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  1. https://medium.com/@HolyK1cks/how-casinocoin-will-improve-the-gambling-industry-4dbcaaa4b0aa
  2. Don't worry, he's not. Ran by me and a couple others Everyone who has donated will be directly sending the winners the gifts.
  3. Heres´╗┐ what we have so far: Coffecup111: 5 custom tshirts Massadoption: ledger nano S, trezor Jasper: Custom Knife Crytpoeman: Custom Socks Salvo: Shirt, 2 card ´╗┐wallets, 5 sticker sheets Vacek: CSC shirt Laurianna: High quality print of her "Crypto Bull" Toasted: CSC/cammegh puzzle 24/7 bits: 5 cold storage Cards Whale apparel: 12 custom hoodies DM Logic: Ledger Nano X´╗┐ Dustin nelson: 1 led lamp, 4 coasters BTFD: 6 sticker packs´╗┐ Mazer: Official Jersey Cryptowardrobe: Crypto Shirt CasinoCoin Donations: 1,600,000 CSC Giveaway is Dec. 14th-25th Please follow the page. We could also always use more donations! I'll up´╗┐date this whenever we recieve another donation.
  4. I think buying CSC now is like buying XRP when it was .006. So based solely off ROI, I did just that XRP probably has the better ROI long term (5-10 years) than CSC does. Both coins have massive usecases and utility potential.
  5. I'll do a short list of what I think they are solving. 1: BRM allows online casinos to onboard players instantly. Not a huge deal, but does save the gambler time from signing up to each new sight they want to gamble on. 1A: As you can see in my article above, using CSC instead of other options saves operators a LOT of money. 1B: Regulators also benefit as every transaction is on an immutable ledger, which is easy for auditing. Also, everybody is KYC'd before they can play, so everybody knows that player is legit. 2. Data is a huge bonus to any casino, whether that be land-based or online. There are a few ways that casinos benefit from using blockchain tech in a regulated gambling environment for data. 2A: Cammegh, the worlds leading roulette manufacturer, decided to create a custom token on the CSC Ledger for immutable data. This allows them to sell a better product to its customers (Casinos) by verifying every spin of its wheels. 2B: Loyalty Programmes. GFG (Egamingfund token on CSCL) is the first to use its token for a casino's loyalty programme. CSC is apparently in advanced talks with other casinos to implement loyalty programmes (which could be a custom token or direct csc usage). This allows the casino to better track what each player is spending their money on. The players also use the token or CSC directly as a currency for any purchase within the whole casino/hotel chain. 3C: Casino Management Systems can also utilize this tech to better help casinos track players and keep things safe and fair. 3: Direct Currency for landbased casinos: CSC can be used as another option to the traditional ones like fiat. Cashless systems are becoming more and more used within landbased casinos. I don't think it will be long before it becomes the standard. 4: Microtransactions for Egaming: The GFG token will utilize CSC tech for being fast and for being able to handle the many transactions gaming and gambling. Any other business could utilize this to become faster, cheaper, and more data driven. CSC will impact the gambling world like XRP will the financial. Are either ACTUALLY needed? No. Do they both offer amazing technology to make things more efficient? YES. I could probably list some more and have overlooked some obvious ones I'm sure, but I am out of time Hope this helps.
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