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  1. I am still preparing some commentary on this topic but I require further clarification from FINTRAC, therefore I have sent them this email to clarify my duties as a reporting entity:
  2. Well we got big news from FINTRAC today about LVCTR Reporting today. Here is the info: There are five attachments to this email but the boards do not support those file types. Therefore I've uploaded them to Google Drive to share. Please be advised that these are first drafts and may change. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NQJCPC-ye4HE66t6RBrj2IaQrKzUGhlptbVgTaqpHl0/edit?usp=sharing - DRAFT_Guidance_-_Reporting_large_virtual_currency_transactions_to_FINTRAC.PDF https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EmsMiQnuux4o1-eTKR9p2DqAKrIwlC4LGPnoantKLOY/edit?usp=sharing - DRAFT_G
  3. My server just notified me again that the disk space is almost completely full. I just ran a server_info request and I got this weird response from the server: Loading: "/etc/opt/ripple/rippled.cfg" 2021-Feb-03 18:03:46.561130381 UTC HTTPClient:NFO Connecting to { "result" : { "info" : { "build_version" : "1.6.0", "complete_ledgers" : "60972500-60972501,60972749,60973332,60973574,6097 4456-60974470,60974744-60974800,60975462,60975782,60976210,60976402-60976407,609 7677
  4. I haven't tried to connect through telnet but I am guessing that if I try to attempt to connect and run my script that it will either still timeout or refuse connection. I've just resorted to getting what price data I need through the command line and update it manually with my ripple client. I was at one time thinking it was because of my vpn but I still get no connection when I demask. It is a baffling situation.
  5. https://www.fintrac-canafe.gc.ca/obligations/dir-iri-eng I will not quote the entire MD here but just say that FINTRAC and the FATF are still encouraging the due diligence of reporting entities for transactions which involve Iran. The most pertient information about this guidance is: · electronic funds transfers, remittances or transfers (EFTs) that include an Iranian originating or destination address which may include transactions where the ordering person or entity, beneficiary, or third party details are Iranian; · the transactions made by representatives of
  6. When BTC was hovering around 34$CAD, I hit an 83 BTC jackpot on the online casino Dragon's Tale. I then raised that amount through a system to 110 BTC. I really do look back on that time and hate myself for not storing some 10-25 odd BTC in a paperwallet instead of trying out different wallet providers that ended up getting hacked. I live in Canada as well. I keep this section of the forums up-to-date on FINTRAC news because I am a Canadian and operate a Ripple Gateway in Canada (an have been since 2014). I mostly got interested in the Ripple Consensus Ledger (now more commonly called the
  7. Tried connecting using this server cluster (probably thirty times) and still just got timeouts.
  8. My update orderbook script is not connecting to either of the official Ripple servers. I keep on getting not connected errors and s1 sometimes gives me a connection refused error. I am using nordvpn obfuscated servers on my host OS and using virtualbox to host a guest OS of Ubuntu 18 LTS. Can anyone else connect to these servers with RippleAPI using nodejs on the command line and see if they can connect and do anything? Perhaps someone in dev-ops at Ripple could look into the configuration and status of S1 & S2? Thanks, anyone.
  9. This validator has been operational since November 13 2020 and has been proposing for approximately 99.9% of the time since then but statistics websites are only displaying three days of statistics. What gives? https://bithomp.com/validators/nHDsQsEfc1GfLrUcSZTVHP9ueuPr5gDbECiMJp7vEsZsK14tVqy3
  10. No, I couldn't resist. 19DB559DD8273E2BEECDF19BDF57966AB56A701F14C4AA58B64A011AC21D12DD
  11. This is just my honest opinion, so please do not attack me on this point for speaking from my heart, but my opinion is that around the time of about 2015-2016 would be the time that a lot of the known Ripple services went under a consolidation process where just a few actors were left to service the community an a lot of developers (an their services) went under because of mostly a lack of liquidity and interest in their assets/service structure. I would like to take the time to have those that recall the service DividendRippler which ran an automated service. I don't remember the developer'
  12. My rippled validator seems to be stuck in the connected state and will not propose after purging ledgers on the server (it was becoming full). Any suggestions as to why this is happening?
  13. I was attempting to use node to run a script which updates an XRPL Orderbook and it refused to connect until I temporarily disabled my NordVPN connection. Can someone at Ripple tell me why the NordVPN IP ranges have been blacklisted? Thanks.
  14. https://www.fintrac-canafe.gc.ca/guidance-directives/transaction-operation/indicators-indicateurs/vc_mltf-eng The above emphasis I provided in the list of indicators are the ones that I have deemed to be the most pertient indicators of ML/TF. Please discuss.
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