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  1. We already have a thread with the very same topic:
  2. Hi, I have just found this tweet that you might find it interesting as well. There is an article on IBM domain which mentioned Ripple and XRP many times (among other crypto things)
  3. Like what Ripple "offers" to solve chicken egg liquidity problem on XRP Ledger. (Xpring) https://ripple.com/insights/welcome-to-xpring/ Decentralized exchange has the same problem. If nobody use it then there won't be liquidity on the exchange. If there is no liquidity then nobody will use it. So some "incentive program" needed in order to boost up the usage the decentralized exchange. Do you agree if that a problem? Or Don't I understand the problem totally?
  4. Yes, XRP Ledger has decentralised exchange feature. What you mentioned could work and might fit into my requirement, but unfortunately it seems currently that exchange has no liquidity. Btw is there any incentive plan to use this promising feature of XRP Ledger?
  5. Yes, I also feel that I am not totally clear. So let's say I have/own a bank which has already connected to Ripplenet and my customer wants to buy MXN. I could easily move his/her GBP to MXN, but can I buy MXN on behalf of my customer in the best possible price using Ripplenet? So on one hand I can move money cross-boarder on the cheapest path (Ripplenet can do that), but is there a general method to BUY foreign currency on the cheapest price for my customer? I want it automatically like in the case of money transfer.
  6. I would be interested in this buying process from banks viewpoint. Like in the case of Ripplenet I want to find the cheapest exchange automatically to buy Peso. Let's assume we have many Bitso-like exchanges and I want to pick the cheapest one automatically without being its customer. Similarly if I wanted to send Peso to Mexico from UK using Ripplenet then I don't need to be Bitso customer. But that is about money transfer, not about buying foreign currency.
  7. As I mentioned my question mainly theoretical. I simply just want to own Peso (for example I firmly believe that the Peso will be getting stronger in the next couple of month) AFAIK banks get foreign currency quotes from different sources and get currency from the cheapest path for their customer. I'd like to know is there any better (more simple), cheaper, faster, 7/24 solution for the banks using with Ripplenet.
  8. Hi, Ripplenet technology can be used for cross-border payments. For example I can transfer my pounds into Peso using Ripplenet. Briefly use case is I have GBP and my counterparty receives Peso in Mexico. That's ok. Commercial banks have such service which help their customers to quote and buy foreign currencies. Usually it is rather expensive. Why is it so expensive? Is it possible to replace the current banking process with a cheaper solution? I don't mean an alternative solution like Revolut, but inside a bank using Ripplenet. Theoretical question: Is there any solution to buy cheaply Peso in UK using Ripplenet? If not possible then is there any development on XRP ledger which is about to solve this problem? XRP Ledger has On-Ledger Decentralized Exchange feature which might solve this problem, but AFAIK it is not still not used. Thanks, jlr
  9. Nice catch, you are right, the SWIFT column should be blue, since it contains (If I am right) 500 squares and 1 blue square == 10b$ takes 500*10b$ == 5t$. The same true in case of nostro/vostro.
  10. They must be targeting the big whales who want to save money and time while transferring funds across the world.
  11. Yes, it is a really good news. More good news from ripple site about XRP https://ripple.com/insights/ripplenet-surpasses-200-customers-worldwide/ More xRapid partners JNFX, SendFriend, Transpaygo, FTCS and Euro Exim Bank. From the artice : “In 2018, nearly 100 financial institutions joined RippleNet, and we’re now signing two—sometimes three—new customers per week. We also saw a 350 percent increase last year in customers sending live payments, and we’re beginning to see more customers flip the switch and leverage XRP for on-demand liquidity,” said Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple.
  12. Indeed, rL4fPHi2FWGwRGRQSH7gBcxkuo2b9NTjKK is an interesting account
  13. In short term you are right. WS made a tons of money from Lehman Brothets as well. When the time will come BTC will be thrown away. BTC cannot be used as a payment system in large scale. Totally useless, energy wasting token. It was only a good PoC and helped people to realize the importance of BC technology. No more no less. XRP the standard.
  14. Why do you need Secret Key through insecure connection? (That account has been generated just for example.)
  15. Special thanks @nikb who pointed out what the problem is with my validator settings. Ripple couldn't retrieve my SSL certificate because it was not able to connect to https://validator.agota11.com/ So it was a configuration failure because my certificate only could be accessed on 51235 validator's p2p port. Now it is working fine. Thanks again. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators/nHUNmdXFFPWGqNoMg4XQ5W4rANtk98oHjCGkkqDWmhw7ZgpXAgP6 @Mediguy, @FreedomGundam could you please check the config of your own validators? You might have the same/similar problem with domain validation process.
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