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  1. And let's not forget that every bank that implements xCurrent also has ILP on board regardless of whether they're using it to pay via crypto. Hyperledger is integrating ILP. So FIs on both networks will be able to interoperate. That increases the opportunities for payments via crypto. At the end of the day, I just don't see any other crypto making as much mainstream progress as Ripple. One may be disappointed by the conference, but what alternatives are there beside speculative cryptos with unclear uses?
  2. XRP liquidity may be low but liquidity on Korean exchanges is high. Increasingly you'll need to look to exchanges for liquidity. Ripple doesn't want to pollute the ledger in individual p2p trades. Look for XRP payment volume to increase between exchanges with XRP fiat pairs. Agree that liquidity needs to be 100 or 1000x higher as Patrick Griffin said. That's one of the reasons I'm no so troubled by Stellar for which there's even less liquidity.
  3. Also, remember that an ILP that requires you to use XRP makes no sense. It'd be like an internet protocol that requires you to use one ISP. The point is that none of the crypto assets can interoperate with the real world in any meaningful way until the interoperability protocol is broadly disseminated. XRP cannot be used broadly until the rails are in place and no everyone is going to build on Ripple rails. In fact, XRP's crypto market share could go down but if the market grows by 100x then XRP could still appreciate.
  4. ILP is an interoperabilty protocol that any ledger will be able to connect to also as uses the requisite cryptographic primitives. So yes, XRP will be on there like you said. Agree that some competitive cryptoassests may emerge but it will be hard for them to build as much liquidity as XRP.
  5. Is an XRP/ETH Partnership Realistic?

    I'm not sure I a see a reason for them to formally partner. The two ledgers can communicate via Interledger. It's possible Ripple might want to use Ethereum for distributed smart contracting in limited cases but right now the throughput is too low.
  6. Seems that everyone has selective hearing. The vast majority of bankers at Swell said it's too early from a regulatory standpoint to shift their payment networks toward crypto. That means ALL of crypto, not just XRP. Despite this, one FI is using XRP in production, Cuallix. Everyone wants to get rich overnight off of someone else's efforts. Sit back and enjoy the technological revolution, the progress over the past year has been significant. And with Interledger supported by JS, integrated into Hyperledger, serving as the core of Mojaloop and much more, XRP will increasingly have access to global rails. Moreover, regarding the accelerator program. The announcement indicated that A) there will be sale restrictions of linking entities get paid in XRP and B ) there would be performance metrics. Finally, if a company expends effort to connect to XRP payments then their profit in part depends on that rail being functional. Those who connect will have an incentive to see the network continue to grow.
  7. Amex + Ripple?

    If this is real, I wouldn't expect an announcement during Swell. If real, it was sent to their marketing department which means they're just now thinking about how to announce this. It takes time for Marketing to figure out the messaging and develop the marketing products.
  8. @thetamind what is the list of banks that's using XLM?
  9. Am I the only one?

    The difficulty is always coming up with a counterpartyless asset for which there is already demand. You need a fast asset to increase settlement times in illiquid corridors.
  10. Yes, it is competition. We will have to see how much competition. The public announcement that IBM is trialing their asset validates that asset and will make it more likely that others trial that asset. Right now they would still have a big problem with liquidity, which is probably why they're targeting a super tiny corridor. If ILP is adopted braodly then XRP and XLM can directly compete.
  11. This timing of this announcement, pretty aggressive by Stellar. Gotta respect their competitiveness. Fiji is a much smaller market than Mexico but let the games begin. Stellar has liquidity than Ripple, will be interesting to see how this evolves. It actually reminds me a bit of the game Risk. Ripple has gone for large hard to defend territories and Stellar has started with small, more easily defended territory.
  12. Amex + Ripple?

    This has been discussed extensively on Reddit. Apparently it's how the blackberry app displays watermarks.
  13. physical xrp coin, does it exist?

    Yes, check out @Mercury's 2 the moon project.
  14. Offline RCL Transaction Submission

    Okay, that was awesome. It's all working now. It feels like magic when you use the QR code.