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  1. I check this out, and looks like a serious team behind it - Dutch IIRC. Tried to swap-trade for some (wBNB) and even with slippage 3% was not getting "enough output" (0.05 wBNB even). I'll add it to the watch list
  2. I starting looking into WanChain for earning returns with my XRP, but what's holding me back is the concern the action of wrapping any of my XRP is a taxable event. But maybe that route could work for you? There's been at least on poster here sharing their successful results for passive income working that way. Also another uses coinloan for earning 5.5% interest on their XRP balance (which for my own concerns, is only taxable on the income, as the XRP isn't being traded).
  3. Live chart snapshot - repeating same action of last Wednesday ? If you recall, last time at the penultimate day of the epoch, we saw SGB_USDT climb from 0.32 up to 0.42 for the cross-over to this epoch. Notice how today's rising action began around the time into Wednesday as today... ( see chart of today: Bitrue 5m candles right now )
  4. FWIW - Here is what Bitrue writes about ChorusX coin today in their "BTR vote" newsletter: Context: Voting is for support of listing the token.
  5. The two points that struck me: one, NOT connecting XRP holders to Ripple's own plight - which is actually a fact, but counter productive to winning Ripple case; two, reiterating to the judges the point that the SEC is HARMING American investors, treating us as disposable tools, incidental collateral damage to the SEC's malicious actions - sacrificing us solely as a pressure tactic against Ripple, using us as hapless pawns.
  6. Prolly something along the lines of...
  7. Typically at the enterprise level, the work flow to effecting changes to live production systems include many steps and people, and always incur some level of risk, and are decided by project managers based on cost vs benefit weighting. For example: Write up a change request ticket, which gets reviewed, assigned and prioritized A dev branches the code base, and implements their changes A push request is issued and reviewed by another dev Dev-ops team merges dev branch and pushes release candidate branch into a staging environment A Q/A team is assigned to test changes in staging, and sign-off on its acceptance Dev-ops merges RC branch into production branch and release manager pushes it live Q/A team tests and signs off on completed changes As you can see, little simple things can require some prohibitively onerous costs to perform.
  8. "The Right Stuff" - great book, so much more meat than what made it into the movie, but both were good. They also wanted SOMETHING to do as well, not to just be a "monkey in a can" situation. IIRC the engineers put in some kind of control stick to effect some aspect of the descent. There was one hair-raising scene after one of the splashdowns, where one of the men had egressed the floating capsule, in somewhat rough seas, and his suit was taking on water and was encumbering his ability to "dog paddle" to stay afloat, and he began to panic he'd be soon sinking and fast - waving his hand elicited only more waves and smiles by the recovery crews. "Tragedy narrowly averted"
  9. Yikes, that's prolly an edge case no one even thought of addressing in their customer support UI. AFAIK it would be logistically possible for Bitrue's support staff to track down the deposit, and send it back to the origin account. But I'd be shocked if their CS toolset includes this capability for the operators. And even more unlikely they'd task an engineer to add that UI option just for one unfortunate customer that miss-routed their test-net token. My sympathies for your blunder :-/
  10. My initial guess was they just didn't want to get caught up with the additional headaches with scams and customer complaints etc. But notice that EPIC Games (the Fortnight people?) which competes with Steam as an app management platform says they will be supporting the NFT games. Interesting times ahead
  11. Right now, many things are moving up (SGB > XRP and USDT) Here's the Dogey Girl right now: ( "woof woof" )
  12. "The Sandbox" : One to watch In Alec Becker's video yesterday, he presented a short survey of some of the projects "most likely to have a shot at success," as opposed to longer shots which he says he'll only mention in his twitter feed. I'm checking out a few of his list that seemed interesting, starting with The Sandbox. ( https://www.sandbox.game/en/ ) The token started trading JAN2021, at $0.05, hit an ATH of $1.19 late August, currently has a MC rank of 131 at $518m, and is traded on 16 exchanges from Binance to Bitstamp. Sadly it's on the ETH network (ugh, fees). It looks like this is a platform for building games, as well as playing them, and prolly even support the possibility of moving assets between games? (I'm just guessing at this point). Looks like it's close to some games being released. Given the fact that numerous titles will be running on this platform, it seems likely to increase the chance of one or more hits to standout from the crowd, and help grow the demand for the token ? Since I do have some ETH parked in my network account, I'll prolly swap a bit at some dips, and just hold and keep an eye out. The sub reddit has 3.1k members, started 30APR2021. EDIT: OMFG - I just check in my MM cost to buy some - spending $35 to acquire some SAND would be $72 in fees ( facepalm ) -- I'll stick to trading on an exchange for now, these ETH fees are sick, how can this network continue to be so popular SMDH. (rant over)
  13. Songbird's week in pricing (see chart) ... Items to note: The 9th is the end of the previous epoch See the run-up beginning on the 13th, the day before the start of this one Prices stabilized at the start of the 9th, except for the slide down into time before the start of new on 13th It will be interesting to see if we begin to see a repeating weekly pattern forming in the times ahead ( chart: 15m SGB_USDT 7th-16th October 2021 )
  14. I'm using MM, with no issues. I did take great care in confirming the right contract to add to MM Here's the BscScan page of the needed info to add to MM: https://bscscan.com/token/0xA38898a4Ae982Cb0131104a6746f77fA0dA57aAA Obviously, set your MM to network: Binance Smart Chain first LMK if you need further help
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