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  1. Will be interested to follow this. Hopefully it's a token that makes sense from a business perspective.
  2. It's a public network.
  3. Apparently he stopped by Stellar too.
  4. That low of a probability
  5. Ripple has claimed in the past that Microsoft, CGI, and some banks are running validators. Perhaps these are some of the unidentified entities and they don't yet feel comfortable going public about it.
  6. At this rate you'll be lucky to get your tokens by 2020.
  7. The SEC just launched its first investigation of ICO. The token is called Dibcoin and is primarily and almost exclusively traded on Guess which other token is almost exclusively traded there, QuantumProject ($QAU) which was just launched by @gatehub. This token just smells fishy to me @enej @gregor.
  8. Actually, an enterprising bank that is comfortable hooking into a regulated exchange via ILP would allow for instant fiat -> XRP purchases....
  9. This is a high-quality post and question @snowpar, reminds me of the old XRP chat. I think you're right to point out that the answer is no so obvious. Ultimately rules need to be put in place that clarify what constitutes fulfillment of a payment obligation. With fiat it's obvious but not so with crypto. There has to be a separate contract including the parties involved specifying that delivery of the equivalent amount of crypto constitutes fulfillment of a payment at the minimum. Ultimately, jurisdictional rules would need to be put in place and it looks like Japan is a first mover in this area.
  10. "Advanced risk management models", fancy words without any explanation. Moveover, models are based on historical data and finance has proven that are models are ineffective at predicting future events, hence ever crash of the past century.
  11. There is literally no information about how this token works.
  12. Here's a list of Ripple partners, try to find a corresponding list for Stellar:
  13. Most exchanges don't have a bitlicense:
  14. Ripple was premined and it is centralized... at least for now. If cryptoenthusiasts have an ideological problem with that then they won't change their mind because we argue that being premined is okay. Ripple is working toward decentralization but until it is decentralized and escrow has been activated there will continue to be a lot of skepticism.
  15. Their numbers are correct. The total number of Iota is 2,779,530,283,277,761 but CMC shows a total circulating number of 2,779,530,283 tokens. This means that they are displaying Iota in MegaIota just as Bitfinex does. The Iota team chose a very large number of Iota intentionally to allow for a financially scalable IoT. Iota allow for true micro (really nano or pico) transactions. The absence of fees prevents fees from dwarfing the payment.