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  1. Anyone know the original source? The few publications I’ve seen say “reportedly” XRP. Reported by who?
  2. https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/74356/instarem-launches-in-the-uk InstaReM, Southeast Asia’s leading digital cross-border money transfer service provider, has now launched in Europe with its ‘front of house’ operations headquartered in London.
  3. The title of this thread, for one: ”Ripple’s Exec Elected To Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force”
  4. You are allowed to think however you’d like. I personally think they wouldn’t be so positive on permissioned ledgers, one of which being Ripple that they listed in the footnotes, if they were not fans.
  5. Permissioned is just a word. I like the charecterisfics of Ripple and don’t particularly care what people call it. That fight is one related to marketing/image. The bank of International Settlements is much more important and critical in relation to use for cross border payments. According to this paper, permissionless = proof of work.
  6. Read the paper! They state a few times that permissioned crypto would be great for cross-border Payments (e.g. Ripple is great). I’d say the report is extremely positive and well written all around.
  7. To PS3, they classified Ripple as permissioned. The comparisson graphs were to show why mining currencies suck... would be nice if they said Ripple is better but I think it’d be premature for BIS to say something like that. They still need to pretend they want to foster competition.
  8. Would be great if someone could screenshot all the images showing downside of permissionless/bitcoin (energy consumption, forks, unscalable etc.) and the positive ones related to permissioned (remittance, etc). Basically all of the charts and images starting at the bottom of 99.
  9. This didn’t come up because implementation of recommendation 1 recently started. It was because people are taking BS news sources seriously. Please avoid all news sources that say crypto, coin, bitcoin, btc, etc in the title other than the few legit ones (CoinDesk, CCN, Cointelegraph). They posted the OP article today as if it were new.
  10. Unfortunately I’m out of space for uploading photos to XRPChat so you will have to read yourself. I recommend the massive sections on why permissionless is bad and permission is good (specifically mentions ripple in footnotes but it’s obvious anyway). https://www.bis.org/publ/arpdf/ar2018e5.pdf
  11. This story is 3 years old: https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-labs-elected-to-fed-steering-committee-for-faster-payments/ -June 15 2015 It has been covered here extensively.
  12. Tehol_Beddict


    200 banks, MoneyGram, Western Union using Ripple products... so now Ripple owns their networks? And Microsoft owns their computers? And their cleaning service owns the toilets? wow, so that’s how ownership works.
  13. https://www.bis.org/annualeconomicreports/index.htm “Two special chapters from the Annual Economic Report on cryptocurrencies and macroprudential frameworks will be released on 17 June. The full Annual Economic Report and the Annual Report will be released on 24 June.”
  14. https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/gmo-internet-offers-four-new-cryptos-trade-introduces-new-wallet-app/