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  1. In the recent past (2-3 weeks ago), the volume for LBA has significantly increased. Any thoughts on why the sudden uptick?
  2. Agree. Especially on the price range you quoted given what is known. The wildcard in my opinion is the possibility that MoneyGram will enter new verticals with the rise of the overall digital asset ecosystems. That is where the $17-$25 range in 2 years could start to look like a low end projection. My hunch is that they will expand into verticals that don't even exist as of today. That is half speculation / half wishful thinking. I do believe if you take a chart 10 years from now of MoneyGram stock versus S&P 500 index, MGI comes out ahead in percentage terms by a significant amount.
  3. I was under the impression the earnings release was delayed and not yet known.
  4. Buying BCO on any market pullbacks in the near future. I have been slowly stacking MGI. Plan to hold both 10 years. I think the big upside is MGI. BCO is a bit expensive at the moment.
  5. Competition lacks a POS use case. AMA was interesting thank you!
  6. I really enjoyed the content of the last 5 pages. Thanks to all. You are a thoughtful bunch.
  7. I have a small fund that is entirely dedicated to buying out of the money MGI call options for various expiration dates. While I do have a number of positions, my favorite risk/reward pick is the $10 strike price Jan 2021 call option.
  8. Volume holding steady and rising actually. New website and blog being rolled out. It feels like the company has switched its product into "sell" mode. Hoping for a steady trickle of announcements and new customers. I really appreciate how things are developing and the trend in general. I wonder how many more weeks this will remain under the radar.
  9. The benefits of eliminating pre-funded can be calculated. It's the part about new revenue generating opportunities that interests me. Likely, in the near future MGI will be pursuing new verticals.
  10. Interesting. If it is wash trading, could that signify market makers entering the space and creating LBA liquidity to benefit increasing LBA use from the merchant solution? The timing of the volume seems programmed. Really nice to see Cred coming out of the doldrums and hyping a new use case that has some political support in the California economy. There was a point for a few weeks that the updates dropped off and the price was just drifting downward. New additional use case. New marketing leadership. Continued focus on regulatory compliance. Part of an alliance that is expanding with high quality partners. Somehow, Cred remains very under the radar. Excited to see where LBA is going. I am very keen on the institutional use case but am pleasantly surprised by the retail use case roll out. current price: $0.0236 current CS: 603,080,177
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