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  1. Holding for a year? My condolences. 2 years here
  2. Its may in a few days and i havent seen any contract from the CEO's of Ripple R3 or SBI about using XRP. It would be nice to get a press release of R3 RIPPLE SBI or anything else. Until then its all nothing but wishful thinking
  3. What is this way of talking to fellow xrp investors? Did i personally attack you ? Or are you hurt because of my post ? Why dont you ignore me instead of saying im dumb?
  4. Maybe i was reading Galgirtorns blog phantasy about imaginary whales and dumping the price down. Brad Garlinghouse confirmed in an interview that Ripple isnt capable of manipulating the price YET you want me to believe Galgirtorns imagination - according to brad its impossible to manipulate the coin. How would whales do it if the holder of the majority of xrp cant move it?
  5. Where are you hanging out? I am around and the rest is pretty active too. Open your eyes. They are all over my 'fud' comments with their 589 red big candle in one hand and their magic wand in the other accusing me of bed intentions in the community while they push 589$ - 2000$ and deny the fact that ripplecoin trades at 3 year low
  6. If i learned one thing about Galgirtorn, its he has no idea what hes talking about. This link of the whale anatomy is only a valve for all the shattered XRP at 20 $ in 2018 dreams. IMO thats bs
  7. Xrapid abandoned Xpool abandoned Odl abandoned next I start to think that ripples xrp strategy did not work out. I remember schwartz saying this here already TWO YEARS AGO We are close to find out if our high risk investmentis going to crash or not. People saying : "this is a long term hold" fail to realise that we are 7-8 years in and the CTO confirmed with that comment that we dont have any time left. And yes i know "this is a marathon" but the 3-5 years comment of the CEO already has 3 years on its back. Its time for results or the early adopters who sponsored ripples odl liquidity and network . Now watch the usual suspects pop up and turn around the words in my post with their little xrpthestandard cult magic discrediting
  8. Next breaking news : jpm talks about ripple effect. That means ripple xrp!1! New payment system means ripple!1! Are we going to open another thread with breaking news? 😂
  9. Dont you see? No really i want it from bofa directly -proudly announced where everyone can see it
  10. 😂😂😂😂😂 guy is obviously one of the NPC's the media targets Orange man bad1! Extremely dangerous for our democracy 11111! Anyways back to topic No i dont like to take my investment informations from anon accounts on twitter telling me how many phantasy dots they are connecting daily with their dose of hope 😂😂😂😂 so they can get the the results of 2000$ per xrp + thousands of followers. And these thousands of people now start to believe their 100$ investment will make them millionaires. (I once took advice from twitter/socialmedia/unregistered investment advisors on telegram (lifesavings in xrp 3.50$)) Are you guys ok? Jesus i hope ripple is prepared for the ones coming when all the dot connections blew up in the face of the people who take financial advice from riddlerxrpie babacugs baerableguy123 loop12345 and the rest. See you around later
  11. Hey guys im back. Did i miss the official announcement? Havent seen it yet on twitter
  12. This is not the same as BofA ? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BofA_Securities
  13. How do i block users following reacting to every comment i make ? Is there a guide?
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