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  1. Emercoin partnered with a watch company to combat counterfeiting too, but who the hell uses emercoin? Goes to show, focus is important.
  2. A company advised by @JoelKatz may be a better fit for combating counterfeiting. It's called Chronicled Inc, another brilliant concept and one of the few legitimate use cases for Ethereum this far.
  3. Alibaba is aware of Ripple, I assure you...
  4. I think there should be a series of wallets withe increasing functionality. The lowest level should be Ripple Papyrus, a paper wallet. Then Ripple Feather, a wallet that simply sends and received. Maybe then Ripple Feathers, a multisig wallet that sends and received. Etc. Users could use a wallet tailored to their needs.
  5. Navigation of their site could be more intuitive.
  6. How long did you wait before checking to see if the transaction was on Usually when sending from an exchange it takes a while for them to actually submit the transaction to the network.
  7. Look at that additional volume y'all. Time to get Coincheck added to, you know what to do...
  8. Depositing XRP activates your account, so it's okay if there are no XRP in your reciving account. It doesn't looking anything has been sent to this account which means that either the sending exchange never sent it or you incorrectly typed the ripple address when you sent. Which exchange did you send your XRP from? I would contact their support.
  9. And cryptoenthusiasts wonder why we can't have a world in which everyone is ultimately totally responsiblen for protecting their own value with zero recourse in the event of lost funds...
  10. Yes, this is clear to me. My point being that Ripple employees seem to never confirm that RCL is NOT being used and that ILP is NOT being used. I'm not so sure it's generally clear to Ripple followers.
  11. Can any Ripple employee confirm or disconfirm this? I didnt see any information that suggested these banks would go live on RCL.
  12. Public would be better than private. Factom makes a lot of sense.