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  1. Do You want a scoope new insight to the global financial situation? Read all.. Is Donald Trump actually a genius? Think about it. All Donald Trump Needs to do now, is agree on a free trade deal with ‘Russia’ Who together agree upon a deal with Syria.. providing stores with Food and public shock by technology into one common land!, the agreement is mandatory removal of ALL weapons, and accepting normal standards already incorporated in developing countries. With The USE of this blockchain platform and the use of xrp AS the new currency, he Will force revolution and change history forever! USA would indeed have the means to limit turkey financially, and the evidence supports Trump’s claim to be able to do so! Everything he has done up until this point, fits perfectly within this thin thread of success. I Get chills just thinking about what is unfolding right before our very eyes. The financial trade talk with china can take some time, AS they are Also developing their own currency platform.. this is why whats happening in Syria and the trade talks with China progress so quickly... The wall: just keep a opning so there can be a common entrance point.. and there Will no longer be any problems.. with impeachment looming around the corner, there is no time left, and HE is taking action now! All for the future of America and the contries That join in. Even the queen of England signaled that they are now ready for the free trade, hence, the Brexit. Its the ‘disbelievers’ and High money power on one side, and on the other side, we have Trump Who want a United currency and eventually ‘free’ flow of people.. = huge economic growth! Just imagine the revolution right here at our doorstep, and take part in this amazing journey. We need to Get this political view out to the public! Best of luck! Best regards: Stian Leirmo, a Information science student.
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