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  1. Always suspected this guy was a creep: https://twitter.com/zooko/status/1150939070765436928?s=09
  2. There are concerns that whales are gaming / dominating blockchain voting systems. How about a system whereby votes (tokens) are locked up for a period of time proportional to the percentage of tokens voted with from that address? https://www.coindesk.com/how-blockchain-voting-is-supposed-to-work-but-in-practice-rarely-does
  3. By investing in an "Opportunity" property you can move gains from crypto into property tax free: https://www.google.com/amp/s/fundrise.com/education/blog-posts/how-to-protect-bitcoin-gains-using-opportunity-funds/amp
  4. I don't think people follow these things very carefully. If transaction IDs point to ripple.com it will feel centralized, if they don't, it won't. Many many people in the crypto community still think it's a permissioned ledger. Optics matter.
  5. Ha! Pretty good. The site is intense but they do a good job of conveying a lot of information in a relatively understandable format.
  6. You know what this means right? https://twitter.com/warpaul/status/1146589310851772416?s=09 xrpcharts will be discontinued in the not too distant future.
  7. Not necessarily if xCurrent is used to reassign ownership of the fiat from payer to exchange. Even if they do have to hold fiat on exchanges the idea is that the amount in nostro account would be less because they could consolidate nostro accounts holding different currencies into a since account holding one currency that is liquid with other currencies via XRP.
  8. Thought they had listed ETH, DOGE, LTC and a few other assets...
  9. This is really significant. Forgetting about the price of XRP for a moment, Larsen has been saying for years, "imagine if money could move like information". One barrier has been that the traditional/legacy repositories of capital have refused to trial digital asset rails at scale. This partnership suggests that a sea change is around the corner. My rent check took 10 days to settle last week, 10 days! Hopefully this a sign that those days will soon be behind me.
  10. Would be nice to see them integrate their API into nomics.com. I'm also not a fan of the aethestic... But I hope that they can continue to grow and support the XRP ecosystem.
  11. They say it's paid directly from their marketing budget.
  12. Interesting, had not come across this theory.
  13. Have you tried cointracker.io? Happy to refer you, it's simplified my tax calculations, estimates tax burden, allows you to reclassify transactions, supports native XRP addresses, gives you an overview of your portfolio and profit/loss on each assets, allows you to change your tax calculation method, and indicates when you can harvest tax losses by selling...
  14. His syntax is totally different than Satoshi's was. He also seems to speak in very general terms when I suspect the true Satoshi would have had a better handle in certain subjects. He mentioned that in 2008 or so he asked around where he could get input on "cryptocurrencies and coins" but as far as I can tell the word cryptocurrency didn't exist until after bitcoin... it's actually irrelevant to me whether or not he is Satoshi, the market and society will decide which assets end up going mainstream and his personality isn't helping.
  15. I just now watched it but didn't find it very convincing.
  16. @lucky holding BSV? What about BCH and BTC?
  17. If it's only for tax purposes you can use something like cointracker.io
  18. Stronghold liked this tweet: https://twitter.com/EllipticHerb/status/1129417674499534849?s=19
  19. Story: https://twitter.com/XrpCenter/status/1128982323846942720?s=19 Lots of good info from Tim Swanson here: https://twitter.com/ofnumbers/status/1128866873318223872?s=19
  20. No prob, the XRP alarm was going off the past two days prior to the XRP pump. At least for XRP it seems to have had some predictive validity but you have to respond pretty quickly.
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