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  1. Somehow, I'm still looking at it as a falling wedge with a significant break out volume, and recent drop is simply a re-test. I've made the line thinner to prove my point with another view. Maybe I'm bullish biased by default The initial target for falling wedge is somewhere at 12.5k. Time will tell
  2. If you need sth to explain in technical term, maybe this may help based on my limited knowledge.. ( I'm not a chartist, a HOLDER, by default, I'm a bull and don't trust 100% on T.A actually ) We have an ichi cloud which act like a shield for the bear or resistance. The thicker the cloud is, the harder to penetrate. Also, we have a thick border at 9.6k (purple line) which was our old friend, now become a solid enemy. The wick at 10k is an attempt to break through the cloud near it's weakest point, maybe the purpose is to turn it to a support or at least swim inside it. However, it failed. And somehow, 9.6k was at the cloud entrance on that day, and BTC closed below it. Then next consecutive days, BTC tried hard to go into that giant red swimming pool, all rejected. Maybe the pool ticket was expensive I guess.. Luckily, we have new friend which was our enemy. That's the old down trend line in yellow. Also, another friend called EMA200 in blue is helping us hardly. Yesterday wick is another attempt to swim and again rejected hardly.. The battle for the swim ticket is on-going .. It may not last long..
  3. Want to have a hopium ? Lol Warning, I'm not a T.A chartist, only for hopium purpose A HOLDER instead
  4. There we go!! He SOLD all, his 4M XRP .. Lol Wish we have a XRP banana shot soon enough just to see the next chapter of this Hawk drama
  5. I think not that easy, he will need someone willing to buy his coins at that premium price
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