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  1. Alice has $150 worth of XRP Alice place this in a newly created position Alice can issue $100 of stable coins to herself Alice can use that $100 as she please and as long as she likes Alice HAS A FREE LEVERAGE WITHOUT PAYING INTEREST Alice has the risk of price drops in XRP when it drops 33% When Alice want to close the position she pays the $100 back If XRP raised in value in this periode, Alice had a free ride and is in a better position that if she had sold her XRP Sounds like a great use case for us HODL-ers
  2. to day Bob Ras (CEO) tweeted " According to @Wikipedia “There are 16 stock exchanges in the world that have a market cap of over US$1 trillion each. They’re accounted for 87% of global market cap in 2015.” - For mass adoption, we need to merge these traditional markets with #Crypto. Only #XRP & #ETH can do it! Is this a hint for : most sophisticated project ever built on top of XRPL?
  3. the statement :"most sophisticated project ever built on top of XRPL triggered me. I think it is a partnership with Wietse Wind : XRPl Labs and launching XUMM. https://coil.com/p/Hodor/Xumm/GcD8MEL4B What else can be so big? not just a Canadian stable coin.
  4. David, What are your thought about pull-payments, payment initiated by i.e. a merchant to a subscriber. (I can not tell you how i hate that i had to subscribe to COIL via credit card) use cases: as a 'SME' I want to 'monthly' pull subscription(s) fee's from a member As a member i want to sign to subscribe and unsubscribe for 'monthly subscriptions. impact (TBD) -Account Flag to be added to a XRP account for users that want to allow subscription services (Default optout) -Signing services on a account : i.e. subscription for amount X, per period, until end date -Pull Services to receive the payment (as a Merchant) - same process as Escrow.
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