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  1. 'Dear sweet, little baby Lord Satoshi, Thank you for providing us with the Bitcoin and the fiat I make from it. Amen.'
  2. My guess is that B-Rad can't directly bolster XRP through media for certain legal reasons.
  3. I agree:/ I believe it will, it's just a matter of when. I would love to see the $480 per share days again!
  4. @Kemper88 Whoops, nevermind. Just realized it was today. I will share a link if I can find anything about the report
  5. I believe their earnings call is tomorrow if I am not mistaken
  6. I also see a large number of XRP advocates claim that "XRP is designed to be $10,000". Wouldn't that make Jed worth around $50 trillion and Ripple worth $500 trillion? lol That's more wealth than what is on this planet so I am not sure how that would work.
  7. @itcdominic Glad to hear that! If MGI ever needed a chance to stay afloat, this is it! With MGI's success will come further success for Ripple and XRP so I am pulling for MGI. I also hope that their share value will rise back up to $480
  8. @Tinyaccount True. I did forget to mention the whales and bots. Thanks for the input!
  9. - Looming lawsuit against Ripple. - SEC is having trouble deciding whether or not XRP is a security. - Ripple is by far the majority owner of XRP which leads people to believe that they can dump a large amount of XRP at any time and bring the value down. - Amount of XRP leads people to believe that there's too much supply for anyone to make profit. - Large amount of crypto "influencers" despise XRP therefore putting doubt in the minds of their followers. - Thought of, 'why can't JP Morgan for example create their own crypto, spend a bunch of money on their own tech and do an even better job than Ripple?'. I could be wrong, but I believe those things are the biggest reasons why XRP isn't keeping up with the trends of other crypto's. It all comes down to trust and Ripple/XRP just isn't quite there yet. I am hopeful that MoneyGram's 4th quarter earnings show a significant positive difference compared to their 3rd quarter earnings of last year. If they do and give credit to Ripple & XRP, I believe that will be significant towards other remittance companies/banks wanting to utilize Ripple/XRP. Also, the lawsuit against Ripple needs to be resolved and the SEC will need to announce that XRP is not a security for Ripple. If all of those things happen, I do believe that the trust aspect will change and will be the significance that drives the price up. Just my thoughts as to some of the reasons why BTC rises 10% while XRP only rises 3% and then BTC will fall 3% and XRP falls 10%.
  10. It's either re-published content or something like, "Brad Garlinghouse Makes Eye Contact With SEC Chairman during Davos 2020, Does This Mean XRP to the Moon?! Super Professional Analyst is Predicting XRP at $465.9786649 by March 12th at 3:12pm"
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