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  1. I have wrote another follow-up email for clarification from FINTRAC:
  2. I am afraid that I believe that I am still obligated to file even if I am not the intermediary of performing the XRPL transaction. I believe if the issuance of an IOU that is considered 10K or greater that is traded because the beneficiary of that amount of IOUs changes to a new account, I would be obligated to file. If you trade >=10K with my market making account (which we do not have the means to fund to that level) then I would have to file. I would also have to file for any deposit or withdrawal transaction a user commits to the Ripple Gateway. I do not have customers performin
  3. The way that I read it I believe that any trade that occurs on the ledger amounting to 10,000$CAD or more, even if I do not offer an XRPL client on my website (which I don't). I do have the option for segregated accounts when depositing numismatic precious metals but they are not hosted wallets in so much that there are dedicated, separate issuers for those kinds of IOUs and are created on a for customer basis. I think I will have to write back to this compliance officer today and ask for some further clarification.
  4. I finally received a reply to my earlier request for clarification. Here is the email that I received from FINTRAC: So I have received my answer and clarified my obligations as an MSB whenever the Decentralized Exchange is utilized to trade VC. These new requirements will require me to monitor for payments on every account that has a balance of at least 10,000$CAD so I can submit a LVCTR when a trade for large amounts of IOUs (VC as defined in the email) occurs. Please discuss.
  5. Still awaiting a reply but due to the long weekend I probably won't receive any word back from support until at least tomorrow. I wrote to Ripple Inc to ask if I can keep the domain registered and pointed at my github repo if I update the readme with multiple mentions that I am in no way affiliated with Ripple Inc. If that is not good enough, then I have asked that they please purchase the domain name from me for only what I paid this year for the renewal fees, which is less than 60$USD. I stated that I should be given just that much amount of respect since I have been a community developer
  6. Thanks for your comments on this situation everyone. I wrote to support@ripple.com yesterday and recevied the typical automated response. They probably won't get back to me in a while since it is Easter long weekend. I am hoping that this will be able to come to a reasonable and fair conclusion. I'm not too worried by it now but I was quite a bit frustrated yesterday.
  7. Hi guys, Over a year ago now, I registered one of these new top level domain names to link to my Quick Gateway Kit repository on GitHub. The name in question is ripplegateway.design. I thought it would be interesting to put in my social media profiles to link back to my work. At one point, I was thinking about creating a site where I would upload my latest CV and list prices for consultation and software development services, this never came to fruitition though. Today, I received this email from my domain registrar: My question is do you think that I was in the wrong for
  8. I have not yet received a response about my previous email sent to FINTRAC. I received an email from FINTRAC's mailing list yesterday stating that LVCTRs can now be tested. They will also offer paper filing options for those who cannot complete the JSON-LD format schema. When the reporting framework has been updated June 1, 2021, there will be an online filing option and paper filing will no longer be available.
  9. https://www.parl.ca/DocumentViewer/en/43-2/bill/C-273/first-reading Very interesting news for Canadians I'd say!
  10. I am still preparing some commentary on this topic but I require further clarification from FINTRAC, therefore I have sent them this email to clarify my duties as a reporting entity:
  11. Well we got big news from FINTRAC today about LVCTR Reporting today. Here is the info: There are five attachments to this email but the boards do not support those file types. Therefore I've uploaded them to Google Drive to share. Please be advised that these are first drafts and may change. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NQJCPC-ye4HE66t6RBrj2IaQrKzUGhlptbVgTaqpHl0/edit?usp=sharing - DRAFT_Guidance_-_Reporting_large_virtual_currency_transactions_to_FINTRAC.PDF https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EmsMiQnuux4o1-eTKR9p2DqAKrIwlC4LGPnoantKLOY/edit?usp=sharing - DRAFT_G
  12. My server just notified me again that the disk space is almost completely full. I just ran a server_info request and I got this weird response from the server: Loading: "/etc/opt/ripple/rippled.cfg" 2021-Feb-03 18:03:46.561130381 UTC HTTPClient:NFO Connecting to { "result" : { "info" : { "build_version" : "1.6.0", "complete_ledgers" : "60972500-60972501,60972749,60973332,60973574,6097 4456-60974470,60974744-60974800,60975462,60975782,60976210,60976402-60976407,609 7677
  13. I haven't tried to connect through telnet but I am guessing that if I try to attempt to connect and run my script that it will either still timeout or refuse connection. I've just resorted to getting what price data I need through the command line and update it manually with my ripple client. I was at one time thinking it was because of my vpn but I still get no connection when I demask. It is a baffling situation.
  14. https://www.fintrac-canafe.gc.ca/obligations/dir-iri-eng I will not quote the entire MD here but just say that FINTRAC and the FATF are still encouraging the due diligence of reporting entities for transactions which involve Iran. The most pertient information about this guidance is: · electronic funds transfers, remittances or transfers (EFTs) that include an Iranian originating or destination address which may include transactions where the ordering person or entity, beneficiary, or third party details are Iranian; · the transactions made by representatives of
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