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  1. That seems like a lot in a relatively short time.
  2. They own Ripple, which also means they own a share of the escrow.
  3. I think it's more than that. I think it's about Ripple relinquishing measures of control to the current owners of the financial system. I'd bet XRP the central banks own a substantial amount of Ripple.
  4. I expect the central banks to buy a substantial amount of equity Ripple.
  5. They're selling equity because the owners want equity. If they own 2% of ripple who owns 50b xrp, they just bought 2% of the new SWIFT plus 1/2 billion XRP coin.
  6. Found XRP in mid Oct 2019, dumped $1k into @ .25. I watched it "swell" to .31, bought more and now it's at .19 My wife is laughing at me. She said now my game is lame. XRP SUCKS!
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