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  1. Could you ( @JoelKatz, @nikb, @Hodor) please explain me in details how could be re-secured existing ripple accounts with new keys? Or could you recommend me an article/blog about this topic for getting some knowledge? According to my understanding Ripple address is a public key (starting with 'r') which has a unique private key (starting with ''s'; private -, public key typically generated by wallet_propose). How is it possible to generate new private key (with new key_type) without changing public key (you mentioned we don't need new ripple address )?
  2. You were faster. I posted almost the same... I have the very same thought than yours on this topic.
  3. Agree. That's why we need "Mojaloop’s mobile payment software, built as part of the Level One Project, is powered by the Interledger technology, which in turn was built by distributed ledger technology (DLT) startup Ripple." "developed an open-source platform that lets various financial services to work seamlessly as a payment service for the poor." Source: https://futurism.com/the-gates-foundation-just-launched-a-blockchain-powered-mobile-payment-system/
  4. jlr

    Coins.live removed XRP..???

    ...and they didn't decrease the coin market capitalization with the CMC of XRP... I have just checked the CMC on https://coinmarketcap.com/ and almost equal to coins.live.
  5. """ The demonstration proves that Ripple (XRP) via its product of xCurrent, and Santander’s OnePay FX, have managed to make international transfers a safer, faster and cheaper affair. """ There can be a tiny confusion in the journalist's head.
  6. https://medium.com/interledger-blog/chat-over-your-payment-network-with-ilrc-df402954e10b An interesting usage of Interledger. """ Although ILRC is just an experiment, you can use the same techniques to create powerful applications on top of Interledger. """
  7. According to this tweet using Uphold is fast, cheap and easy. https://twitter.com/tonymission/status/999658212038234113
  8. ...and I didn't find any info on Bitex twitter page about this. Interesting... https://twitter.com/bitex_global
  9. Yes. I don't see any info on their (Banco Masventas) twitter page about using Bitcoin for cross-border payment. https://twitter.com/bancomasventas?lang=en
  10. Yes, you can also add your contribution here or ask Wietse Wind to do that. ps.: Bank will never use that Bank coin
  11. I have just read on twitter about fudbingo.com which is a good initiative for fighting against the FUDs and I've never met this page before. Please like if you like it and retweet if you want it to get bigger publicity. https://twitter.com/WietseWind/status/997445248140836865
  12. I call you crazy. I hope it helps ;)
  13. In fact with that underscore it looks like as a fake twitter page.
  14. This is Coil twitter page: https://twitter.com/Coil_