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  1. XRP is not 3rd in volume ,it is 3rd in Market Cap. 2 entirely different subjects .again...If XRP is used so much around the world is that usage not directly tied to "Daily" volume ? btw...I'm a fan of XRP,I detest the idea of Libra . I simply am trying to figure this out .
  2. XRP usage seems to be reportedly going up daily and since transactions use XRP coins,why is the daily volume no better than many Altcoins nobody has ever heard of ? It's not just buying or selling XRP, ...is it not true that every transaction should be involved in daily volume ?...or is it ? Daily volume should show buying and selling . When a Bank uses XRP to change from one currency to another for example ,....the coin volume of that transaction should be part of daily volume ....I guess . Anybody want to explain this ?
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