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  1. Yeah but when BTC pumps there's an inevitable crash, always. It takes the entire altcoin market down with it. XRP would typically shoulder the brunt of the crash. Since the beginning of this year BTC pumps the alts including XRP and instead of XRP crashing immediately, it goes down a little and then within an hour or less it stabilzes back to where the BTC pump got it. That's significant. Imagine if this were the case for a year or more now? Where would we be? If this continues we are going to be in a great position by eoy. I'm not sure if it's whales battling or just Ripple not sinking their teeth in to cash in or what. But stop acting like this is just business as usual, it's not.
  2. Yep. Basically straight up loser mentality. Their posts are worth nothing. Trash.
  3. https://medium.com/@whale_alert/chasing-crypto-whales-9a3578617a54 This is an interesting read on the impact of McCaleb's XRP dumps. According to this it's not as bad as I would have thought.
  4. It's obviously disappointing to wake up this am and see XRP not only didn't break the 0.285 resistance but is struggling to make the 0.275 mark now after falling to a high 0.26. That aside however, in the recent past when we've seen BTC drop and take the alts along with them, XRP would drop significantly lower (from where we're at with today's prices, I'd say low 20's.) I'm thinking by the end of the day we should see 0.28 again. It's becoming more resilient and thereby stable. That's a big deal.
  5. So is this the consensus then? These validators are secretly bitter? Or is she just stirring the pot for her own amusement?
  6. Christ this 0.29-0.32 zone is a mutha. Pissing me tf off
  7. I don't mean their contribution to the price via buys themselves per se. I mean more or less the buzz they create. Even if a large percentage of what they peddle is hopium drivel, we both know that when nobody is discussing XRP at all, is when the coin is truly dead. They're annoying as shit but if their corny YouTube vids inspire someone to buy a stack or two then after a while it adds up. The problem is when they become so sensationalized and claim a moon is imminent within a week ect, the end effect is probably nil.
  8. I realize that one or two or 20 people buying 1-5k xrp isn't going to make a difference and its more the whales atm but eventually the "XRP army" dwindling will cease the buzz. It matters. I agree that hopium spreaders suck. I'm not even a fan of 99% of these YouTube ******** who lie right through their teeth to make money off the back of XRP. Inviting those idiots to Swell was dumb even if Ripple didn't foot the bill. They're mostly freakshow charlatans who make XRP look like a joke. XRP will never be taken seriously if that circus of weirdos are allowed an official seat at the table.
  9. I can't stand hopium in this XRP space. It's just as bad as FUD. I feel like people see hopium on the internet and they buy, then XRP doesn't moon within a month or whatever and they become bitter and go on Twitter or come here or whatever and spread negativity and FUD. We all know XRP being backed by Ripple and it's potential but given the bear cycle we've been in it's hard to be optimistic at times. The worst ramification of XRP's long bearish cycle is the type of person who is bitter but knowledgeable and maybe still hodls (not necessarily out of desire but because they bought high and can't risk the loss if they were to sell maybe.) I realize you need a place to vent but when you show up in every thread throwing salt on XRP's wounds it discourages potential future buyers. It's a self defeating effort. You have to know this. Maybe you don't care about your investment anymore but I do. If I see some rediculous hopium going on I definitely try to expose it but beyond that, shitting on the coin even when things are going good is pointless man. You know damn well if a handful of things change, XRP is going to do extremely well despite the extended bear cycle we've endured lately.
  10. Ok so maybe it's not utility. I also have to admit that as of this week now, whale manipulation has definitely taken over as far as price is concerned, every rise/fall in XRP and ETH ect corresponds to BTC. Last week and early into this week however XRP's price and volume was raising all by itself as Bitcoin was stagnant. Not sure why or what the thinking from the whales' perspective is but it was not the typical pattern I've been accustomed to since I began my investment.
  11. Case in point. We get dumped on a full cent practically and within 15 minutes we've rallied back almost completely. When was the last time we had this kind of stability? Something is afoot dudes
  12. I totally get it. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't disappointing to put the investment I did into XRP to see it dip immediately within a few days. I know that's nothing compared to what some people who bought into the ATH or close are feeling. What good is it though for these people to go on an internet forum that's widley accepted as the standard information hub where future prospective buyers are potentially looking to research XRP (as did I and as they should) and proceed to trash XRP and Ripple? It literally is the dumbest thing anyone could do to better their position.
  13. Anyway. I can't claim to be a TA expert. I can't claim to be anything more than a n00b who bought my first zerps in October of last year. And no I didn't buy at 0.18, wish I did (DCA'd from 31 cents down to 25.) Since October and November Swell and now into 2020, something has definitely changed. Since XRP started going up from 21 cents few weeks ago to currently 28 cents, a penny every 3 days or so give or take, this feels much different to me than October, November and December did. When we are shorted it seems immediately the price corrects and stabilzes in a more controlled manner. Maybe it's not ODL and maybe it's just whales choosing to do their thing differently. Or maybe I'm too inexperienced in the price fluctuation patterns previously witnessed by others who have held longer than me. But i can say for sure that the last months of 2019 vs now, something has changed in the trading pattern. It's not following BTC either. If your immediate response to my claim is "oh it's just your imagination" and "it's all BTC" you're full of shit. You can usually put the trendline of XRP right on top of BTC and see the obvious correlation. Not for the past three or so weeks.
  14. I just meant to point out while he's certianly said overly bullish things (that people CONSTANTLY reiterate) in reality they're one off here and there and if anything recently he's held back, ie part of the 2019 bear cycle where he wasn't saying much as others have also pointed out. He also has said thigs like (paraphrasing) "this will be a marathon and not a sprint and we're only at the 3 meter mark."
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