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  1. Are you sure it started as an ICO?
  2. cmbartley

    So XLM won?

    With success comes scrutiny. It was true for Ripple, it will be true for Stellar should this rise continue. Don't forget the whiplash of 2017. Declarations in crypto cannot be made based on short time horizons. Questions the market might to start to ask: What's the distribution of Stellar? Only 8B/104B have been distributed. Can a non-profit basically be a non-profit for itself? What level of network decentralization is required to be considered decentralized given that IBM controls much of the network? Given all the above what really would allow XLM to be considered not a security if XRP is? What is the ACTUAL usage of the network? Why is the network slower (5s) than XRPL? Is IBM/Stronghold issuing USD on the open Stellar network or on a network based on the Stellar protocol? IBM is not a bank, what will give them draw over other stable coin projects? And so many other questions. Remember when R3 was going to kill XRP? Remember when Iota was going to kill XRP? Remember when Nano was going to kill XRP? These are still early days in crypto. At the end of the day, a rising tide raises all boats. Hopefully the successful projects start looking for ways to interoperate to grow the pie for everyone.
  3. This is a fairly standard way to incentivize use and bootstrap growth. Visa and PayPal did the same.
  4. Who is "people like us"? Imagine you want to speed of crypto settlement without the risk of volatility and that you don't care about speculation. Or you care about speculation but want a redeemable stable asset to provide shelter from volatility...
  5. There's some light discussion going on over here as well Seems the two communities don't know too much about each other.
  6. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/17/ibm-backs-a-cryptocurrency-thats-pegged-to-the-us-dollar.html
  7. Thanks for the link to the Tweet. I'd be very interested in someone capable running a Stellar and a Ripple node and comparing. I'm sure the community would help cover whatever minorosts might be associated.
  8. I'm interested in a more detailed conversation about how and why the Stellar Ledger is considered to be more decentralized than the XRP ledger. At a high level, the consensus mechanisms seems very similar. This video tries to distinguish between the two but plays a bit fast and loose with it's explanation of BFT: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X3Gj2nQZCNM
  9. Robinhood doesn't code crpto wallets. They have a legally separate entity who buys, sells, and hold crypto on your behalf. You have a contract that's peggd to the price of the asset, you do not own the crypto itself. When you sell it takes days to settle before you can actually withdraw your fiat.
  10. XRP is next, if you click on their "cryptocurrencies" they've opened on them in the order they're listed. This screen capture was taken a few days ago, BEFORE they listed Doge.
  11. At this point all the complaints by the XRP community on twitter are starting to seem a bit petulant. Vote with your feet!
  12. cmbartley

    Coinbase considering everything but XRP

    This effectively allows Coinbase to signal to the market that they're adding these assets before they add them in order to avoid the bitcoin cash debacle. They can add them after the market adjusts to the news. There's not much of an argument for not adding XRP when they're adding assets sold by ICO and/or still primarily owned by the governing foundation. Either they figure they don't need to do the same for XRP because there's already been so much speculation or they have reasons unique to XRP for not adding it such as they see it as an existential threat or they have nonpublic knowledge... One positive of more digital assets getting added to mobile apps and other services is that users will have more opportunities to directly compare their network speed and fees.
  13. https://twitter.com/UpholdInc/status/1017382012036923393?s=19 https://uphold.com/en/blog/uphold-and-libra-credit-bringing-crypto-backed-credit-to-uphold-members
  14. There are lots of patent applications that have filed in this space. You have to be a subscriber to read this article but you can see parts of some of the graphs: ICO issuers are mysteriously absent from the early blockchain patent rush https://www.pehub.com/vc-journal/ico-issuers-are-mysteriously-absent-from-the-early-blockchain-patent-rush/