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  1. I think Bitfinexed is right, if you hold value on exchanges that trade Tether you're playing with fire. You should hold value on exchanges anyway, but certainly not ones that trade tether any longer than necessary. The pain start at $4K. And there will be pain. If you're starting to feel the pain in a serious way then you're overinvested in crypto. Good luck out there and Godspeed all.
  2. cmbartley

    BCH hash war

    Already happened https://twitter.com/arjunblj/status/1064566646596165633?s=19
  3. Good to see the focus on institutional trading....
  4. Makes you wonder what they have in mind after they update their trading engine...
  5. cmbartley

    Sold My XRP Today - Here is why

    Depending on your entry price, level confidence, how badly you need the fiat right then, and your time horizon, selling even as it downtrend might not be for everyone. Buffett works the power of compound gains by not selling so he can't avoid taxes. The taxes can be brutal and really chip away at your opportunity for even larger gains down the road. Again, depends on your entry price, needs, and level of confidence. He was not so confident.
  6. Yes, very low volumes thus far. They plan to add XRP next, before December. Every interview Merlak focuses on how wealthy he is, which seems distasteful and is likely a narrative being pushed by Merlak himself.
  7. cmbartley

    Are we not all on the same team?

    I do think that perception matters though. In the extreme can take the bitconnect community as evidence that the perception of the community is relevant. The XRP community has a diversity of people with a diversity of connections, or lackthereof, to financial services. Not to mention that much of the price action at the end of 2017 was due to speculation and although not provable, I think that sober-minded FUD blockers helped grease the wheels. I don't think that mathematically unsound predictions help and one could argue that it's ethical to challenge them as it may save someone from making a terrible decision. It's hard to measure but I do think that community has an influence. In the olden days there were so many people who stumbled upon this forum and were shocked by how much misinformatuon they had received outside of it. The previous community liked to speculate but the speculation was more grounded. I think the wild overspeculation about partnerships and Ripple taking over the world are simply a function of the tent getting larger. It's bound to happen as the community grows. But personally I think it's helpful to try to inject some sanity into FUD:fanboy fights. Only YOU can fight FUD:fanboy fires (the older American forum members might get the reference).
  8. cmbartley

    Are we not all on the same team?

    I muted any mention of $589 on twitter and it has significantly improved my experience with the #XRPcommunity
  9. cmbartley

    Zerps.com, feedback and suggestions!

    Nice! I might think about how you could improve the UI/legibility of the site. There are cheap web themes here that re slick and navigable if you don't want to spend the money on a web designer: https://themeforest.net/
  10. Agreed. I have my eye on this project. I'm still not sure how I feel about lending in the nascent crypto space yet though. Feels like layering risk atop risk. But I respect how Uphold has built out their platform, finding a nice balance between user control, transparency, security, and regulatory compliance. Can't wait for them to upgrade their app though, the current UI/UX oculd be improved.
  11. There are many lending platforms and many stable coins. Will just have to see whether Uphold and UPP have a unique approach to capturing value.
  12. Yeah, I saw that. Interesting move, looks like that may have created a little demand for LBA.
  13. cmbartley

    Zerps.com, feedback and suggestions!

    Could reach out to TheTIE.io to see if they'd let you embed an XRP sentiment widget on your site.
  14. I think it will disappear with a whimper not a bang. That's actually probably what Tether and Bitfinex want. A quiet exit without ever having to show their books or lift the curtain.