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  1. Looks like xumm supports SOLO. Anyone following this project? Still looking for more details about exactly how this system is expected to work. Which brokerages have partnered with sologenic?
  2. The immune system both prevents you from getting sick and helps you get better once you are sick. For example, it can prevent infection by a novel microbe and it can clear a novel microbe once you have bee infected. The immune system can also help to repair organs that have been damaged by microbes after the pathogen is cleared. It can also help to clear cancer cells and non-living foreign particle like plastic.
  3. Depends on which currency is being printed. The US dollar is the global unit of account. For the time being, there will be continued demand for the dollar to act as a counter against runaway inflation. Now, if you're printing trillions of Zimbabwean dollars, that's a whole other story.
  4. it's not a strain of influenza, it's a strain of coronaviridae Data from the Diamond Princess indicate that is causes symptoms in 50% of infected individuals The flu vaccine is not perfect and does not confer 100% protection The mortality rate will increase if hospital capacity is overwhelmed, that is part of what happened in Italy. 1/3 of hospitalized individuals need to be placed on a ventilator and 50% of those who are on a ventilator survive.
  5. Hard to compare to the flu when this pandemic is ongoing. If mortality rates hold (even if they are 1/3 of what is currently estimated) and this virus continues to spread unabated (Ro = 2.5) it will kill many more than the flu. We hope we will have a vaccine but there is no guarantee, there is still no vaccine for HIV. And the flu vaccine has to be updated yearly. (luckily this is a long RNA virus and doesn't mutate very quickly). It's hard for people to think in exponential numbers which is why most leaders wait far too long to act. The prevalence of the problem is much larger than what we have measured to date (because of the incubation period and a lack of testing). The mortality rate will increase if there are insufficient hospital beds, healthcare workers, and ventilators to handle a surge in the number of ill patients. This is why you want to spread out the number of infected cases rather than have everyone get infected at the same time. Also, https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2020/03/416961/coronavirus-sickening-young-adults-and-spreading-through-them-experts-say
  6. But whether XRP is a security has a bearing on the IPO. XRP is Ripple's most valuable asset and the largest source of realized (I belive) and unrealized revenue to date. Of course the legal status of XRP has bearing on whether and how equity in the largest owner of XRP is made available to the public.
  7. yeah, it looks so obviously fraudulent. I didn't even visit the domain. Sad that some people put so much effort into preying on others...
  8. Hey, what's this all about? This account (https://xrpscan.com/account/rJWbox8K4kndimMbqLGaxXf5FXzLk1RrNs) is sending out many small transactions with a memo that stats: "NETWORK ANNOUNCEMENT: Ripple unlocks 50% stake in XRP, indicates massive airdrop www.*******.com"
  9. Nigerian P2P bitcoin trading platform Paxful surpasses Coinbase. The majority of trading is in USD-denominated gift cards for bitcoin which are then sold for Nigerian Naira. The author speculates that the trading is mostly driven by remittance payments. Very interesting analysis: https://medium.com/dlabvc/paxful-is-the-most-important-bitcoin-company-you-arent-paying-attention-to-4e699db0c5ca
  10. Where did you read this? Do you have a link?
  11. Their website shows the Ripple, not XRP, logo. Will be interesting to continue to follow them, they appear to be growing.
  12. They emailed me and kindly requested that I send the excess to billing@cred.io via Uphold. The person who emailed was "Heidi from Cred + Uphold". These are the supposed use cases for LBA (https://www.mycred.io/token) but as far as know most of them aren't active. I'm not sure how this doesn't qualify as a security... I really don't know what the drivers of price are other than staking LBA for better loan/interest rates and it's not clear to me what their growth plan is. To me the whole Cred ecosystem is just very opaque and there's enough risk in crypto as it is. They'd do well to just an AMA or put out a clear graphic on how their system works. What ever happened to the Universal Protocol? Remember UPUSD? Seems like nothing is happening from what I can tell, Uphold only has 10K in reserves https://uphold.com/en/transparency
  13. They paid my interest interest in full and twice my principal. They accidentally sent me double my deposit. That's effectively a 210% interest rate for 6 months. I've DM'ed them and contacted support to return the excess but... no response. Bang up job they're doing over there.
  14. The price continues to slow rise. Not sure what they did but volume is up 10x on their platform so the DTR burn rate has increased and the price is slowly following. I suspect they're really the only ones selling DTR so in effect they're controlling to slow rise in the DTR price.
  15. Not sure what they did but liquidity is up 10x on their platform so the DTR burn rate has increased and the price is slowly following. I suspect they're really the only ones selling DTR so in effect they're controlling to slow rise in the DTR price.
  16. Looks like they returned 2x my principle... will have to figure out how to the excess to them.
  17. You make a lot of assumptions. It was a 6 mo contract, this was the first opportunity to close it. I got one email notifying me about an opportunity to close my contract 2 days before the deadline. That's it, only one. And even then there was no option to close it after I logged in on the 8th. I did contact their chat, no response, ever. I emailed, no response. I still haven't gotten an email response from support, only because they DMed me on twitter. Their legal email address is nonfunctional. Their legal department phone number has a vmail greeting that's barely set up. No call back. I think those are sufficient reasons to recommend not using them until further notice. I didn't say they stole my funds, I recommended not using them. My funds have now been returned to me but it's still not clear what happened. I recommended that they actually attach a time zone to their contract expiration emails. There's no adjudicating time zone in their terms and conditions. I gave them a few suggestions, like a) respond to emails b) respond to the chat feature and c) don't put a a legal contact email on your website if it doesn't work.
  18. I never saw one. I logged in a few times over the past couple months and there was no way to turn it off. Got busy and then went to turn it off as the email indicated BEFORE the deadline and there was no option to turn off autoenroll. Mot sure how this is my error.
  19. Thanks for the effort. It doesn't load on Brave but does load on Chrome. I might change "https://coins.ph" to just "Coins.ph" for athesic reasons. Also, what does "record count" mean? Is that the number of payments?
  20. I didn't forget. I only got one email on the 7th saying I had to opt out by the 9th. There are no other opt out notification emails in my email box. I logged in on the evening of the 8th and there was no option to opt out. They contacted me via twitter say they will manually opt me out. I'll try to remember to update here if that happens.
  21. I highly recommend NOT using CRED (@CredEarn). I put a small amount into one of their contracts in order to see how it works 6 months and they've made it impossible to get my crypto back. There's no option to allow the contract to expire (you're auto re-enrolled) and they have not responded to inquires via chat or email. Also their legal email address does not work (legal@mycred.io).
  22. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dynamic-trading-rights/ hadn't heard about the new operations manager, interesting. For the longest the only nees was a series of poorly written articles about how wealthy the founder is...
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