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  1. You betcha, friend Frans ! When the hourly pattern somewhat stabilizes, I'll post an update on that too. I really need to motivate and enhance my volume chart to juxtapose the value's volume as well - they are two distinct metrics, and monitoring both would be more comprehensive... It's just really hard to break away from my current project and dive back into that older mess I code I wrote last year :-/
  2. There's been a disturbance in the ODL Force - at Bitso... Back on the first day of Swell, I noticed a new 60d high in XRP->MXN trade volume at Bitso (Bar #9 in chart below), followed two days later by another new high. Now today, as you can see quite the deviation. Also the hourly numbers have shifted from ave low hour-bars at 400k to now at 500k. For reference: In chart below, each grouping of blue bars are day total volume, with the weekends being the low bars. today (21OCT) total is bar # 2.
  3. FWIW - (from the TA perspective) - Alessio had some concerns about our current spot right now, and what he is watching to unfold, and help determine the next phase of price activity:
  4. There will likely be a few more, it's being rumored their in talks with a couple of big boys (Binance.us for eg.) - so check back at jargoman's link about later in November. As a backup plan, at least get a staged account open at one of the ones supporting.
  5. It's also worth mentioning, that not all exchanges have the same fee structure. I was gobsmacked comparing coinbase to binance.us fees - like, whoa !! ( not just fees on buying and selling, but check deposit and withdraw fees too ) As always, DYOR
  6. Ridley Scott Made A Super Bowl Ad For Nissan That Was Shown Only Once Because People Freaked Out It's not necessary for me even to say where you will see it... There's still so much we don't know about XRP yet... LOL https://jalopnik.com/ridley-scott-made-a-super-bowl-ad-for-nissan-that-was-s-1845385841/amp
  7. Why are you wishing me ill will, gentle account holder named LetHerRip ? I have made no similar slights to your fictitious character. I feel your toxic message directed at me was uncalled for. I now choose to no longer interact with you. Go in peace.
  8. How long have you had your obsessive compulsive disorder with reflexively having to denigrate XRP at every possible opportunity ?
  9. There appears a big difference with the BTC market now - which began mainly around April 2020 - specifically the persistent and growing levels of accumulation by "institutional" investors. This would be impacting TA in a similar fashion as a rise in sentiment does in markets. This rise in buy-and-hold participants, would also explain the resiliency of the 10k support, now 11k ?, we are witnessing, no ? The BTC held by exchanges are draining down, in general around 10% lower than earlier this year. The futures contracts by Bakkt closing continue to rise. CME and other are increasing
  10. I too keep getting these, and flag them as spam. Latest one says this malarky : And to add to their faux credibility, they say this at the bottom... Report as spam, or scam if you have the option !
  11. Correct, I did miss your Xinjiang reference, thanks for so gently prompting me with the full context of your post. I now recognize the region's name as one of the recent horrors of the PRC's unfortunate persecutive activities. Sadly, it's hard to keep up with all the evil in the World these days. And no society is more ignorant of outside cultures than American. Ironically, I'm more informed than most, having spent a few weeks there many years ago, and just finished reading a book about Jack Ma. Sorry for sharing my disappointing non sequitur of an anecdotal reference. Easy to
  12. Most people don't know that Steve Jobs did exactly that when he was a young adult. Only, IIRC, it was in India, and he just shed all he had on him ('cept his clothes heh) , left the airport, and just kept walking. I think it was one of the first biographies of him (published in 1988), "The Journey is the Reward "by Jeffrey S. Young
  13. It's the best guess by galgitron (see link). IIRC last Swell we saw a build up, then the 2nd day things took a dive (can't recall if the dive was all crypto or just XRP). Ref:
  14. Interesting mini-spike of 04OCT2020-13:00 UTC - Not matched by any other crypto ? (see chart below) Someone is in a hurry to acquire a bucket of zerp today. Note, it's early Sunday in N. America, and Asia still asleep. It's a bit unusual to NOT see matching movement in the other cryptos (see snap from CoinPaprika below). Would be interesting to figure out which exchanges the buying is occurring. CoinPaprika: XRP/USD (Tradingview):
  15. ICYMI - Good piece posted on CleanTechnica today - working out the math in our race to reduce our reliance on burning fossil fuels for our vehicles... CleanTechnica: "Tesla's Future Is Not What We Thought" https://cleantechnica.com/2020/10/04/teslas-future-is-not-what-we-thought/
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