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  1. https://www.wsj.com/articles/shrink-your-student-loans-invest-in-bitcoin-credit-card-points-get-creative-11617442200
  2. This has been discussed many times over many years. Ripple were not interested. Seems that Ripple wants to be an XRP central bank.
  3. Oh sure they can. They can simply hand over the master keys to the accounts set to receive the escrow funds to a 3rd party.
  4. I still think that Ripple owns way too much XRP and that that remains an existential threat. That said, I agree with your read here. It was heartening to see them continuing to pursue their vision without hiding under a rock in light of the ongoing lawsuit.
  5. This was a great idea. Anyone know how adoption is coming along?
  6. If the dollar goes to zero, the value of bitcoin will be infinite in dollar terms.
  7. These are the types of riddles that have stoked the SEC's ire.
  8. Many of you will recognize a familiar face on the article https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/12/technology/bitcoin-passwords-wallets-fortunes.html
  9. I agree, this was a very delayed response. But we also don't know what the negotiations were like. Ripple said they tried to settle and part of the delay could have been due to protracted settlement discussions that ultimately fell apart. I'm not saying the SEC will definitely succeed, but it's not clear to me at all that Ripple will either.
  10. I don't think many on here are disputing what you have to say. To play devil's advocate, the SEC may simply argue that their mandate is to protect investors. Even if investors understood that buying XRP did not give claims to equity and that Ripple would sell tons of XRP, if Ripple had Offered sales of XRP as a security purchasers of XRP would have had a right to the same types of information as purchasers of typical securities. By not Offering XRP as a security, Ripple denied XRP investors of crucial information that would have allowed them to make better informed investment decisions.
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