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  1. Projecting further... Once some (sandbox) apps go live, the demand for SGB will likely face upwards pressure. Then, when those same apps (someday) go live on Flare, we'll see downwards pressure on SGB, as users migrate out of the sandbox and into the Big Time. It will be interesting to watch these dynamics play out.
  2. Capturing the DoM (Depth of Market) chart as this, the first day of trading, nears its close. ( UTC 23:00 DoM for Bitrue )
  3. Binance.US so far has no info on SGB. If I get a notice from them I'll post it here...
  4. A few hours ago Bitstamp rep. said they're still working on SGB - doesn't indicate either way if they will be making a market for it (I'd be surprised if they did this early, but you never know).
  5. That was great, friend - thanks for sharing. ( in my head, I kept hearing Jerry's voice at the chorus, sniff-sniff ) BTW, I'm sure you've already seen the classic Festival Express years ago, but just in case you somehow missed it, you'll not want to any longer !! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0372279/
  6. It's almost like this Production launch was the team's first By now the wisdom of a dry-run via a Canary network is obvious to all. Especially if you remember the debacle of the first public Beta launch... Let's birth this baby !!
  7. I'll keep a watch on Reddit and Twitter for any shilling to appear. So far, it seems still off the radar - and it was minted back around July or so, IIRC.
  8. For a customer of CB which held XRP on their account on 12DEC2020, then yes, the airdrops of both FLR and SGB will need to be provided by CB. In a few days, however, one could buy SGB at Bitrue's exchange. There will prolly be a DEX to also facilitate trading, at some point.
  9. LOL thanks for the hot memecoin tip Hal I'd say we're pretty early: The key thing to monitor is the quote to convert back, eh ?
  10. I have those two as well, but AU was only ~ 20% more than EU. Might take a few weeks for things to stabilize ?
  11. Given he's being sued for over a billion, and the crux of his case is tat Ripple's actions are NOT tied to all the public speculators in some implied contract, it would make more sense for him to keep his distance on the matters of all the other XRP holders, and to instead act like there's LESS of a direct connection to speculators. IMHO
  12. In other news... I just checked out Bitrue, and SGB is listed under Assets, with only the "Deposit" option clickable. That UI page does provide the meta data for sending some SGB tokens to my account (not tested it yet). There is of course, no trading yet (prolly after the 27th cut-off date?)
  13. Plus, until the 27SEP date has past, exchanges should NOT take any action with the SGB allocations appearing in their Songbird accounts. Good for Bitstamp - one of the better exchanges imho.
  14. Thanks for all your engagement with us JFYI - in case it's not deliberate, but your top-left homepage? icon does not link to your homepage, but to itself (the wrap page). Cheers m8 !
  15. IMHO it's very encouraging that Flare Finance's number of followers on Twitter is now over 75,000. Wow. And I sure hope they are stress testing the **** out of the network and services. This ain't no computer game release !!
  16. Excellent write up on the Terra Network: "What is Terra Money?" The author covers a lot of ground here, and goes into some depth into the many aspects of what Terra offers... https://blockmaxi.com/crypto-profile-2-what-is-terra-money/
  17. This wannabe PancakeSwap clone will be one of the first to launch for Cardano (prolly next month). They are planning an ISO to distribute to all ADA holders staking to their related pools. I'm researching and monitoring this still, as there appears to be no real risk and no down side to re-delegating my staked ADA to a different pool. Should this platform prove to be one of the winners, we should get rewarded for the effort hopefully. Currently, the designated staking pools for SundaeSwap are not yet up... Ref: https://sundaeswap.finance/posts/iso-update-3
  18. 1) Binance can't show any actions related to your due FLR because that network is not been launched yet. 2) They will either provide custody for your FLR, or ask you to convey to them an address to transfer your tokens into. AFAIK Binance . com is still "undecided" if they will support SGB or not. 3) Binance will receive their tranche of FLR into their Flare network account. If they decide to just keep it, you will be shit outta luck (doubtful they'd do this of course, talk about a PR disaster heh).
  19. @tulo - It's likely the MetaMask app has a fixed polling rate to ping the network for any new updates from your network's ledger account. I did a quick check of MM's settings, and see no option to alter its sampling rate.
  20. I'm still awaiting Kucoin to figure out what happened to my GAS tokens I sent from my N3 Neon to them. The send-to key they gave me does not show up in the transaction diagnostic meta data, like Neon is transposing it or something. After Kucoin's initial contact and my followup, they've gone silent. I suspect they hadn't tested their backend with this use case... Hopefully they figure it out and locate my lost tokens. LESSON LEARNED: NEVER EVER SEND a significant transfer via a new route or method without FIRST TESTING WITH A SMALL AMOUNT FIRST !!! ( headbang )
  21. IMHO, for all intents and purposes, most of us should simply regard transacting with our $SGB as if this is a beta-testing dry-run for the real thing. The skills and experience of working thru how everything works will reduce the chance of making mistakes or missing out come the main launch in the months ahead.
  22. Yes, it's there in upper right - just c/p your 0x*** addy and hit enter. I see my own balance
  23. Thanks for the good news, brian san. BTW: Have you noted any supporting means or method to use MetaMask to perform the delegation operation ? Cheers.
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