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  1. FWIW: Given the fact each payment transaction the sender performs consumes an XRP burn fee, I would expect their system to combine the two allocations into one payment to our XRPL accounts. This would be consistant with what I've seen on my two eligible accounts.
  2. ( I'm guessing you mean impermanent loss (IL) ? ) One easy way to conceptualize impermanent loss is to visualize the case of starting with equal amounts (in USD valuation) of tokens A and B. Then, after one month, the price of A is lower, but the price of B is higher. During that month, the DeFi system kept auto-trading fractions of your B for more A (to keep the USD valuations of the pair equal). IOW, you kept selling your rising B, for more of the falling A tokens Alternatively, if you had just kept your starting balances of the two tokens (un-pared in DeFi), that month's rising value of B would have helped make up for your falling valuation of A. Hope this is helpful
  3. Sorry, I'm not a user of XRPtools (yet), I've been meaning to review their capabilities, so your topic interests me too. Please note, both XUMM and XRPtools are non-custodial apps, they do not "store" any digital assets. So your perspective might be confused. ALL your XRPL based assets are recorded in the network's ledger. The apps are just UI management tools for performing transaction with the XRPL.
  4. From the homepage, this was opened just a few hours ago, anyone else know much more about this project than is described in the website ? Once it smooths out, I might acquire a few of their tokens and see how this plays out. I will update this top post with any interesting discoveries or observations Main site: https://onxrp.com/ From their twitter account right at the launch moment: Update: Using Chrome and XUMM worked eventually, Brave failed to popup the QR code to connect wallet, Chrome took a few tries. With a little patience and retires, I was able to acquire my gamble purchase of this new token - hopefully it won't be 900% lower tomorrow LOL Remember - Gamble with only the zerps you can afford to LOSE
  5. IKR ! They either got Bug-Eyes or a gaping mouth - and for the extra special vids - BOTH !!
  6. If, your post's words: "my wallet address" is indeed YOUR XRP Ledger account number, then the transferred XRP tokens would be moved to your XRP Ledger account - assuming your account address was correctly used as the destination. The tag is only used for an address that is used to receive XRP from multiple sources (as with an exchange). For the case of an exchange's address, it's like a zip code, with the tag being the house's street and number.
  7. One path to answering your questions, is to perform a small scale series of tests, and separate out the fees paid to not distort your actual gains. For example, just stake 10 SGB and claim your SFIN then calculate its trade price to CAND -> SGB. Then scale up to your full stack size you have staked, and compare the two yields.
  8. I’m less inclined to look for the Machiavellian explanations, and consider the more mundane … There’s three that come to mind: NDAs and educating the competition Tempering the market’s volatility and speculation Discouraging the hoarding of XRP - it’s counterproductive for liquidity
  9. It's what matters to us, the speculative holders. And for all the use cases that aspire to use XRP as a settlement token. Not seeing how the SEC can prove XRP are ownership shares of Ripple Labs...
  10. Here's an interesting new token (see chart at link below) - What sets this one apart, is the fact this is the "real" one, meant to run on the REAL-net, not the test-net its "companion" token (MOVR) which proceeded it (trading for real money) on the Polkadot canary network (the beta test-only platform). - This all is a complex topic for many to follow, most people don't even know what a "Canary Network" is ! Now it gets worse: the deployment is dependent on winning an auction : "The launch of the network is dependent on the start of the Polkadot parachain auctions which have not yet been announced" - But when you deep dive into its tech, it's impressive af, and now - cuz of MOVR - has been fully tested ready for Production/Enterprise level uses. And it is completely compatible with everything on Ethereum, ( PLUS more capabilities, and fast, and cheap, etc. ) - At the chart, I clicked on "ALL" Note it's only two days old - also note the volume of those two days - ( image below just now taken from CMC ) https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/moonbeam/
  11. If it's "all perfectly clear" then there's no need for "deliberation" of anything !
  12. ATEOTD - what REALLY matters is the final clarified status of XRP the utility token... And affirmed as permissible to be traded with on the open markets ! We're gonna need an Act of Congress I fear
  13. What's interesting, is now excluding those notes and emails under claims of DPP is not possible It was all just a team effort to craft Hinman's "opinion"
  14. Hopefully good timing - now what is your sell target, and rotate that into what Alt ?
  15. What job security looks like… Publicly troll your CEO for fun:
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