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  1. that's what I'm searching. I just want people who are really involved to all be answered if I should pay for what I did equally to them, at least to real justice until the end. Stop trying to make me fear, you're just another narcissit pedophile that thinks is understanding me. If you are not and say it to freely hurt me, and burn me to hell, then do it. And of course **** me more than everyone else, especially whezn your funds I may not even have stolen are back to you thanks to me
  2. No you just don’t know the whole story make your justice now I am a crass nothing new. Son of a *****
  3. But at the final end you were involved and lied to the victims. I didn't. Now justice will be faced the right way for all of us, you, troy, hashkiller, police, fbi, cia,; DHS, trump maybe, who you want. Keep harassing me and it will be an unfortunate ending, that'll not help gatehub.
  4. Is Troy hunt, creator of haveIbeenPwned also involved ? He was not known to be shilling with cybercriminals to get databases (all proven to be linked to gatehub), recently... I'm almost laughing so hard right now. Please, any investigators reading, I swear I didn't know the whole mess I was dragged into but there might be something. I hope I'll not be wasted or killed I'm worried what will happen now. If you want to make me pay for my lack of silence, you should have told to me what was going on. If you want me to be the only one punished, you will have successfully killed me. B
  5. I am willing to be held accountable later (in the meantime call what I said now a hoax). but in this case I want my conspirator, you know him, to apologize & treat me with respoect and dignity. I gave him the opportunity, it wasn't accepted. I never wanted to be dragged into this but either way I also need to face the truth, for the better or the worst. If I'm not getting it from you, I'll firecely once again, fight to get it otherwise. I still believe in justice and my words are heared I'm not surrendering myself, not mainly because I want to pay for what I did, but because of your h
  6. https://www.xrpchat.com/profile/24386-milk/ Why did you join on June 5, when gatehub hack was ongoing, and your whole posts are related to the theft ? For real victims & gatehub, it seems you don't know what's really going on.
  7. Once again speculating without knowing the full story. There's knowing and knowing. There's not knowing. Not knowing but seeing a suspicious hash cracking request, willingly help the new member to crack it & get highly paid for it. Deleting the post by himself after everything was done. Receiving huge forum donations and accepting them. Getting contacted by someone who claims cracking hashes without knowing where they come from is illegal, and getting censored and banned. Did they know ? Didn't they know ? They're claiming they didn't know and with people like
  8. As for the co-conspirators, I know more than you think, concretely about them. (their full identities have already been gathered). Evidences have already been sent to gatehub, who will forward them to authorities. It will be up to them serving justice or just drag me into an even worst prison. There won't be any justice, and I'll be of no use to anyone, anymore.
  9. It will not help anyone you trying to investigate worthless claims and use them against me. Far from that. From my point of you it's been twice that you've been wrong. If you want to replace the work of honest investigators, then go ahead. But I am feeling nothing will be understood or spoken. In this case, right thing to do is to tell me I don't know right from wrong, spare me from prison, but of course I'll still have to pay all of you. I didn't come to victims & gatehub for this reason. I came at you for the real justice to be served & all people involved to pay. Say how much y
  10. Last but not least, it was not the crooks having been supported by gatehub. But something much more complicated, such as: Various authorities supporting the crooks and not doing anything against them. That's the truth. They could say I'm just once again crazy & everyone would once again forget what happened & the truth I fought for. Be sure this is not the justice I want to face. I want all people involved to pay for the crime. If I have the charges dropped (that would be fair, since despite having given clear evidences linking me to other known crooks, I'm being attac
  11. I just hope "most" of the medias will be fair telling what really happened. How can you really bring back someone to justice without having done a full and concrete investigation ? How can you openly speculate on his personality based on just few speeches ? Authorities supported this attack, or at least some of them. I am from Europe. My coconspirator is also from the same country. The man who stole most of the funds is from the UK, your own soil. But how can you speculate on the personality of someone, claiming it is good or bad, based on few claims ? https://bitcoin-kurier.de/gatehub-ha
  12. Unfortunately you're just wrong. I'm in contact with gatehub, in constant contact with them. You can now paint me the most ruthless crook and the most evil person the world have ever faced. You can say what you want, and say I'm the only one. You can now call me evil. But worth telling you I strongly believe the case was backed and supported by authorities. I was despised and manipulated hacking databases by people who were openly using & despising me. By the way they were more than involved in the gatehub hack. Why ? Because azll of them took 80% of the profits and two of them t
  13. Some might think this follow-up is not necessary. Once again, my responsability, involvment will be accepted and I will face what I think, I should face, and will explain more about the story. It is not unbelievable because of the technical skills required to hack gatehub, it was unbelievable because I know well the UK is taking the law seriously, and oppened numerous cases there related to the GateHub theft. After more than five month, the investigators still didn't arrest the person who took off the most off the 12 million USD (approximately, I stole much less in fact, they finished the work
  14. https://paste.ee/p/mmmL1 Things are moving well for you, we always face justice, whereever we live.
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