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  1. What happens to XRP after its used?

    What happens to a dollar bill after it gets used? It gets reused. Banks will likely initially use XRP to transfer fiat value. So they'll buy XRP with fiat A, send it to another jurisdiction and sell it for fiat B which they will deliver to the beneficiary of the payment. The buyers and sellers of XRP will be market markers of sort.
  2. That's not really how it works any more.
  3. Ripple (XRP) Will Surpass Ethereum (ETH)

    My guess is before July.
  4. GateHub review

    Anyone have any experience with Global iD and Gatehub?
  5. It was an option to buy up to 5 Billion which wouldn't be so bad if R3 had taken clear steps to integrate XRP-utilizing technology into it's member banks' technology stacks. The whole goal was to distribute XRP and Ripple tech to institutions.
  6. The two household names

    The writing is on the wall and has been for a while. Not sure if this is one of the specific names previously hinted at but Ripple very likely working with them. Ripple constantly uses AirBnB as an example of how new global corporates need innovative payment systems that can facilitate low-value global payments, in real time, without netting or batching. AirBnB was again mentioned here Again mentioned in the most recent Google talk. And AirBnB attended Ripple's SWELL conference. They're also in San Francisco only about 10 minutes away from Ripple HQ.
  7. Yeah, pretty cool. Did you notice the price discrepancy between the first and second runs of the demo? Will be interesting to see what updates are made to interledger.org this week.
  8. The two household names

  9. Online Shop - Integrating ripple

    Check out https://selly.gg/ and https://zapster.io/
  10. Adrian and Stefan have been talking a bit about streaming micropayments whereby the consequence of dropping any packet of value failing is small. Smaller, streaming packets distribute volatility over the payment stream as a possible benefit but I agree, this ILP system looks very different than the coordinated escrow and release along a defined path that was so promising in earlier versions.
  11. How does xRapid provide liquidity?

    Is there a Ripple tech-based startup to invest in?...
  12. Likely this uses xCurrent, continued growth of the health of the Ripple network. Means that there are more opportunities for the future use of XRP if the liquidity, cost savings, and regulatory clarity are there. Customers cannot "choose" to use XRP when using a Ripple partner service, payment providers have strict control over how payments are processed. Still good news the Credit Agricole is announcing this.
  13. How does xRapid provide liquidity?

    Max was all smoke and no fire, Sukrim seems to know what he's talking about and his criticisms are truly value-added.