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  1. Many new competitors showed up during the past two years. Its time to get some movement or see xrp fade into an abandoned digital asset de-risked by its creators while drinking coffee with regulators and paying their expensive salaries
  2. Hi guys i was looking for some infos to read about bg123 and i found this thread in the searchbar. So i think im going to post it here because i think it brings development into the identity of BG123 aka Zokoo
  3. Guys really, dont get me wrong but a 99% loss is a real heavy weight to carry and continue to be positive. I was buying because of the CEO predictions for the upcoming years maybe my fault maybe the fault of the people who were screaming for 20$ while we were at 3$ and buy the dip at 1.10$ have mercy with me
  4. Yeah. I wont keep holding to 2000$ per xrp as i know thats a very stretched predictions by some twitter members. Is babcugs in the 589erClub too?
  5. Major banks 2017 12 major banks 2018 50% of major banks 2019 Major banks 2020 As for 'source' you guys know exactly where to look for that but you play dumb here and wait until i make a mistake so you can do the same bitcoiners are doing to the xrpcommunity on twitter. Here is a tweet by Yoshitaka kitao the other CEO of blink 182:
  6. Why not? Am i not allowed in the special people chat? I would like to join to get my gold status up. Maybe i can learn a thing or two from you or your friends how to discredit others while we are at it
  7. I made it very clear from the beginning that im at massive losses and waiting for break even. Others have seen these comments. So nice try with your : i kNoW yOuArE jUst dOiNG iT beCaUse u dOnt lIke xrP. No i like xrp but i dont like the decision of xpring I dont like the ceos statements/predictions And i dont like how the community behaves towards the people who dont share the same opinion
  8. Are u oke? What i know you dont earn GOLDSTATUS with normal behaviour. Can you send me the invitation link to 589EOY2018CLUB? I want to get my credibility in here to GOLDSTANDARDSTATUS
  9. Dont you have someone to convince to buy xrp somewhere to DCA? Or 'fight fud' of other community members concerned about their 99% losses? You keep calling the people who say something fudsters. Buuuuh they say something bad about my ripple executives and ripple performance! 1! Ripple is a religious movement and xrp is the holiness?! #prayforxrp Oh mr truckdriver btw im always flashed about your 'joined at 0.80$ april2018' but MEGA GOLD STATUS in the community. Seems that it pays off to circle jerk with others about 589$ 2000$ xrp
  10. Interesting How about the other tweet with the almost crash of the xrpl trough spam attacks? I thought xrp was designed to be immune to such actions ?! Mr garlington can youelaborate
  11. Ooofff i know that feeling
  12. Wait .... what exactly do you mean is correct? Looking at the last three years the xrp community were the only ones buying and getting loss after loss. Maybe this happens when no one buys only a few retail gamblers
  13. Hahaha did you read this first before you posted? I dont know but maybe you wanted to point your finger on MiguelVias with that sentence. Ripple accepts everything above 0.01$ its all profit. So mr vias is selling more than anyone is buying Xrp imminent 2000$. My financial advisor baba cogs told it to me! Trust the plan. Storm is upon. Q anon xrp nwo currency bg123 quantum finance system trump fed imf 589 eoy 2018 Thats all i wanted to say. Thank you
  14. And thats the reason xrp will never go above 10 or 20$ How can people speculate 2000$ for one of the -99% coins Stopping this problem is easy, dont let miguelvias crash xrp to 0.005$
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