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    GreenThumb got a reaction from Lamberth in RIPPLE PARTNER MONEYGRAM SECURES $9M INVESTMENT FROM BRINKS   
    Agree.  Especially on the price range you quoted given what is known.  
    The wildcard in my opinion is the possibility that MoneyGram will enter new verticals with the rise of the overall digital asset ecosystems.  That is where the $17-$25 range in 2 years could start to look like a low end projection.  My hunch is that they will expand into verticals that don't even exist as of today.  That is half speculation / half wishful thinking.
    I do believe if you take a chart 10 years from now of MoneyGram stock versus S&P 500 index, MGI comes out ahead in percentage terms by a significant amount.
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    I do agree.  In case of MGI there is a decent Risk-Reward-Ratio. I think 2 scenarios are possible:
    1. MGI will significantly improve their cost efficiency and take over WU market share in ODL corridors.
    2. Someone like VISA or Mastercard will try to buy them later. (like Ant and Euronet in 2017).
    Maybe the price won´t hit ATH $280 again but $17-25 range in 1-2 years may happen.
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    GreenThumb got a reaction from Spartaksus in RIPPLE PARTNER MONEYGRAM SECURES $9M INVESTMENT FROM BRINKS   
    Buying BCO on any market pullbacks in the near future.  I have been slowly stacking MGI.  
    Plan to hold both 10 years.  
    I think the big upside is MGI.
    BCO is a bit expensive at the moment.
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    GreenThumb reacted to peanut56 in Utility Scan observation:   
    I've noticed and I'm sure others have as well that at https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
    there seems to be a pattern of five days of growth then a sharp decrease in daily volume followed by an increase which leads to all time highs. Now this either occurs only on Sundays and Saturdays due human behaviour or due to the network being updated on the weekends and allows larger transactions to occur the following week. I just don't remember nor did I take notes so I have no data. It seems that each week larger denominations of money are being transferred at a time. it was if I remember correctly increases of around $5,000 USD per week. If this is correct then next week we should see transactions of $34,000-ish and the week after $38,000-ish. Just something to keep an eye on.
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    GreenThumb reacted to dr_ed in Moneygram on CNN Tomorrow   
    And Alex Holmes is (imho) an overpaid CEO who has presided over an 86% decline in stock price that began less than a year into his tenure. Yet his compensation remains at 5M/year.
    I'm guessing none of that was discussed in the interview. No?
    Did they mention the 900 million debt the company is in? No?
    I don't fault Ripple for bailing them out. It could be a win/win.  But it's not a slam dunk they're about start making outsize profits.
    Looks like MGI is selling off today. 
    Welcome to the forum. You didn't catch the bottom, but your timing isn't horrible. 13BTC is a big buy for someone who needs information. 
    You probably should have averaged in, or maybe waited for a reversal. Hindsight is always 20/20.
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    GreenThumb got a reaction from JASCoder in MGI, ODL, Bitso and a theory about the price   
    I really enjoyed the content of the last 5 pages.  Thanks to all.  You are a thoughtful bunch.
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    GreenThumb got a reaction from JASCoder in MGI, ODL, Bitso and a theory about the price   
    I have a small fund that is entirely dedicated to buying out of the money MGI call options for various expiration dates.
    While I do have a number of positions, my favorite risk/reward pick is the $10 strike price Jan 2021 call option.
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    GreenThumb reacted to WuWei in USD-PHP corridor becomes active   
    Wowwww, very exciting times these are. Four more corridors by the years end, according to MoneyGram at SWELL. (or three more if this was one of those) I've been fortunate to have watched, and to have "participated" in, Apple, Netflix, Digene, Luna, and Sirius/XM as they all began their "crawl, walk, run" journeys. (like an impatient dummy, I impulsively cashed out way too soon on most of these!) This by far, has been the most exciting of the bunch, and I predict that it will one day be the most revolutionary as well. That being said, however, topping what the impact of Apple's combination of supercomputer/cell phone has done, will take some time - but I predict that it's inevitable.... For the "youngsters" out there: and YES, this is investment "advice;" might I suggest you put a "little" aside and absolutely don't touch it for TEN full years. Had I done that with any of the above mentioned companies, I could've retired in my 40's. (vs my 50's now) And as for health advice, start now with getting into decent shape, as it's gonna be no fun having all the time in the world to do whatever you please; and hopefully the money; when you find yourself trapped in a body that's in terrible shape. An acquaintance of mine was a retired hedge fund manager, who went on to be a personal financial consultant to clients whose portfolios were growing rapidly, and who sought his advice. The first thing that he would do, would be to strongly "suggest" that they purchase a treadmill to use regularly in their homes, in addition to a gym membership. He told me that he would later follow-up to see if they had acted on his advice, and if they hadn't, he would decline to accept them as new clients. He related to me that if they weren't seriously invested in their own health, then why should he invest in their financial wealth. Start working out everyone; by hiking, biking; whatever;  the time is now to get in decent shape for 'surfing' the waves that are coming.... 
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    GreenThumb got a reaction from Mitty in LBA discussion   
    Volume holding steady and rising actually.  New website and blog being rolled out.  It feels like the company has switched its product into "sell" mode.  Hoping for a steady trickle of announcements and new customers.  I really appreciate how things are developing and the trend in general.  I wonder how many more weeks this will remain under the radar.  
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    GreenThumb got a reaction from Palerider in XRP exhibits steep rise in fundamental network metrics   
    Fantastic update.
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    GreenThumb got a reaction from Mitty in LBA discussion   
    If it is wash trading, could that signify market makers entering the space and creating LBA liquidity to benefit increasing LBA use from the merchant solution?
    The timing of the volume seems programmed.
    Really nice to see Cred coming out of the doldrums and hyping a new use case that has some political support in the California economy.  There was a point for a few weeks that the updates dropped off and the price was just drifting downward.  New additional use case.  New marketing leadership.  Continued focus on regulatory compliance.  Part of an alliance that is expanding with high quality partners.  Somehow, Cred remains very under the radar.  
    Excited to see where LBA is going.  I am very keen on the institutional use case but am pleasantly surprised by the retail use case roll out.
    current price: $0.0236
    current CS: 603,080,177
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    GreenThumb reacted to Black in MoneyGram International Reports Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results   
    Didn't they lose less than anticipated? They had loss, but it wasn't as great as people thought it would be. If the trend continues they can move into profitability, no?
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