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  1. If 7% can turn you ON ... I missed the old days 2017, the wild run 50% - 100% a day
  2. If the search engines are the answer
  3. It's cheap, lazy and annoying way like the survey paper if it is...
  4. Why I need to answer you ? Most of the group (fb, telegram) related to XRP, I always got the same question like this
  5. This is old. Following quote was everywhere in Twitter and crypto news ...
  6. There was another thread about a paper from a Stanford professor who is among Ripple Board of Directors. If my memory is correct, the paper assumes a big IF that XRP will be used for trillion dollar market and the value from the paper from her mathematical model is ~10$. Edit : Can't recall where it is now Edit 2 : https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/fundamental-valuation-framework-for-cryptoassets/A+Fundamental+Valuation+Framework+for+Cryptoassets_June+2018.pdf Sorry, it's from 6$ to 33$
  7. how many Bill Gate combined to be rich like Jed Mccaleb when XRP hit 1000 ?
  8. I didn't do research on it. Just want to point out the misleading title of the article
  9. Or distributed from 0.01% super whales (millionaires) to 0.x% smaller fishes (thounsandaires ) ... Can be another interpretation is people withdraw their XRP from exchanges to their wallets..
  10. XRP can't print higher low like it did in 2017. And the drop from 0.3 to 0.1 is no longer considered stagnant. It's a heavy 66% drop ...
  11. The author is in Ripple board of directors https://ripple.com/company/board-of-directors/ And seems there is a big IF before any calculation was made to come out the final valuation
  12. Sigh... I did hope it should have been a double bottom instead of that descending triangle. The price was ranging from 2k4 to 3k for almost half a year which is good to be the final bottom actually. And again, the whales destroyed the set up. Even when XRP drops almost 90% of its value compare to BTC since 2018, the XRP whales still want to push it down... That's quite a bit disgusting especially for long term HOLDER as even if XRP jumps to 2 USD right now, it will be simply the same gain as BTC did. The whales have few candles to change their mind to make it look like a bear trap, but I doubt so.. If it happens, it might be a big drop in BTCUSD and XRPUSD will drop as well.. That's also not what we want, but that's how they run from Alts to Bitcoin then to USD, rinse and repeat. I hope they will prove me wrong (again, hopium) At this moment, I'd like to see the CEO come out and comment about XRP price. We need a strong leader at the moment of disappointments, take some action, give some belief rather than putting himself into a sue with YouTube which to be honest, solve nothing for me. Of course, those legal action cost some valuable money to Ripple at this moment when they're no longer in good position to distribute XRP to us and their profit from selling software are not there yet.
  13. Not sure I interpreted correctly.. Ripple supported MoneyGram to use ODL with $16.6 million, MoneyGram had to set up trading activities and it cost them $4.5million Overall, that "benefit" 12.1 which is 16.6 - 4.5 contributed in 9% improvement in MoneyGram operating expense. So the exact number that MGI benefits from using ODL is still not clear right ?
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