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  1. Ripple KYC and X.500 Directory Services

    @Sukrim's got jokes, who knew!
  2. Ripple back in Top 5 for Market Cap

    2018 will be a big year for XRP, and a death sentence for many other cryptos.
  3. SF Bay Area meet-up

    I'm a maybe for this one. Depends how early I get back in town that day.
  4. Disastrous in the short term at the minimum. My argument was that it would distract from development of a usable Sia network. And it has, at least temporarily, even though they claimed it wouldn't. Vorick seems to be spending more time on Obelisk than Sia. Obelisk is now to be integrated with Decred. Etc. At a time when the team was like 4 or 5 kids, I felt they were spreading their peanut butter too thin. Storj, while less ideologically pure, is making great progress, and they have real customers/partners. Filecoin is in stealth mode but will likely usurp both. Maybe the dominant decentralized storage platform is yet to be created but once decentralized storage is mainstream my guess is that Sia will not have first-mover advantage, will be slow, PoW will be out of fad, and they'll continue to be unfocused.
  5. Original Ripple Wallet

    Payment channels and lightening network are basically the same but PayChan makes much more sense where the base ledger capacity is much higher and because the Ripple network is for the purpose of institutional and payment provider settlement. In a purely peer-to-peer network payment channels become problematic.
  6. Brave browser BAT tokens and XRP

    I have no power. But agree that it would be easier to push for interledger than for XRP. I've requested that Brave consider interledger in the past, didn't hear much from them.
  7. XRP sales are associated with a lockup period. You can track many Ripple XRP sales by looking at www.bithomp.com/explorer/xrpii Why doesn't anyone think that Jed is responsible for at least part of the suppression? Maybe there's no suppression. Maybe Ripple has staked its entire reputation on real-world adoption of XRP and the cryptoanarchists see no purpose in buying up an asset that runs counter to their ideology on mere speculation. Maybe it will take real, broad financial usage of XRP for the price to moon. Maybe it's only been a few months since the last major price move. Maybe XRP is up 40x this year. Maybe crypto has created unrealistic expectations of massive returns on miniscule time scales. In the stock market a 15% return in a year used to be considered a massive return. These new crypto kids on the block complain if an asset doesn't move 15% in a day...
  8. Price is not the arbiter of progress. Would it be nice to see XRP achieve massive gains day after day like some other cryptos? Sure. But I don't need that to hold (I have other assets I can watch moon, diversify). Was true when the price was $0.0044 and it is still true today. Ripple has always built its case on utility and usage and so each announcement is met with "but they're not using XRP". Might Ripple be manipulating the price downward? Maybe, cannot be proven or disproven currently. We know other assets are being manipulated upward. Which asset has better long-term price prospects? One that is being manipulated downward against significant interest and progress or one that is being manipulated upward by manufacturing limited supply and increased demand? At the end of the day given the FinCen ruling in 2015 I'm guessing Ripple is doing everything it can to avoid to ire of financial regulators. There are so many XRP holders that are so down on XRP yet they continue to hold. I honestly don't get it. Simply sell and walk away. That's what I've done with countless other tokens. Sold Sia at the top when I thought the team made a disastrous decision to focus on their own ASICs. Why sell when an asset is mooning? Because current price is not the arbiter of progress or the future success. Repeat after me "current price is not the arbiter of progress or future success".
  9. I suspect there are large holders not or no longer affiliated with Ripple that engage in big dumps when the price is rising and reaccumulate once the price has fallen. Many new entrants to xrp are interested in very short term returns so they don't hold for long. If everyone held the large whales wouldn't have such an effect on the price. Be patient with XRP guys, you're riding a winning horse. Reality has a way of intruding upon hype and speculation.
  10. SF Bay Area meet-up

    Southern Pacific Brewing Company isn't in the financial district but it's in the Mission (close enough) and can accommodate larger groups. Although on a Sunday evening there are probably a lot of places that could work.
  11. SF Bay Area meet-up

    Yes, might be nice to have a change of scenery.
  12. SF Bay Area meet-up

    Hopefully but I may be out that day. I'll let some others know about this though.
  13. Why are you here?

  14. It doesn't matter, logic has no place here.