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  1. I have successfully completed a renewal form for my Money Services Business license and it has now been re-registered. I am working on getting resources and tutorials ready for the website for when we launch (still no launch date yet). The law firm I work with expects to have a shareholders agreement draft ready for my new business partner to review/sign by next week. Cheers all
  2. I have secured funding to begin the process of building a new CAD Ripple Gateway that will also offer all Precious Metals, USD, as well as Bitcoin and Ether IOUs on launch. There is a possibility that we may also in the future after launch offer EUR on the XRPL. I have begun to talk to my lawyer's office to begin the legal process of selling shares of 8569541 CANADA INC to another individual on XRPchat. I have also reached out to FINTRAC to regain my access to the MSB portal portion of their website as for some reason my credentials produce an error when I attempt to login. I do not have a time frame at this moment for when this new Gateway will launch but if everything goes smoothly then hopefully we should be operating within the next few months. When we are about to launch, I will make an announcement thread here in this section of the forums, detailing the Terms of Service, the fee schedule, and all other important aspects of the Ripple Gateway.
  3. https://data.ripple.com/v2/gateways/Gatehub or try https://xrpl.org/data-api-v2-tool.html#get-gateway https://data.ripple.com/v2/exchange_rates/EUR+rhub8VRN55s94qWKDv6jmDy1pUykJzF3wq/XRP or go to https://xrpl.org/data-api-v2-tool.html#get-exchange-rates https://xrpl.org/data-api-v2-tool.html#get-all-gateways https://data.ripple.com/v2/gateways https://github.com/ripple/rippled-historical-database/blob/v2.0.4/api/gateways/gateways.json
  4. This is market research for a work in progress Gateway. If you feel like participating, please quote this post and tell me what your thoughts are. What sort of features compel you to use a Ripple Gateway to perform your trading and payments? Do you use open source ripple clients? Do you believe that it should be on the Gateway to provide software (web, client, or both)? What compels you to use Fiat Currency IOUs to perform payments? Do you not perform payments on the XRPL using Fiat Currency IOUs? If you are an investor of precious metals, do you prefer to store them in your home safe, safety deposit box, or in a third party vault from which you order your metals from? If you were to make a deposit of precious metals to a Gateway, what would you pay in total to cover shipping? If depositing silver to a Gateway, what is the maximum amount that you would deposit? What do you believe the service fee for this service should cost? If depositing gold to a Gateway, what is the maximum amount that you would deposit? What do you believe the service fee for this service should cost? Please list up to five crypto currencies other than Bitcoin and Ether that you believe should be available to trade on a Gateway? If you listed five crypto currencies that you believe should be available on a Gateway, what fee would you pay for each crypto currency that you listed for a deposit and a withdrawal? Thank you to everyone who participates
  5. Sadly, if you do not have your secret key, the XRP and IOUs on your account will be inaccessible. Sorry for your loss.
  6. English: https://www.fintrac-canafe.gc.ca/intel/operation/casino-eng French: https://www.fintrac-canafe.gc.ca/intel/operation/casino-fra This may have effects on XRP-related casino websites as XRP could be defined as an Informal Value Transfer System (IVTS) in the eyes of FINTRAC. Please discuss.
  7. Use any ripple client to see what trust-lines you have opened to you. I suggest using the ripplerm client which is open source. Just download the git, open the index file in Firefox, then change the view to your account by changing the secret key to your secret.
  8. In toast wallet, your recovery phrase is just a second passphrase, you need to actually create a backup of the addresses connected to your toast wallet. Sorry.
  9. There is a Tim Horton's right around the corner from where I live currently. I would be down for a coffee and a chat, just send me a PM and we can set it up.
  10. I have always lived in Hamilton my entire adult life.
  11. Niche markets are tricky to enter and tend to have a high barrier to entry. That is why most gateways tend to fail. A new solution may garner new interest, only time can tell, I am still very much a silver bug and believe in its value stored in its physical form. Digitizing such assets has been the reason why I got into Ripple in the first place, "email" for precious metals. Gateways and exchanges are still a fairly new technology and the XRPL remains the best, in my opinion. decentralized exchange that is available. Even if we were to not enforce a TransferRate on our IOUs, the volume of deposits and withdrawals will be the key to the success or failed of a Gateway. I have a solid terms of service which can be transferred to any new trade-name that we choose to operate under. Most gateways were for advanced users and ignored newbies to the ecosystem. It would be nice to ensure that there is a corridor for CAD. Perhaps even getting on board with ODL could be a possibility if we succeed in launching a sustainable product.
  12. I am sick so I am just going to write that I am pro getting projects done which will reflect well on end users of the RCL.
