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  1. I think everyone cares, the challenge is that risk, fear, uncertainty and doubt often work against us, our ambitions & our dreams. In the end, the event will be a success because we've raised XRP to support consumer / SMB solution build outs on XRPL. Yet, I worry if the community will walk away fully understanding the need to support & celebrate our developer efforts and achievements. To me, that's what matters. @TheCryptoCamper thank you for supporting this event. Your efforts are appreciated more than you realize. Sincerely, George
  2. The votes are on Twitter - the URL for voting is available on the Here4XRP Twitter page. * Bit_ly / xrpc-vote2 The award show will be on YouTube. Event was organized to raise XRP for the XRP Community Fund. * We realize Twitter does not define the breadth of the xrp community, bit had to start and focus efforts somewhere. Thanks, George
  3. Fake account praising myself, laughable. Na, I'm just doing whatever I can to help the XRP Community Fund. I value and appreciate the developers in our community & want to see more join us. Please share the message with any developers you think I should reach out to. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, George
  4. @JoelKatz and others, I'm seeking your help finding someone to present the Techie Awards for the XRP Community Choice Awards fund raiser for XRP Community Fund. This request will seem off topic, but I'm eager to see techies recognized by respected techies. I've reached out to Ripple, Coil and Xpring. Worst case, I will present the awards myself - but I am hoping to find someone more important to present the awards - Non-Ripple Validator - Innovator of the Year - Startup of the Year - Developer of the Year More info available from Here4XRP on Twitter.
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