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  1. Hi, We had someone, but it took sometime to get everything in order, so we are looking again now that we have our meetings being set up. Are you a developer? Thank you. William
  2. @LeonidasH Thank you! Are you interested in other XRP related projects? We are working on a POS app in Latin America and need a development partner. Thank you. William
  3. Hi, My team has put together a model in Latin America to allow point of sale and money transfer from phone or credit cards. Without all the details here, we need a developer who can do the back end. We have the front end developed, though it will need some small changes. The business model gives back to the community and creates wealth for the citizens of the countries. If you are developer and are interested, let me know. thank you. William
  4. Hi Ricky, I have an xrp project for Latin America working with banks to use xrp locally for a Square or stripe type app. We have the front end mostly built and need a developer to partner with for the back end. Do you know anyone who may be interested in a game changing for Latin America? The project also enriches the people at low levels of income in their countries with the giving back aspect. Thank you. William
  5. We have something like this in the works with a bank in a lat am country. Would you happen to be a developer or know someone who would be interested in partnering with us? Thank you.
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