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  1. I could issue the assets to a hot wallet then create the orders for the RCL. I already want to set up a Ripple account to hold onto revenue an have an account which to draw expenses from. So perhaps I will also setup a dedicated account to make markets with that are corporate assets. This way the RCL will report 15 XAG issued instead of 1 XAG issued by the Gateway. When these accounts are created they will be mentioned and linked to Bithomp on our About page. EDIT: The Ripple account that we use to make markets with our corporate financial assets is rG83NMzArGuNPWyVyumuQLkj3EVJsrkDbA. The Ripple account that we hold our revenue within and draw expenses from is rEhdYrfayM4SQyww1qUSRoNVcbkpUoyBuf. As for a third party audit, the precious metals wholesaler in Canada that I deal with does offer storage options in Toronto, Canada. I will enquire about their services and see if we can integrate this into our operations and update our Terms of Service in regards to how our PMs audit is performed. https://silvergoldbull.ca/storage In the past, community members have been fine with me posting audits on the website's blog and on also through a Tweet of the operator's twitter account. In the past this was @kthxbaipce, my personal twitter account, but was eventually locked by Twitter for some reason an I have been unable to recover it since. Currently, we operate a twitter called @StreetsSilver which updates the community about our order books and any other news we have to share with the community. Hopefully, our first audit today over Twitter will put some people's minds at ease if they wish to start trading the XAG.rVSB2uzC9cjKfoMQdpQW78qUdSkdHiU4y/XRP order book.
  2. When we were in talks about becoming partners, the solution that I offered was that we could split the funds across the two of us dependent on the percentage of shares owned in the corporation. We never discussed you becoming a majority shareholder and me giving up major equity in the firm, we only discussed you coming on as a minor shareholder with 33% of the total shares issuance. If we had done so, then we could have distributed user funds in a way that you would have major control over them. I have always charged processing fees in the cryptocurrency, fiat currency, or precious metal that is being dealt with in a deposit. I will discuss either reducing or completely removing our cryptocurrency and precious metal deposit fees while maintaining the current fee structure for withdrawals. My current business partner is currently travelling but I can get in touch with him in the morning to discuss this further. This may clear some things up about how we make markets currently. The liquidity that is offered over the RCL is either from personal investment into the Gateway from the operator or it is corporate financial assets being offered from 8569541 CANADA INC. The market making account is ~Twarden for all of my own personal assets issued to myself from the Streets of Silver issuer rVSB2uzC9cjKfoMQdpQW78qUdSkdHiU4y; That being currently 1 ozt of silver. Any offers posted to the RCL that come directly from rVSB2uzC9cjKfoMQdpQW78qUdSkdHiU4y are corporate assets and owned by the corporation. As for withdrawal processing time the processing of precious metal withdrawals may see a slight increase in delay due to COVID-19. We use Canada Post to deliver our PMs to our clients. For more information about the Audits that we conduct, please view our Terms of Service: https://streetsofsilver.website/TermsOfService.pdf As for your concern as to how much silver we currently own (and issue) we have a total of 18 XAG. I have posted our first audit today over on our Twitter account to follow-up on your and any other community members' concerns for our current issuances on the RCL:
  3. My physical disability and the fact that I had been in the hospital due to illegal eviction (and issues with prior landlords in the past) was explained in this thread I made back in November 2019. I am perfectly capable of running a money services business. The Canadian Dollars that you withdrew from the XAGATE Ripple Gateway did come from the funds given to me by Ripple Inc., however, there was still thousands of dollars backing the IOUs within the corporate account at that time. It was posted on the official Ripple forums that XAGATE would never operate any financial position that was overly leveraged. The maximum amount of leverage we had applied to the issuances within the Fall and Winter of 2017 was approximately 17-20% before I signed the agreement that Chris Larsen & Co. that provided me the XRP to sell to bring back the issuances to a 100% reserve. To be clear, Streets of Silver's Terms of Service does not have any clauses in regards to leverage as we do not hold any leveraged positions within this business and we do not plan to; We will always operate with a 100% reserve of financial assets issued to the Ripple Consensus Ledger. Last, the orderbooks have been updated as follows today: Silver has seen a 7.47% increase in value over the last 24 hours with the spot price reaching 30.79$CAD and premiums are still remaining high, around 6$ per ozt over spot. We are capable of selling our XAG a little bit below the going premium rates of most dealers at this time due to investing at an opportune time. Our silver is priced on the RCL for 36.50$CAD/ea in XRP. There is a total of 15 XAG issued to the XAG/XRP pair for 133.859 XRP each. Ether rallied yesterday but has seen a 0.01% decrease in the last 24 hours, currently sitting at 328.53$CAD each. We may increase our position in Ether in August to offer a larger market depth due to the strong performance and market sentiment going forward with the Ethereum 2.0 network upgrade coming soon. There is a total of 0.15 ETH issued to the ETH/XRP pair for 1,219.0758 XRP each.
  4. I am not going to debate my personal life with you any longer in this thread. I cleared up your assumption that I was currently in hospital and explained further what I said in that one private message I sent you a few months ago. Last, I abide by all of what my doctor and the order asks of me, she and it respectively does not ask much of me. It is still of my belief that you can be disabled (physically and/or mentally) and still function in society, an even within competitive industries such as finance/fintech like I have chosen to pursue. I have one friend that is a university graduate which then went on to become a senior developer for TD Bank, he is restricted to a wheelchair due to disability.
  5. I have been out of hospital since April 8, 2019, what I had stated was that when I was released from hospital that I was put on a Community Treatment Order. A CTO is a a legally binding document (that is reviewed every 6 months when voided to determine if a renewal is necessary) which states that I must attend appointments with a doctor for check ups on the medications that I am subjected to take due to the CTO as well as participate in blood tests to ensure that the levels of those medications remain at a constant level.
  6. https://www.fintrac-canafe.gc.ca/intel/operation/covid-eng
  7. The default settings of the Ripple Desktop Wallet have you connect to the s-west.ripple.com:443 or s-east.ripple.com:443 servers to interact with the RCL. Sometimes I notice that these servers do not connect or lose connection then reconnect shortly after sometimes. My fix for this was to set s1.ripple.com:443 as my server and that was the cure for my issues with that client.
  8. I don't believe that you can migrate wallets to Gatehub any longer, I think Ripple ended support for that a couple of years ago. Sadly, if you didn't back up your secret key, then your account is inaccessible.
  9. I don't mind you sharing an explanation of why you withdrew your interest in launching a new Ripple Gateway with me to the community. Also, if you believe any of our private messages should be public to the community, then I encourage you to share them too, I don't mind. Last, to any of those in the XRPchat community who do not already know, I am a disabled person born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.
  10. Sadly, the only thing you can really do is contact your local and/or federal police department and ask to speak to someone in the fraud department to file a police report about this.
  11. I got this email early this morning that looked legitimate but when clicking on the link to read the "blog post" brought up a warning from Google that this is a phishing attempt. Just wanted everyone to be aware, do NOT go to csop-ripple.com, and do NOT divulge any personal/financial information to them.
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