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  1. root@jlr:~# docker exec rippledvalidator /opt/ripple/bin/rippled server_info -q | grep pubkey_validator "pubkey_validator" : "nHUNmdXFFPWGqNoMg4XQ5W4rANtk98oHjCGkkqDWmhw7ZgpXAgP6", root@jlr:~# root@jlr:~# root@jlr:~# root@jlr:~# echo nHUNmdXFFPWGqNoMg4XQ5W4rANtk98oHjCGkkqDWmhw7ZgpXAgP6|openssl dgst -sha256 -hex -sign /keystore/validator.agota11.com-privkey.pem (stdin)= 5421b0e1d1645115ad7f66b37cca6ebae93683803ffb458d88d2825ed04ceb93b24f476addc5d657be74234efcb3bf86348e7a3212d5524769ff718e81b265f48ed67c85615f81b1b01c9c0f4864b66410317bbaa438bdca660afe64d1d5f90b24853df48e487d48f8403873bafe4f9a80bb6114db78b8ac8ee4891c51dd18d00f4f84a1875118cacbd18347696c6827f3cfec7691ccb02967649361272507ae9ac03140375fdf1591afb260699c7453be59082bbd8f3fe677d442ad32b5d68c3f44ddf8b360df4d88e7d2234db2ead5a9badbd581b18e7c847608035ba8660b91a63b6f42507acc1a6b8cecb21143a21b18d962dcf348c9e21bd90a32b5cf02 root@jlr:~# root@jlr:~# root@jlr:~# root@jlr:~# docker exec rippledvalidator /opt/ripple/bin/validator-keys --keyfile /keystore/validator-keys.json sign validator.agota11.com D7128828EA47E2BF21853307E8D6603B96E6941DE4106FE303002C9A0A4AF0B2034357F0A86AB8FBC46CA20A9D3D8609872ECEF7D1A4869C24989B763C889E09 Hi @Sukrim, Thanks for looking into this. Above you can find the information (except my email address) what I sent to Ripple and you can see how I retrieved information. https://developers.ripple.com/run-rippled-as-a-validator.html#domain-verification Thanks in advance.
  2. I am not planning to give up running validator. But it would be great if domain verification process was more transparent. No wonder why many people spreading FUD info about XRP ledger. And let me repeat myself this is only the objective domain validation step by step process. It is not about who trust me.
  3. @Mediguy I have the same experience... Do we need bigger publicity to gain any progress? Or what should we do? I am disappointed a little bit. Are there others who are in the same boat on this forum?
  4. Thanks @Sukrim https://developers.ripple.com/run-rippled-as-a-validator.html#domain-verification """ Network participants are unlikely to trust validators without knowing who is operating them. To address this concern, validator operators can associate their validator with a web domain that they control. """ I'd only like to have verified domain no more no less and the verification process seems for me pretty objective. (I am going through on four well-defined steps and I'll become verified shortly.) AFAIK this process independent who is in Ripple recommended list. Currently becoming member in Ripple's recommended validators list is not my goal. Later yes, but now I'd be satisfied with having own verified domain.
  5. @Mediguy No progress here. I wrote email 15 days ago to XRPLedger support I got a reply message that my request was forwarded to @nikb. It looks like I am in infinity loop. I don't think it would be Nik's responsibility to deal with my domain verification, but would be good to know what I should do more to have verified domain. My good quality validator (https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators/nHUNmdXFFPWGqNoMg4XQ5W4rANtk98oHjCGkkqDWmhw7ZgpXAgP6) has been working for two months with proper setup and I don't know where domain validation process got stuck. I strongly believe XRP Ledger technology and projects which run on XRP Ledger that's why I would like to run validator in order to help community. The irony of fate I had a bet with group of XRPLedger skeptics that anyone can run verified validator in the XRP network...
  6. jlr

    Verifying validator

    I also started a thread exactly one month ago. Still waiting for domain validation. It seems everything is OK on my side. (I have recently updated my validator to 1.1.0 as well ) Certificate is also seems to be OK: https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html#hostname=validator.agota11.com:51235 At this point I have no idea what to do... Now I am going to write an email to support@ripple.com I might get more info what's up with my verification process.
  7. Good post. But we shouldn't forget Codius project which also helps expanding the usage of XRP. On the other hand I don't worry about the SWIFT. SWIFT should worry about itself.
  8. Thanks @nikb, You might have misunderstood me and probably it's my fault The only thing that I want to do is domain verification. https://developers.ripple.com/run-rippled-as-a-validator.html#domain-verification For this I submitted the form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScszfq7rRLAfArSZtvitCyl-VFA9cNcdnXLFjURsdCQ3gHW7w/viewform) that contains all the necessary information (double checked). This process should be totally independent who trust my validator. So it seems to me that domain verification is absolutely objective and not subjective thing. If I provide all the necessary information then my domain become verified. I really don't know why does my domain verification take so long?
  9. Thanks @nikb for your response I really appreciate it, I submitted almost two weeks ago the following to Ripple in order to be having my server'd domain displayed on xrpcharts (all the information that you mentioned in your comment): """ Domain: validator.agota11.com #1 Validator public key: nHUNmdXFFPWGqNoMg4XQ5W4rANtk98oHjCGkkqDWmhw7ZgpXAgP6 #2 SSL Signature: (stdin)= 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 #3 Domain signature for validator.agota11.com: D7128828EA47E2BF21853307E8D6603B96E6941DE4106FE303002C9A0A4AF0B2034357F0A86AB8FBC46CA20A9D3D8609872ECEF7D1A4869C24989B763C889E09 """ Since Ripple is known as a fully transparent company it is strange for me that I still have no any information about status of my submission. At this point I really don't know if my submission is in processing queue or silently rejected due to any reason. (or horrible to say Ripple didn't got any form from me) May I ask you to arrange somehow to make this process more transparent? (I think you have enough influence at Ripple to do that ) Thanks
  10. Absolutely. If you follow Wietse's instructions you can reach your goal easily.
  11. I rent a Droplet from DigitalOcean with 8Gb RAM. The very same configuration that is suggested by Wietse in https://medium.com/@WietseWind/how-to-run-a-ripple-validator-digitalocean-7e5fca1c3d77 On the other hand it would be great if your Mac was available at any time.
  12. I see. AFAIS Wietse has verified validator https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators/nHBTBhw1uasg6nGkw7ASNCrHjzG8x4Hr4PkE5qoLs83tWL2RTFJk and I also checked his WHOIS records http://whois.domaintools.com/wietse.com It seems he has many records with "REDACTED FOR PRIVACY" value. Do I misunderstand something?