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  1. Thank you for the explanation, makes sense. I did not quote the conclusion because it does not tell you anything about the article itself, it give the appearance of neutrality however the whole article is about trashing Moneygram (and Ripple along the way). And no I did not write this article.
  2. Hello and thank you for the link and your responses. It would seem like we are still in a phase where even people who have knowledge of the remittance industry are having a hard time (or do not want to for those with vested interests) grasping the revolutionary nature Ripple solutions can have on this industry. Another example provided in the article if I remember correctly is ODL implies 2 currency conversions (MXN to XRP, XRP to USD) whereas only one is required without ODL: is this a valid argument in your opinion or does this guy completely misses the point ? It just seems so weird that a guy (or girl) with apparently no agenda and knowledgeable on remittance would just dismiss Ripple solutions like it's a big scam, literally. At first I was thinking he was a hidden WU or Transferwise advocate but I also found some very negative comments from him on literally the whole remittance industry (on his twitter and blog). However, the article contains some interesting information e.g. USD-MEX is a huge and growing remittance corridor; Euronet (owner of RIA) is somewhat in conflict with MGI over the Walmart partnership etc. Interesting
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. The main point being in my opinion that the dormant capital freeing via OLD does not amount to a lot of funds (taking MGI's example in Mexico). Overall I was surprised by this article because I cannot identify who this guy is "rooting for", which interests he is defending. Most of the times in this space, it is obvious (bitcoin maxis, swift) but here it is not. In addition, the article is documented which, again, is not something that you see often in this space. I am in no way saying this is a good article, but it picked my curiosity because of the above points.
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to the chat, but have been reading it since 2017. I have never doubted Ripple's narrative of ODL advantages over current methods for cross-border payments (faster, more reliable, feeing of nostro accounts). However, I have to admit this belief may solely be the result of the trust I have in Ripple (management team, available growth metrics etc.). In addition, I have never come across any serious rebutal or criticism of Ripple's ODL solution which was not obviously malicious. Until I came across the following article: https://www.saveonsend.com/blog/moneygram-money-transfer/ This article, on Moneygram, completely undermines Ripple's ODL impact on Moneygram and contradicts Ripple's narrative with regards to ODL advantages (see end of the article). I had a quick glance at the blog and it seems that (i) the owner is quite knowledgeable about remittances, and (ii) does not seem to support one actor in particular (maybe he has a broader agenda ?). What do you guys think ? [I know this sounds like FUD but I assure you it is not!! you have to take my word for it..] Thank you all.
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