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  1. I also think that Asia has done there homework, when it comes to regulatory. Could be that they are leading the way,...
  2. https://theicojournal.com/exclusive-nasdaq-source-the-listing-of-several-coins-will-happen-in-2019/
  3. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-saudi-cenbank-currency/saudi-arabias-central-bank-signs-blockchain-deal-with-ripple-idUSKCN1FZ0LD
  4. @Jasombre did you read the FED report form the 06 of September "Strategies for Improving the U.S. Payment System Federal Reserve Next Steps in the Payments Improvement Journey"?
  5. Very interesting and different thought
  6. and both (XRP / BTC) have all time high practically at the same time.
  7. Don´t forget that BTC is very import for xrp.
  8. http://techwireasia.com/2017/05/japanese-banking-consortium-continues-push-fintech-turns-blockchain/ ....The consortium is also examining the possibility of creating a brand new virtual currency that is exclusive to use by financial institutions. For now, it’s unclear exactly which blockchain system will be used, but Nikkeireports that one contender has been developed by US fintech firm, Ripple, who built the XRP blockchain. Ripple’s technology is purported to be able to handle 200 times more data than bitcoin’s blockchain software. This could facilitate money transfer processes within seconds. Furthermore, the open ledger system could help boost banks’ security and prevent fraud from occurring as often. ....
  9. @xrpwizard you should also not forget, that the value of an currency in our system is currently trust! For me BTC as a international currency is the reserve currency of Polo
  10. For me they lost all the trust! They promised that 1 USDT is backed with 1 USD - but you can not change to 1 USD. I try to sell all my USDT. For me BTC is the most important currency on Polo. They only reason to hold USDT that I know is, that maybe in some countries there is a tax advantage if you hold USDT instead of USD or EUR. But what is a tax advantage if the currency have not the value that they promised to have.
  11. USDT try to be something that it is not! USDT is not USD. But anyhow the volume of USDT is not really high,...
  12. @ bitcoinranger it is not "OneTime" it is "YourTime" äh "OurTime" ;-)
  13. http://www.die-bank.de/news/die-naechste-blockchain-generation-8682/
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