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  1. Story: https://twitter.com/XrpCenter/status/1128982323846942720?s=19 Lots of good info from Tim Swanson here: https://twitter.com/ofnumbers/status/1128866873318223872?s=19
  2. No prob, the XRP alarm was going off the past two days prior to the XRP pump. At least for XRP it seems to have had some predictive validity but you have to respond pretty quickly.
  3. Unfortunately Ripple continues to base it's monthly sales on inflated numbers...
  4. Really? Let's get a public statement on the record from Ripple saying they don't subsidize the other half of their business with XRP sales. You'd think that statement would be included in every markets report if it were the case. Not to mention that I'd question their judgement if they weren't managing treasury in a way that benefits the company as a whole. Might as well form a second company if there are no funds flows between the two.
  5. I would think of it this way, on balance it helps the XRP ecosystem but less than the same amount of cash would if it were directed only toward XRP. Here's how I see it: Ripple is a company and is not synonymous with XRP. Ripple owns a lot of XRP and they use sales of XRP to fund Ripple, not exclusively XRPL-related development. So they are subsidizing their non-XRP business with sales of XRP. What we don't know is what % of each dollar gained from XRP sales goes toward XRPL-related development. David has said more than once that Ripple as a company can succeed without XRP succeeding. How would you feel if they only succeeded because of their sales of XRP? Sales of XRP also likely go toward charitable donations, so the Ripple brand (not necessarily XRP) benefits from sales of XRP. Sales of XRP also fund blockchain curricula around the globe, which is loosely beneficial to XRP but also to other blockchain-related enterprises and assets. The list goes on. How many engineers salaries are funded by sales of XRP XRP though they're integration specialists only for non-XRP tech? Etc. It would help if it were public how much revenue the rest of their non-XRP business generates but as a private company they don't have to disclose that, and they probably shouldn't. So, the Ripple army is subsidizing the non-XRP Ripple business. Remeber that every time you purchase. Question is, where would XRPL be without Ripple? Probably nowhere. The gateway strategy died and without a core company continuing to build, market, and incentivize use of and development on top of XRPL the XRP you hold would likely be worthless. So while a fraction of XRP sales go toward the XRP ecosystem, the system is likely better off with those sales than without. Ripple continues to try to walk a tight line. I'm not selling currently, but I'm not buying either.
  6. This was a pretty detailed post by Genesis about their lending practices and they provide a bit of detail about how the price of XRP affects demand for borrowing. Also, surprise! XRP is their second most in-demand asset for borrowing, outpacing ETH even. https://genesiscap.co/q4-insights/
  7. Agreed. I don't know how any rational person could bet against this space. It seems crazy not to have SOME financial exposure to crypto. Still long XRP too.
  8. Sort of strange to post this in the altcoins section but... This is a pretty good read on the outlook for bitcoin by Wences Casares: https://www.kanaandkatana.com/valuation-depot-contents/2019/4/11/the-case-for-a-small-allocation-to-bitcoin
  9. Payment is an agreement to transfer legal ownership of funds. Settlement is completed transfer of legal ownership of funds. Reversal of a payment is legal, subject to the contractual obligations between the transacting parties. Unauthorized reversal of settled funds is theft.
  10. https://bitcoinafrica.io/2019/04/06/south-africa-xago-ripplenet/ Good news. Apparently they're using the XRP ledger and will allow conversions between the Rand and XRP.
  11. https://twitter.com/MikeNardolillo/status/1114722759861522433
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