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    We’ll ask those voted for if they want to do it. No pressure... Plus, we’re not competing here.
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    Sounds like the idea is a hit. Please share up to 3 members you’d like to see as part of the (first of multiple? 😋) xrpchat member group AMA.
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    BTW, I finally have a Twitter. TeholBeddictXRP Figure it’s about time I do my part to try spreading knowledge beyond XRPChat.
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    Perhaps we do something on Reddit. 3 XRPChat members on one AMA. Public asks the questions. The group decides a question to answer and they each give their own answers... assuming it’s worth three answers. I don’t need to be one of the three. Happy to organize, pick questions... send me the answers and I’ll post all 3. Just an idea. Happy to play a roll or sit on the sidelines.
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    How do some of the long time, fan favorite members feel about doing a group AMA? Could be fun.
  7. Looks like the tech is built on R3. Looks like it’s Corda, not Ripple. SBI Ripple Asia is leading the group and we’re all happy they’re allies again... but I don’t see anything that says they’re using Ripple tech. Also good to see JP Morgan Chase is mentioned but it’s very unclear as to what they are doing. A clear anouncement they’re using xCurrent would be massive.
  8. Tehol_Beddict


    The way it’s described in the paper, they are definitely not discussing crypto. They are saying a basket of central bank digital currencies - basically exactly what the SDR (special drawing rights) currency is today. That said, the paper describes the many benefits of that model followed by the down side. All of the down side arguments are solved if they use XRP instead of something similar to SDR. I think it’s a great argument for XRP but the paper is not describing a crypto/XRP.
  9. It’s only their business payments unit. Still big news, small part of WU though.
  10. You’re arguing nonsense against a nonsense post from 8 months ago. Don’t bury the FLEETCOR/Western Union post with it.
  11. FLEETCOR, owner of Cambridge, nearing acquisition of western union business payments unit: https://www.pymnts.com/news/b2b-payments/2018/fleetcor-western-union-business-payments-acquisition/
  12. Trade Digital Exchange - IDR Mongolian Digital Exchange - MNT (Mongolia) Remitano - Listed above as Vietnam but has active or mildly active market in Kenya, Tanzania, prob some others. Alfatop - 169 countries via mobile phone top-up, supports 1832 mobile operators globally I’m sure people have more. Let’s get them added... unless there’s already a list somewhere