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  1. Supposedly Rialto is going to provide an update about exchanges tomorrow.
  2. http://blockchain.fintecnet.com/brochure.html?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=R3 Hyperledger EEA&utm_campaign=BFCEU
  3. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    More headroom in my opinion, additional markets will drive demand.
  4. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    Bitfinex is working to get Iota listed on American Exchanges: https://i.imgur.com/tr3f4dx.png
  5. "The Faster Payments Task Force has effectively achieved its mission, and was disbanded with the publication of its Final Report. However, there is much work yet to be done. As I’ve mentioned, within its Final Report, the Faster Payments Task Force listed 10 recommendations for the industry to pursue to support its goal for faster, more secure, ubiquitous payments by 2020. With the Fed’s support, the governance framework initiative described in the first recommendation is already underway, with other industry efforts expected to commence in the near future. The Fed is actively evaluating requests the task force made of the Fed in its recommendations, such as supporting 24/7/365 settlement, and in the coming weeks will publish its next steps for advancing payments system improvements in alignment with the desired outcomes described in its Strategies for Improving the US Payment System paper."
  6. I only watched one minute of this but he seems to be missing the point that Bitcoin selling off can drag the price of every other alt down without the other Alts selling off. If Alts are priced in BTC and the BTC price in USD falls then the price of every alt in USD terms falls automatically without selling of those tokens. If alt A = 0.5 BTC and BTC goes from $4000 to $2000 then alt A is still worth 0.5 BTC but has dropped from $2000 to $1000 in USD terms without any sale of alt A.
  7. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    Conceptually Iota is very interesting. It's addressing a very different problem than XRP though.
  8. Diversification is almost always a good thing.
  9. QuantumProject (QAU) - GateHub

    I see, so are you using profits to buy QAU from yourself at market rates then? Seems that there's not enough liquidity to support the volume of QAU you destroy each month without significantly increasing the price. Given that the price doesn't budge during destruction events one conclusion would be that it's because you're not buying QAU from exchanges. Or is the plan to boost the value of QAU and sell it on exchanges?
  10. will plasma ETH kill ripple?

    You could ask this question about any crypto. It would be helpful if youtook some time to explain why, in particular, plasma worries you.
  11. Btc or usd

    There is more liquidity against BTC but the price of BTC can also fuctuate in transit if you use one exchange to buy BTC and another buy XRP. Price fluctuation can benefit or hurt you. I would choose whatever is most convenient for you.