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  1. Pretty sceptical they are selling without discount to OTC bulk buyers.
  2. exactly this. it's been around 30 cents for years now, if not daytrading why bother to check often? If it moons you'll know about it, because Bitcoin and everything else will also have mooned.
  3. Yeh, I'm generally not hanging around here on the 24/7 waiting for shot of hopium, it's called having a life. Kudos means glory, responding to a forum post could never be a glorious act would it. Common misuse of the word...
  4. Sigh, why do you keep going on about my sex life, who over the age of 13 even does that? On a financial forum too...weird. It's like, you give yourself a girls name, you screech alot, you project your insecurities with women onto other men you don't even know, you have these kind of ranting faux intellectual meltdowns... Are you that buffalo bill guy from silence of the lambs, do you put your little tiddly wink between your legs and dance around in the mirror, do you own a poodle named precious? you're a bit creepy bro...
  5. This isn't true mate, I've never shilled in favour of stellar, you are mixing me up with someone else. If I did I'd admit it, not trying to save face, I dont care. But this is just factually incorrect. I've actually always said Stellar was bunk from the start and received some flak for doing that in the early days of stellar when a lot of xrptalk people were still kissing Jed's backside. I don't know why you'd think that when I was in XRP for years before Stellar was even forked, then suddenly I'm gonna flip and shill for Stellar who give away their coin to the unbanked? anyway do you really think happy, freaky, limousine liberal, SJW pretend to save the world while lining our own pockets Stellar is gonna be my scene, hell no.
  6. Its a public forum. You typed and you got addressed, then you attacked. Now you wrote an essay. Congrats autiste.
  7. nope but that should not be the point of a mainstream publication, everything they say carries weight with the uneducated masses, and so they should employ people who understand the subject they are writing about.
  8. Debatable, and until they dish out the remaining XRP I'd say yes, but I don't really care, as long as the price rises. Decentralisation is actually not hugely important to crypto, people just think it is. Bitcoin is pretty centralised when you take into account the fact that the exchanges and big mining groups dictate everything. Well they work for themselves, a corporate entity, they don't really work for banks, but they work with banks for their own benefit. They clearly care little for ordinary people but name one corporation that does. Ethereum classic? I'm not angry about anything. I'v heard these things but I was asking you what you wanted to know about. That's it.
  9. What's wrong with just being 'focused', call me old fashioned? Is laserfocused like where you look at something, and your eyes burn into it at 6 billion lumens (oops, I made an XLM shill) like a laser or a light saber or something, you know like the time when Lois wanted a ready meal, and Clarke waited till she turned her back because he didn't want her to know the truth, and then he looked at that ready meal and cooked it in like two seconds, and this red stuff was coming out of his eyes, like beams, and then it stopped and the meal was hot and lois was like 'damn clarke, what happened' and he was like nervously 'oh I think it was just a loose wire in the microwave, its working now' and lois gave him a weird look...remember...is that laserfocused? or is laserfocused just some ********* techy made up term that makes the reader or listener groan audibly? Hmmm
  10. Then why take a girls name for your forum handle..? You don't know anything about my life experience do you so your grade school put downs don't really hold water.
  11. I've never been a fanboy of any coin, that's why I make money, fanboys generally don't. I gamed the **** out of the stellar giveaway and made some nice profit there, but I've never been a fan of stellar and don't remember ever shilling it here. Me and joyce don't get on that well so, nope, mistaking me for some other poor sod you decided to jump down the throat of? But hey I was likely in ripple before you even knew what a merkle tree was and have profited accordingly.
  12. puff, wordiness my friend. But yeh, probably some cynical ploy to have XRP seen as a token, why else would they do this, nice username by the way, hope you are female with that username...
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