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  1. @D-fault123 given what they're going through with the IRS, XRP might be the safest choice...
  2. Currently the exchange rate is set centrally. One question is whether they would ever decentralize the exchange rate at a rate the lowers the value of current holders tokens... Seems unlikely. TL;DR: They currently have substantial control over the exchange rate of Factoids into Entry Credits but have no direct control over the price of Factoids themselves. "Setting the Cost of Entries with a Central Server Oracle The conversion rate of Factoids to Entry Credits will be determined by an oracle. In computer systems, oracles are processes that provide information to a system that cannot be verified or validated by the system. The oracle in this case maintains the conversion rate of Factoids to Factom Entry Credits at a cost 1/10 to 1/100 the cost of a comparably sized Bitcoin transaction. Initially the conversion rate oracle will be implemented centrally. When we have recruited enough exchanges to record their Factoid exchange rates and trading volumes into a Factom Chain, we will establish a decentralized computation of the exchange rate. The qualifying source Chains (as maintained by exchanges) will be determined by the conversion rate of Factoids at various exchanges, weighted by volume."
  3. Although if you read down further it is not promising for XRP.
  4. There was news about them coming closer with an announcement coming soon. Last I heard, tgey expect to hut their $150M funding goal. They mentioned Stellar, but not Ripple in this blog post. I'm guessing that was intentional...
  6. We welcome your enthusiasm @XRPCafe, perhaps get some sleep and think about the feedback on this thread. Best of luck.
  7. As long as it's not populated with misinformation... XRPChat is excellent, followed by Ripple Employees and bankers, and has a wealth of information. The users are generally intelligent and have spirited debates without it devolving into blind faith or total FUD. I think there is less need for a new XRP chat forum and more need for a site with interactive tools that allow you to interrogate data generated by RCL.
  8. If there is question mark, "dt", and an equal sign followed by some numbers then the numbers are the destination tag. Ripple addresses don't have special characters
  9. Expanse is pumping on news of a pending Expanse Bond.
  10. Let's be honest, we're like the Chicago Cubs season ticket holders of yore. We bought the tickets, we do a lot of complaining but we're sure as hell not selling, we know this THIS year is going to be our year, and even though we have nothing to do with our team winning we're damn proud of them when they do well. 2017 is going to be "our" year, I can feel it...
  11. I'd be interested to know why MIT dropped their validator, why Bitstamp, Gatehub, and global iD aren't running validators, why technology partners like Earthport and Tenemos aren't running validators, and why partner banks aren't running publicly verified validators. On another note, I can't get magine how difficult it is to launch a company in such a public and open way as Ripple has. Kudos.
  12. @Duke67 Is your validator part of the UNL for the Ripple validators? Do they trust your validator? It is very possible that I'm misunderstanding something here but when I look at it appears that Ripple validators only trust other Ripple validators and that other validators on the network by and large trust the other Ripple validators not your validator.
  13. I didn't mean to suggest that RCL has been integrated into Corda, only that when the Corda papers originally came out they stated that there wasn't a native settlement mechanism and that contract entrants could determine the mechanism of settlement whether it be using traditional rails or distributed technology. Not sure where it stands now.
  14. A year ago Ripple said they were working to decentralize the network. Now they say it is not centralized but nothing significant has verifiably changed on the network... Ripple validators only trust each other for all we know therefore the validation process that drives the network is centralized. I agree with @xtrapower and @ElMoskito that they should just be up front about this rather than getting into Clintonian semantics where you effectively end up arguing over what the definition of "is" is. We all intuitively know what centralization means and realize that the Ripple network is centralized even if we're able to make an overly elaborate argument as to why it's "technically" not centralized. I also dislike the fact that other validators that they cite like Microsoft and CGI are not verified. Almost everyone here is supporter of Ripple but some are more comfortable giving them tough love. Any belief unchallenged is an act of faith, and I'll save my faith for matters of love and the church, not digital currency. I'd prefer them say "yes, we're centralized, and here's our plan for decentralization". Overall I think Miguel is doing a great job of starting to communicate Ripple's message about XRP. He's hit the ground running and is visible. He's generating conversation around XRP and Ripple is pushing back fast and hard against Swift. Miguel in his tweet said something like 'comments welcome', sounds like the comment about centralization is getting some pushback but overall a good post.
  15. Why hasn't Ripple listed their Asian and Indian banking partners on their webpage?