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  1. Could it possibly be fake! Shock, horror! 😎😇🙏
  2. No I don't think so, they've just started with a couple of wheels. Over 4000 to come as long as all the Casino's play ball and allow the connectivity with the wheels which I'm sure they will as the DLT ledger is beneficial for all. So, the spike is sustained speculation but founded, in that real use cases have started. Also, it seems that other Exchanges are also getting keen to list. I still see CSC as a moonshot, but happy too hold and play.
  3. Yep, that was interesting... no real content - soft porn really!
  4. If you've not registered with Bitrue here's a code and bonus link. https://www.bitrue.com/activity/task/task-landing?inviteCode=EAGWAL
  5. That always means it's in the Roadmap or even better a planned sprint!
  6. Considering they hold over a Billion XRP, there's a good chance it may happen!
  7. What's the background here please? What prompted the CSC Community to share with CryptoBet?
  8. My expectation of the current market is that Ripple Co. are staying right out if the Market. What I mean by this is true price discovery for XRP. In that the market is setting the price, right now, not the value. So, we have one big Bear market pushing XRP to incredible lows after the epic 2017/2018 highs. A true revert to mean. But, and it's a big 'But' the increased real world activity and lighting-up of Partners with transactions across RippleNet and now with xRapid/ODL is far-far away from the "Coinbase" listing hype. I have no doubt about the use case and the 2 Trillion
  9. Yep, this market is a retail and cult market which is also subject to whales and bots and FOMO and FUD.... I'm an investor. So +5 years. If you're a speculatior... XRP is not for you.
  10. Well the momentum is still there so far. Maybe it's due a true bull run. Use cases and customers are building. It's poised to go!
  11. There are no shares... Ripple gas not IPO'd as yet, no public listing. So, how does Sharespost help prey tell? It's OK, I'll wait.
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