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  1. FWIW - a few days ago someone here posted this youTube link to one of the better TA content creators addressing your question. Maybe it will be helpful for you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksRge9rkEFg&t=1245s
  2. Gentle Nooner, you are confusing access credentials to your hardware device and the keys of an ETH account. My guess is no one has the time and/or patience to assist you with getting thru the learning curve of these things. Your best bet for now, while you still lack a full understanding, is to just use either the XUMM app, or the super easy (and recently improved) "FlexXRP" app from the brilliant team at Dev Null Productions - see link: https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/35827-flexrp-a-tool-to-setup-an-xrp-account-for-the-flare-spark-airdrop/ Good luck, friend.
  3. Heh - there is no such thing as only buy volume We call it trade volume. Think about it... How can you buy something without someone else selling it to you ?
  4. I've worked with Kline data from Binance's API. When I look to compute EMA and CMO indicators, I have to provide a single price value for each period. Traditionally, the defaults you'll see set in charting services like Tradingview, they will default to "CLOSE" price. But offer options for other combinations. You can certainly see the majority of trading volume occur in the shadows of the Klines. The main body top and bottoms only delineate the open and close prices (see link below). One of the functions I've coded, is fetching (via API) a period's trading history. Then I'll iterate
  5. The Kline (aka candlestick) is defined as... More details here: https://www.investopedia.com/trading/candlestick-charting-what-is-it/
  6. Many thanks jbjnr for sharing your research, observations and theories with us. It is all quite fascinating, and somewhat reassuring of the resiliency and inelasticity of the global XRP market. I find it just a tad ironic, that in a way, Jed is providing one useful service to the health of the XRP market... He's helping grow the depth and breadth of the liquidity of our precious. Which, in itself, is an important requirement to effect ODL's eventual success, amirite ?!!
  7. T'wasn't I friend. We have one or two members here whom have done much research into that, and continue to monitor. Might take a little searching to track it down - IIRC the recent trove of shared info was posted to a thread titled to include "Jed" in the subject.
  8. This is a great resource for teaching yourself some of the trading lingo and techniques... https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/amplitude.asp
  9. In the upper right is our search option for this site - type in: toast wallet THere are many threads on this. BE CAREFUL WITH ALTERNATIVES TO TOAST - there are some scams like "toast plus" which will rip you off. GL
  10. Here is the Alert Banner when I sign in to my Schwab account: NOTE: "DPO" is Direct Public Offering - COIN is not an IPO. Hope this helps.
  11. I'm skeptical, as large enterprise-level corporations have layers and layers of workers, managers, directors, etc. PLUS they're now publicly traded, under even more scrutiny. To implement a process as you describe, would involved multiple teams of workers all part of a conspiracy, with no whistle blowers ratting them out. For a corp earning such massive profits with legitimate operations, it would be an insane risk of all the conspirators risking crime and punishment. All for what ?? Just so the company can realize a tiny additional profit... o.O Very unlikely, imho.
  12. It's fallen from $399 to now $312 ... FWIW, I reviewed the launch history of a few other Direct Listing debuts, such as Spotify's, and in the four cases I checked, they all consistantly dropped from the opening trades for four consecutive days, then began ascending. I'll be looking to maybe buy in a little early next week if this looks like COIN's following same pattern.
  13. AND COIN is now trading for real - current ticker is $393 !!
  14. My best guess is this... The lower "wicks" of the candles, as you surely know, are the period's lowest price, distinguished from the open or close price. So if the "depth of market" order order for the Pound (fiat) is more shallow than the DOM for the Tether (stable-coin), and a buy "at market" order for the same volume hits both trading pairs concurrently (in the same period), you will see the two different low trades executed as is described in your example above. Cheers
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