  13. I am sure that the MSB license is transferable but if not then we will need to register a new one with FINTRAC. I have no problems with you holding the license. I would prefer to be director of operations and I can assist with some front end development if needed. I have done some back-end work before but I can leave that to you and your mobile app dev. As for the security audit, I second you in your coughing fit, I'd hire Sukrim to ensure everything is kosher. I operated XAGATE with multiple issuers so I have no qualms with being inclusive (if your market maker hasn't backed out). I would want to assist with the list of developer and user resources, I have written some stuff besides the QuickGatewayKit that helps out Gateways, such as this package that displays balances and obligations of a gateway. I am sure that we will be able to strike up some sort of deal that can be equally beneficial to all parties involved. Please do write me a PM with your email and we can perhaps get into a google hangout or do a skype call sometime to discuss this further.
  14. I am very interested in learning more about what you have built and I would be pleased to either help you form your own gateway or to go into a partnership by selling you a minority amount of shares of 8569541 CANADA INC. Please do contact me via PM or email my gmail account and we can get down to talking business The XRPL allows you to "email" silver and gold to other people across borders which is why I got started in Ripple in the first place. Silver and Gold backed tokens will be the future in my honest opinion as they are stable investments which have historical value. The reason why I used the NXT blockchain was because there was no pay dividend function available on the Ripple Consensus Ledger hence the profit sharing asset program was not issued as Ripple IOUs. Since the creation of my first gateway, community developers have created functions to payout dividends to people on the RCL and issuing Ripple IOUs which yield dividends are now feasible. Ripple has been moving away from the small business Ripple Gateway scheme since around 2015/2016 when Ripple Labs reformed into Ripple Inc. A dedicated server with 16-32GB of RAM, 120GB SSD, and quad core processor is what is needed to operate a rippled validator. Legal hurdles would include selling company shares to interested parties (around 700-800$CAD to get those documents created) and the other hurdle is to update with FINTRAC my Money Services Business profile with them as it still states that xagate.com is the operating website address at which my MSB can be found at. In addition to this, MSBs must now declare if they are operating with virtual currencies and must update with information with FINTRAC by Summer 2020. I am very glad to see a positive response from the community. Please do continue to discuss with me your suggestions about this upcoming project and provide your feedback for this project for 2020!
  15. Ever since I rejoined the forums, I sometimes get private messages in regards to forming a new CAD gateway. In this thread, I am asking the community to provide some suggestions and feedback to determine if a new gateway is feasible. I was asked if I would perhaps perform a crowd funding round from the XRPchat community to bootstrap a new Gateway, which I will touch on later. The first thing that I would need to do is set up a new issuer, requiring about 500 XRP to cover OwnerCount objects in the ledger from trust-lines and to activate new ripple accounts who are coming to the Gateway in addition to providing some small amount of XRP to the market making account to cover the major order-books so that payments can find paths. Second, I already have a domain name registered until 2023 and I have the ability to host a website via shared hosting on the monthly basis but this means I will not be able to host an instance of rippled as I will not have enough resources to run it on the package I have available. Third, I would require capital to purchase silver for remittance over the RCL, as all of my gateways in the past have been focused on cryptos, fiat, and precious metals with precious metals being the focal asset class offering for all of my Ripple Gateways to date. This would be about another 600$CAD (or more) so that I could purchase a tube of silver rounds for remittance. As for crowd funding to jump-start a new Gateway, if the official forums were still up, I could point all of you to the postings in which I mention the crowd funding rounds that I already completed in the past via the NXT blockchain. The major problem with a crowd funding round is how do I provide value to the backers of the crowd fund? At first the NXT asset was providing 45% of the profits derived from the gateway calculated in NXT then shared to the XAGATE asset holders on that blockchain using their pay dividends function but I was still the majority share holder of the assets so I was receiving 51% of the dividends paid as a kickback for not selling my company's equity so easily (I forget the price per asset but it was set pretty low). With all of this being said and done, I invite you to take a look at https://streetsofsilver.website to view the fee schedule this Ripple Gateway will launch with. Please note that USD withdrawals will be done via wire transfer and that is why the withdrawal fee is set so high; If I am able to find a way to reduce this overhead I will be able to reduce the fee drastically when/if this Gateway launches. That is all for now folks, please, provide me with your suggestions and feedback as to how I may be able to provide some value to the interested parties who may want to crowd-fund this project! EDIT: Someone pointed out via PM that the deposit fee for Ethereum on the site was listed as 0.1 ETH per deposit which is a preposterous amount, the actual deposit fee is 0.01 ETH, that was a typo.
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