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  1. Yes. I don't know what this means, can you restate it?
  2. You think so? Go ahead and try. XRP or Ripple? The current logo was pushed by Ripple and the community followed like lemmings. We're all on the same team here but let's admit that the community just followed Ripple's agenda on this one.
  3. Most currency symbols have a single or double line through them. I personally think that the XRP logo should have followed this pattern but instead the choice of a new logo was co-opted by Ripple and resulted in a symbol that will generally be unrecognizable if written by hand. Personally I think the Stellar symbol is better but I'm not sure it will matter much.
  4. Why launch the company before all the paperwork is complete? You website talks about insurance: "All the transactions done through our platform are handled by our escrow service, therefor the team behind LocalRipple.co can proudly say that we insure every single transaction to a percentage that gets close to 100%."
  5. Please name the company providing insurance, what are the trrms ofnthe insurance? EDIT: this platform and company are too opaque to consider using. I would not deposit any funds here. The site is not attached to a real world business or identities and the legal page blank, among many other concerning issues.
  6. Hi Bob, cmbartley here, we actually met back in 2017. I'm a physician-scientist with a long-term plan to develop a protocol that makes human-readable text interoperable with indexed data (starting with biological data). I developed an alpha of the technology while in medical school (https://ctnext.com/2014/04/07/entrepreneur-innovation-awards-winners-announced/) but decided to finish my training. In any event, I think the time is getting right to consider taking another stab. The next iteration would deploy a crypto-based incentivization protocol that mints tokens based on meaningful network contributions (basically to incentivize users of the network to function as a mechanical turk to improve automated associations). Happy to discuss further in DM or online if this intrigues you at all.
  7. cmbartley

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Haven't heard a WORD about this in years. I wouldn't assume it's been donated and out of Larsen's control.
  8. cmbartley

    Hi! I'm Bob

    This hasn't been well validated.
  9. cmbartley

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Exactly, which is why they need to be educated.
  10. cmbartley

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Could payment channels be extended to IOUs?
  11. cmbartley

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @BobWay there's an effort to get someone from the Ripple community on to Anthony Pompliano's podcast to provide an alternative perspective about XRPL and Ripple. Every guest so far has been anti. Current Ripple employees aren't allowed to or aren't willing to go on to the podcast for unknown reasons. Would you be open to it? I'd avoid debating another guest as the full, uninterrupted, case for XRP and XRPL is never allowed to be made on these podcasts. I do find Pomp to be a fair interviewer. https://twitter.com/EDadoun/status/1104384993889902592?s=19
  12. cmbartley

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Funny, I just stumbled across your LinkedIn yesterday Bob and noticed that you had left Ripple. Glad to hear you're on the mend and wish you all the best with your new venture.
  13. The impact has been on the exchange volume. XRP exchange volume went from $500M to $750M...
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