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  1. I share your assessment friend. From the little time I spent monitoring the recent trading activities, it seems like the OCC clarification might have initiated some accumulation action for BTC, ETH, XRP, etc. -- And from the "capitalization" metrics for Tether it seems the origin of the buying is from fiat. I too will be monitoring this weekend's trading with interest
  2. @AlejoMoreno - Great points friend. I keep pointing out how Ripple is incentivized to NOT encourage hoarding speculators, as it's counter-productive to the crucial growth of deeper "on-the-books" liquidity in the network of exchanges. Ripple owes Hodlers jack squat.
  3. Seeking Alpha is an older investment info site, recently been including crypto. Nice to see such a positive piece AND a mention of the OCC announcement. Maybe a sign that the MSM is catching a clue ? https://seekingalpha.com/article/4362965-xrp-cryptocurrency-i-bullish-on-and-why-ripple-makes-this-extraordinary-opportunity
  4. You might find this technique interesting, it's one of the more popular "systems." I've been actually experimenting with coding this decider process, as it can be a bit tedious to perform manually for hours on end. The key is you watch for momentum flips, and go long or short quickly, and hope to capture the meat of the profit each cycle. If you want to know more, there's lots of good youTubes talking about it - LMK if you care, I'll dig up a few I thought were well presented and easy to follow. Cheers https://www.investopedia.com/articles/trading/05/scalping.asp
  5. I'm trying to help the team by selling a bit every 0.05 it goes up. I've lost track of my "paper losses" so far now
  6. This was a very interesting trail of bread crumbs, or more like bread loaves ! I fear Imma gonna need to re-watch it again, this was some good stuff mates. And to UKVideoGuy, if you see this: Thanks a bunch, I'll be registering next Spoiler alert: Guy makes the call, it will be BOE to make the announcement of a Ripple Partnership.
  7. IMHO, a valid observation friend. I will further add... We Hodlers aren't just speculating leaches - clinging to a healthy host in hopes it lives long and well - but we act as a counter-productive drain, hampering their goals and liquidity deployment efforts. For XRP to succeed, the stakeholders must build out and populate a vast, robust network. They must design, develop, deploy and support complex software and services. They must locate and educate potential new users and help pioneer new solutions and applications. Not too mention lawmakers, regulators, and risk-aversive financial institutions. Most of us hoarders believe that Ripple's vision has a good shot at succeeding in their hugely ambitious pursuits. We're left do what we can to glean some small benefits with them, by gambling some of our own precious wealth upon what is effectively just a wager. But we diminish the depth of the market's liquidity, at a time when that is crucial to growing XRP's utility. Those "investors" who bitched and whined for Ripple to "burn billions" of their core assets - just so these leaches can a quick buck and then move on - I found that all quite repulsive tbh. I myself once designed, developed, and promoted my own software products, so I can relate to Ripple's ambitions. I greatly admire what these DLT visionaries are trying to achieve. Ripple and the other stakeholders owe us jack. We're lucky to get the time of day from these driven, hardworking entrepreneurs !
  8. FWIW - Many months ago, I combed over the Australian exchange's website, and found no foreign accounts were allowed, unless you were a market maker. I submitted an inquiry via their contact-us form, asking what those requirements entailed, and never got a response. Time will tell I guess, as it will take on-boarding some market makers to jump start their book's depth. Maybe they should open up to outside accounts, assuming their legal constraints permit it.
  9. Regarding the heavy XRP trading on-going since about 16 hours ago... There is some strong accumulation occurring, the changes in the indicators are radically bullish compared to a day ago. Let's see how long this sustains. BTW. I've been testing out API code hitting Binance.us, and their services show much distress since wtf ever switch got thrown. They must be in fire-alarm mode right now, pity their poor IT worker fools. Interesting times.
  10. Thanks for sharing your review and speculations, Macro (Marco?) I've enjoyed following such topics like this, as it so readily reflects many predictions from SciFi writers over the years. In particular, Neal Stephenson describes in his two books, Cryptonomicon an attempt at introducing a "digital gold" currency, running on a massive mainframe sequestered on some private island somewhere, or was it an oil rig? (been a long time heh). And in his Reamde novel, he writes of an online game where the devs had designed it to provide for RL income from the gameplay, including harnessing the power of players to perform RL activities (face recognition at airports or something). I keep saying, we are living in the SciFi Age --- JFYI: you might have a word-choice error here: "bot mafias running the gameplay experience" (did you mean "ruining?").
  11. Hey friend, i saw your mention (sorry i'm way behind on discussions heh) The main block impeding my "scanning" efforts might have just been improved. At last, IG has contacted me to assist in beta testing their APIs for US imprisoned devs like myself So hopefully soon I have more research to report here. BTW - IMHO - The massive drop in ODL is most likely due to shifting to a new phase of deployment. Think about this, if you were an FI, and were about to commit your company to make a radical change and disruption to operations, you would want PROOF a new system will handle both spikes and sustained loads. IMHO Ripple proved it with the various ways we saw them gaming their process patterns. These dudes quite possibly know WTF they are doing, and are keeping the details internal "need-to-know" basis, why help potential competition eh ? Cheers m8
  12. @Frans - whilst I did not pursue scanning the XRPL transactions (a few notable chaps have published some findings on such related metrics), I did write and run some daemons to monitor eight exchange's live price tickers - specifically looking for any obvious ODL driven patterns. I'm planning to revisit this soon, in light of the recent changes. IMHO, it's a possibility that the market maker dynamics might have also changed. I speculate that some of the hidden depth of market capacity we have observed supporting BS/Bitso trading for these "treasury payments" all these past months, might have been sponsored market makers - to some degree. That project really makes more sense as a POC type of demo and stress test. Smaller and more random transfers make more sense to be using the live markets to facilitate, rather than large and regular payments. This is a really complex topic, heh.
  13. My comment above was in part reacting to DS tweet here: FWIW, I just tried asking David a little more directly. Maybe I'll get lucky and prompt a crumb more of info lol
  14. A few of us have been discussing this in the Bitso thread, around page 22 it begins..
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