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  1. Can content providers require visitors to be ILP-enabled in order to access their content?
  2. Seems like a plausible theory. Nik felt that account deletion/merge was a bad idea and had said he might write up a blog post about it.
  3. Should be interesting. (I did not buy equity in Heleum). https://heleum.com/v2-2/
  4. cmbartley

    Are Fees on Uphold.com Too High?

    Can trade on the Gatehub gateway if you want lower fees, or bitstamp. There are withdrawal fees though that may or may not make it cheaper depending on how much you're selling.
  5. Just a reminder that both xCurrent and xRapid can operate in near real time. xRapid comes into play as a liquidity solution. Haven't seen evidence yet that this is xRapid but we will see.
  6. Stellar is slower. 2s matter for retail payments. Stellar seems like it handles non overlapping UNLs better but we havent seen any hard data around this...
  7. There are always tradeoffs depending on the use case. Tyour use of the word "reliable" is a bit broad. For example, in PBFT closed ledgera are final but the finality of blocks in PoW is probabalistic. The uncle rate is Etherum is 40% driving up the number of required confirmations and making a transaction in a single new block less reliable than a transaction in a new closed ledger. There are tradeoffs for each particular consensus model and the goal implement a model that you believe aligns with the purpose of the network. XRPL is a payment network so they've optimized for speed, efficiency, and finality of settlement.
  8. cmbartley

    Where to find Ripple's UNL list

    A node can submit trabsacrions and follow the state of the ledger but doesnt participate in the consensus process. Nodes are not available to be included in UNLs, perhaps they should be called UVLs? Paging @mDuo13
  9. cmbartley

    Where to find Ripple's UNL list

    It's a good start. What Sukrim said and Ripple owns what's in escrow so that should be included in the metric.
  10. I can be convinced, but I'm not yet convinced. Whois isn't sufficiently convincing.
  11. I'm genuinely curious, how do we know this website is what it purports to be?
  12. These sites look pretty janky, not sure what they are...
  13. We've long speculated that AirBnB is working with Ripple. Now their co-founder is investing in a crypto-related business (SFOX) and one of the purposes of the investment is to "to add cryptocurrency pairs, improve trading liquidity, and expand into new geographical regions." Looking at their website it doesn't appear that XRP isn't supported yet... https://cointelegraph.com/news/airbnb-co-founder-participates-in-almost-23-million-funding-round-for-crypto-startup
  14. cmbartley

    Best way to buy w USD

    Last I checked, a long time ago, 5%. With Uphold you lock in your price so it's reasonable to do a bank transfer unless you plan to sell within 5-7 days (before the transfer settles).