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  1. Mastercard, AMEX and crypto regulation

    I still don't see how this competes with XRP in any way in relation to real-time settlement, counter party risk and eliminating the need for Nostro accounts.
  2. Visa may be next

    There are multiple blockchains needed for cross border payments. AML/KYC and identity being the big 2. There are also “blockchains” like AuxLedger’s Cashaa that integrates a Ripple, a KYC/AML blockchain and an identity blockchain and provides integrations of this result to other organizations. I know for sure that there are no announced competitors for payments that solve real-time settlement, nostro liquidity and counter-party risk other than Stellar as they need a crypto to do so... and I’m not betting on Stellar.
  3. Believe and Hold

    There are likely many XRP use cases that will come before U.K. to US cross-border Payments by banks or massive payment players. Remittances to Africa, micro payments, small payment players. Liquidity will grow over time, I believe. I’m sure no one knows for sure.
  4. Believe and Hold

    Bitcoin takes up .12% of the world’s electricity supply to perform 7 transactions per second. sound sustainable? Governance issues lead to a lack of ability to innovate. sustainable? Current transaction fees are $60 per transaction and make up 20% of block rewards. Sound sustainable? For mining, and the current mining power, of bitcoin to be as profitable as today, transaction fees would need to rise to $300 per transaction. Edit: once all coins are mined. Sound sustainable? Lightning network creates completely centralized solutions that removes most transactions from the chain, reducing transaction fees. Not only will lightning network create a centralized system, reduced mining incentives will eventually kill mining profitability and reduce the number of miners. You then end up with an even more centralized network than what we have today, which is a few mining pools controlling bitcoin. Sound sustainable? Groups can fork Blockchain at any time, creating many blockchain networks. Gold can not be forked. It is a legitimate commodity as it is used as a raw material. I can’t say that’s the reason for Gold’s valuation but I can say it’s a better store of value as it has some intrinsic value. Bitcoin is a poor store of value given it’s not a commodity or asset, as well as the above stated concerns. It is a terribly inefficient and ineffective payment mechanism. I have not spent much time researching bitcoin and I’m sure many who are more intelligent than I have argued otherwise. I’d be very interested in some counter arguments as to bitcoins sustainability. Serious question - what am I missing. Anyone have a good source on the reason bitcoin has a future? I used to use it in 2011 for certain items that needed to be provided through bitcoin and was even working on an exchange once, but to this day can not see why it is worth anymore than speculation. It’s certainly far inferior than other cryptos for privacy and illicit purchases.
  5. Visa may be next

    Also, SBI now controls R3... I’m pretty sure that makes them friend, not foe. There was also a recent news article I read that showed they were mostly focused on trade finance, compliance and other apps. I did not see any focus on competing in payments. The article also mentioned they were hoping they would have a real production application by year end 2018.
  6. Visa may be next

    It has been around since 2016. Ripple was (perhaps still is?) the only enterprise-ready blockchain at that time. Is there anything that shows Chain and Ripple are competing, as opposed to complementary, solutions?
  7. Visa may be next

  8. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    They are not reducing supply. They are putting 55B XRP in escrow that’s currently not in circulation. They will actually be increasing supply as some amount of the non-escrow XRP has not been distributed yet - just under agreements to be distributed.... They don’t need to reduce supply, they need to increase liquidity which will drive demand. I have my countdown:
  9. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    This is me most days because of XRP. I’m imobalized till XRP is international standard.
  10. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

  11. Half of the validators are still validating but have 0 agreement of late.... Get excited 😆 They’re probably already on 0.81 or something... Big things coming.
  12. I’m still super excited. Phobos also tells you nothing. This fits with my Ripple has taken over the world and hasn’t told anyone yet theory. If he can start in 15 days, so can everyone else. Ripple is waiting for something. They have had the ability to slip the switch for a long time. We know lockup is coming by year end. We know decentralization is coming by year end. We know Ripple liquidity/lending strategy kicks in some time in the quarter. We know SBI starting before year end. I believe they will all happen on the same day, along with something massive. If you’ve been following global politics lately, you’ll see they’ve already succeeded. US, EU, Canada, Mexico, Honk Kong, Singapore, Nigeria, Australia (but they’re going a lil slower than they anticipated), Philippines, Israel, IMF, BIS, FIS, Fed, ECB, EBA, FSA, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, China, New Zealand, UK, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, other African countries. I’m excited.
  13. What is this countdown for?

    Funny timing! We may as well combine threads... a bit of additional info here:
  14. No prob. Some other google results of pages with interesting descriptions. Only the login one has content, if anyone wants to create an account. Haven’t tried: https://instantglobalpayments.com/client/login/main_login.php Also, if anyone has a way of checking for archived page or full description would be great. I’m on my iPhone and going to bed.
  15. A little googling show instantglobalpayments.com is also interledgerpayments.com: We definitely have our countdown!