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  1. Time will tell I guess. Will be interesting to see if anyone architects a more optimal solution to ODL for the lowest friction.
  2. But to "run on XLM" would require robust liquidity pools at all the rail endpoints. Where is that gonna come from ? Or is there some other use for XLM in the work flow of MGI's remittance services ? ( I must be missing something, I fear )
  3. LOL - in early High School we got to save our code to punch tape. Later, in collage, I had to wait in line to punch out one line of code to a card, then get back at the end of line. Finally, got to work on state of the art Techtronix equipment, sporting a three by four foot device that supported dual ( !! ) 8-inch "hard sector" floppy drives. Sweet Zeus those things were SLOW... Kids these days !
  4. Interesting interview with CEO of coinpayments from Stansberry Research (link below). From my recollections, he shares that they're approaching $3b in total crypto transactions now, and their services are gaining more and more adoption. He states the average transaction is around $300. IIRC he also said that the proportion of BTC vs other crypto has gone from 95% to 80% since last year. The lovely Daniela asks a number of astute questions, such as "why would people spend their BTC instead of holding on to it as to benefit from its appreciation."
  5. But, what can they say ? When you must deliver a response, and the only responses you have are lame ones, then you give them your best shot. AKA "between a rock and a hard place."
  6. I'm still playing catchup on learning of all the details on Songbird's planned deployment. Do you have a feel yet on the rewarding benefits for people's participation in fully utilizing Songbird's services ?
  7. It resembles the modern practice in big title game development of the "pre-launch test beta" and "early release." Instead of paying an army of game testers, they harness the energy, drive, and exuberance of the gamer pool - who are all self motivated to stress test and exploit seek every nook and cranny of a "privileged" first access. Even the Flare Finance beta has been incentivized with "valuable NFTs" to help fuel the efforts of the time-donating participants. So Songbird will need to have perceived incentives to drive and motivate our participation. I'm curious how that will play out.
  8. From a developer's perspective, this Songbird opportunity gives the committed exchanges a very efficient path to performing a "dry run," in essence a near total clone of what they are already expecting to do. Their cost of human resources are minimized, and even could reduce their risk and Q and A burden with the Flare rollout, by embracing the canary network as well into their planned on-boarding.
  9. Over the years we've watched many disastrous launches of massive multiplayer online games. For a complex system such as Flare, its launching cannot risk a bungled launch - either due to scaling issues, or exploited vulnerabilities. They get one shot. Make it count.
  10. I am with you, friend RipMcG-san. The writer John Pavlovitz posted a short piece today that shares your sentiments - albeit more directly calling out those responsible. TBH it's a bit surprising coming from an evangelist no less. Tho he and his (all vaccinated) family recently were all tested positive with the Delta variant - so maybe that has impacted his World view. https://johnpavlovitz.com/2021/07/16/the-sadness-of-sharing-a-country-with-trump-supporters/
  11. ( re posts by two posters above, Billy and Troote ) Friends... I welcome your discussion on this topic, as I monitor action such as this all day, everyday. Allow me to share a few of my observations and comments... I too have observed puzzling trade action like Billy shared with us in his screen cap above. In fact, I've noticed there are several variations of this, one of which it can happen in either direction, and sometimes in isolation and in other times (like yesterday) it will occur simultaneously along with many other tokens as well. One interesting artifact you will see when comparing volume data limited to just a single exchange verses aggregated, is that SOMETIMES prices will fluctuate sharply with NO VOLUME on a single exchange - which is easily explained by order book adjustments by arbitrage bots. If you are only viewing aggregated date (eg. TradeView), you'll of course not see this. I posit that events such as Billy's example is simply a taker executing a non optimal trade, due to either impatience or for some other unknown objective (eg. probing the market's actual depth and responses). But for the cases we're seeing so often of late - like yesterday - where MULTIPLE tokens (eg. XRP, BTC, ETH, BNB) will see sharp spikes and drops all at the same time, has to be planned and coordinated events for a purpose. Perhaps that purpose is to manage the market, or to accumulate, or to divest. I am trying to figure that out still. There are some interesting variations these trades exhibit. Such as a sharp buy-up, followed by a dump, other times just the opposite. And these behaviors have shown refinements over the months and months I've been monitoring them. They are getting polished, fine tuned, and quite effective. My own goal is to write algos to use with my trading scripts to "tag along" with their machinations, and exploit them to my own profit. It's quite challenging heh.
  12. If your customer signs up at an exchange that accepts fiat wire deposits AND makes a market for XRP, they could trade with fiat balance for XRP, then "withdraw" the amount they owe your with destination your public XRPL key. Also, I wonder if PayPal is providing a way to enable their users to send crypto to a recipient's public key... (you might need to trade it into XRP if PayPal doesn't directly support XRP - I'd also be mindful of fees, as BTC or ETH could have a higher cost to transfer than does say ADA (or XRP of course).
  13. In the next five days or so Flare Network's blog will be posting a significant update for the up-coming rollout and airdrop.
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