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  1. Yes. It's sort of hidden in grey I believe at the bottom of the page.
  2. You may be right @fatcat, I'm happy to bet the fiat equivalent of 10K XRP that on this day in 2018 (01:54 am on March 27th, 2018 GMT) the unit USD price according to will be higher than it is at this very moment: $0.009663. If the price is lower than $0.009663 (assuming no errors on that site) I will pay you the fiat equivalent of 10,000 XRP on that day, if the price is higher than $0.009663 then you will pay me the fiat equivalent of 10,000 XRP on that day. If it is the same, then the bet is a wash. If CMC fails, is offline, or there is a clear website error verified by an independent 3rd party then we will use the reference price from cyptofacilities instead. If you agree we can figure out how to lock up 20,000 XRP using escrow as collateral. Let me know.
  3. @tomxcs can we create a merged thread for newbies requesting activation?
  4. @tomxcs Can we pin a thread that is for new comers looking for account activation? Any new threads could be merged with that pinned thread.
  5. I think that @gatehub and @enej might do well to create video tutorials for how to use Gatehub...
  6. whose hot wallet was low?
  7. I'd note that the "other" category got the most votes.
  8. [DRAFT IDEA] I think it's worth considering what @in-cred-u-lous has pointed out in his post. There are many many exchanges and I don't think that you can compete with existing exchanges that have a LOT of liquidity, many tokens, and tons of customers simply by adding new assets to Gatehub/Gatehub Fifth. What can Gatehub offer that would draw those customers away from their existing exchanges? I wouldn't build the exchange of today, you'll be behind the curve, I would build the exchange of tomorrow. I think there are a few things to consider: 1. Almost all tokens trade against BTC. 2. Exchanges that list many many tokens (Polo) tend not to have integrated fiat rails. 3. So those trading exotic assets must first trade against BTC and then withdraw BTC to another exchange or coinbase (SLOW and EXPENSIVE) before they can withdraw fiat. 4. Cryptoenthusiasts are frustrated with the current deposit and withdrawal options. 5. Not all cryptocurrencies are created equal. By that I mean that there are crypto"currencies" that are for payments, "utility"tokens that serve a nonfinancial purpose such as paying for a specific service or product, representative tokens (represent physical assets like gold), and hybrid tokens. In the set of cryptocurrencies I'd place {BTC, XMR, ZEC, LTC, ETC, and perhaps DOGE}, there are others. In the set of "utility"tokens I'd place {FCT, SC, SCJX, REP, GNT, etc}. Representative tokens incude {XAU} and hybrid tokens can be used for payments but also serve a secondary function {XRP, ETH, DCR}. 6. re: #5, While pure cryptocurrencies rule the market cap today, at some point useful decentralized blockchain platforms will start to solve real world problems and their tokens will have value based on utility rather than on speculation. So, we will live in a multi-asset future and nontraders will want to buy noncryptocurrencies (utility, hybrid, representative tokens...) directly with fiat and not necessarily have to go through BTC. 7. Clients that buy excess utility tokens may want to trade their token for another token without going through btc or sell it back to fiat. So, I think the best course of action is to come up with a new value proposition that speaks to current market frustrations and works toward building the cryptoexchange/cryptoretailer of the future. It'd be a place where users can trade any asset against any other asset. It'd be a place where users could also buy utility tokens directly with fiat. So, I'd actually start to build out a vision of Ripple. Poloniex has BTC, ETH, and USDT orderbooks; on Gatehub you should have BTC, Fiat, and XRP orderbooks. Then you build a Shapeshift-like feature WITHIN Gatehub. Users can select the originating asset and the destination asset and click "convert" and the order is auto-bridged through XRP. Rates can be locked in with ILP and perhaps Ripple would serve as a MM by once again allowing for zero fee exchanges. The liquidity could be serviced from the existing XRP orderbooks but to the user the purchase would be an instant conversion of fiat into their token at a transparent rate. Users could alternatively trade against XRP, fiat, or BTC as they normally would and I surmise in the future trading against XRP may gain in popularity as it will be the fastest way to settle transfers between exchanges or wallets. So, for financial reasons I understand that it might be appealing to integrate tokens with more current liquidity and volume but I'm guessing that you're going to be hard pressed to draw user from their current trading platforms. I don't think you'll actually get that much traffic. I think you need to offer something new. Instead, by integrating less popular but solid (i.e. reputable team, maturing technology, with a chance of getting out of beta) utility tokens like SiaCoin you may attract new customers that feel that the current number of trading locations for their tokens are inadequate, would like to buy their tokens in fiat, would like to sell tokens and withdraw fiat on the same platform, and would like to trade directly against other exotic assets you may create new value for cryptoenthusiasts and end up drawing more clients and volume. If you bridge everything through XRP then you can pay yourself fees in XRP which is much more liquid. Down the road you might be able to position yourself as a primary destination for those interested in decentralized services but not cryptocurrencies. Just some inchoate thoughts.
  9. I'd think very carefully about this. Gatehub has an opportunity to allow users to trade exotic pairs through XRP. There are a lot of exotic tokens that have strong followings but few places to trade those tokens. Holders are also frustrated by having to go through BTC to trade those tokens. I think this forum is the wrong place to ask this question, I would go to forums for other tokens to get a sense for whether they are looking for more exchanges to trade on and why. I would focus on attracting new customers rather then trying to get current customers to hold more assets on gatehub, that will happen naturally if there are more traders. Communities to investigate include: XMR, DASH, LTC, FCT, DCR, ZEC, GNT etc. I would literally go down the line on coinmarketcap, find the major communities for each token, and ask what would attract them to a new exchange and see if you can offer that. Personally I'd like to see FCT and DCR on the Ripple network.
  11. I agree, we won't see real institutional usage of RCL.