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  1. They can get pretty hysterical.
  2. The online "XRP army" really should chill out...
  3. cmbartley

    The impossibility of liquidity in xrp

    The Black Swan might be a less dense place to start.
  4. cmbartley

    2018: The Forming of Team XRP

    I think they're donating 250k xrp no matter what and it looks like they've already transferred the "matching" funds.
  5. cmbartley

    2018: The Forming of Team XRP

    The ratio of likes and retweets to actual donations is embarassing: https://xrpscan.com/account/rGeyCsqc6vKXuyTGF39WJxmTRemoV3c97h
  6. https://www.clovr.com/page/sending-money-back-home
  7. Yes, but I do suspect that their massive holdings will continue to be problematic until they control less than 50% of the supply.
  8. Not the most professional podcast but they go into Corda Settler, not much other information but Settler sounds very similar to ILP. The podcast is not technical at all. https://life-in-the-fast-chain.fireside.fm/tags/corda settler
  9. cmbartley

    NEW XRP Sentiment and Projection Charts

    The Tie performs sentiment analysis by analyzing crypto chatter on social media outlets. It certainly has its place in a speculative market.
  10. Not to pat myself on the back, but this is what i had to say in 2016, typos and all! https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/2020-stefan-thomas-ripple-inc-cto-on-ilp-adoption/?do=findComment&comment=18370
  11. cmbartley

    Rialto XRL

    I responded before i saw their Q&A. They should hire a native English-speaker to edit their public stayemnts, it is written in a very confusing way. It seemed to me that ICO participants will have to share with the founders? Who is the 3rd party? What surprised was that the shares will value the company at 50,000 CHF??? Really? Is that it?
  12. But seems that history would matter. If other validators have no history they cannot tell what the state of the network was before the 80% colluded. If they want to fork and maintain a "fair" distribution of XRP they need to have some history so they can reset the state of the ledger after they've forked.