This speculation is as good as TA.
  5. yes, this is exactly what I meant, and now that you've reminded me of the jatchili minimalist client, I'm baffled as to how I forgot about it, considering that's what I used to make most of my wallets!!
  6. Is there any good way to check if a secret key for a ripple address is working, without 'giving it away' to someone like GateHub, and also without running your own RippleD node?
  7. What will be the effect of Bitcoin's Lightning Network? The way I see it is, although lightning can support millions of txn/second, Bitcoin will not be able to capture Ripple XRP's target market because of anonymity. Banks will never support a crypto that can't be KYC compliant. Any thoughts?
  8. Unfortunately no! I will be trying to set it up again soon.
  9. Zelle sounds like it is geared more. towards consumer to consumer payments. Ripple's main market has always been bank to bank transfers, with consumer to consumer being secondary.
  10. Easiest way is to use something like Gatehub.com to 'open' your wallet. Basically you give them your secret key, and they enable you to transfer funds to/from it.
  11. Nothing much will happen. Will oscillate between $0.28-$0.32.
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