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  1. We all know how statements from brett and miguel are resonating in the community. Brad predictinghous - miguel dumpingle
  2. If you think xrp valuation is unfair now, wait until they ipo and see what happens to poor xrp holders
  3. Mrs Lagarde Brad garlington and steve mnuchin are announcing XRP today. The official Ripple partnership. At least this is what they tell me on the Internet. They have nice graphics as proof and so on.
  4. Nice. More options to short xrp into the ground. #xrpthestandard
  5. There was a report that miners dumped 5.9 billion in USD for profit
  6. What do you mean? Do you want to tell me that a person with 100.000 xrp * 1000$ will get this much currency? I highly doubt that. There is thousands of people with that many xrp and they all will magically receive 1000 or 10.000$ for 1 coin 😂😂😂
  7. Lol maybe they have used wietse winds xrpstats page Howironic
  8. Isnt ripple funding r3's development withthe contract about the 5 billion xrp? Could someone answer me this. Thanks
  9. CEO of ripple pls buy R3 after you have funded it for years with your 5 billion xrp
  10. Somehow i get the feeling that we dont get told about everything and all the concerns floating around are making more sense when ripple executives are leaving
  11. Should i send a SHIELD team to arrest mr caleb and put him into the fridge?
  12. Everything ethan beard is investing into is the - worst usecase for xrp
  13. Unpopular opinion : while foreign ponzi schemes like eth and btc have obtained regulatory clarity, WITHOUT HUGE LEGAL TEAMS, ripple struggles to get clarification from the SEC. IMO the SEC is manipulating the market with its bullshit show they put on. AND apparently there is no need for a huge legal team looking at btc eth.
  14. Sorry i was told xrp is the only crypto with real usage. So ive decided to observe the xrpledger metrics and it looks ugly as hell like the price chart of xrp. This doesn't mean anything about cherry picking, is this a place where i can't represent my concerns? you can check my post history to confirm that ive bought on the expectations of the CEO's statements. It appears to be a bad idea to take any public figure in crypto seriously even the 'serious' ones. Sitrep over.
  15. Ok, just dont. Wait a year or two and buy 10 times the amount you would buy trough recurring payments. We are nowhere near close to the bottom.
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