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  1. Told you guys. .15 is coming it might be slow but it's coming. Swell couldn't break .32 it's going down don't expect a bull run for at least another 5 months.
  2. Hate Hawk all you want but he predicted this. His group shorted that .31. According to him we are heading way down. I'm rooting for your charts @Molten but things are not looking pretty when XRP maxis are leaving. I'm afraid Hawks prediction of .14 is very very likely.
  3. Dude thanks for that link. I'm in his discord right now. He has like hundreds of followers in there. The crazy part is his freaking TA is gold like absolute gold. I'm only there to listen in etc. But it's really hard to believe he's a scammer. I'm personally not giving him anything except just listen in free for his alerts.
  4. You mentioned news could be game changer. What news are you referring to?
  5. Thanks for the replies. These comments remind me of one of Brad's recent interviews where he predicts that utility will take over assumption in 5 years even for BTC. I remember he mentioned this. Xrp is what Apple was in the 90s. Price was below dollar investors frustrated on negative perception in media and then Boom.
  6. Next major pump will be towards ATH, look at the trend. We've been under the weekly descending trend line for 2 years and I believe we are finally coming out of capitulation that just happened 2 weeks ago. What's occuring now is to form support base. The scary part is the major pump to $3 to $5 can happen any time coming weeks. In my opinion we will move towards .50c in coming weeks and the big Pump will occur by December or by March when BTC most likely hits it's ATH. Look at the past trend when XRP jumped from .005 to .30 in 2017 it happened when BTC hit ATH. I think same thing is coming soon. Only holders are winners here. I've been right so far, Prove me wrong.
  7. When BTC jumped from 3200 bottom the sentiment was Bearish not Bullish. Bullish sentiment came in once it crossed 6k again. Most are waiting for .15 to .20 but forget that we hit .21 with a swift buy response. If you look at XRP history it's capitulation has always been swift wicks and too many whales eat the opportunity, we saw this when it hits .21 again. I think we're slowly coming out of capitulation. Everyone is still in disbelief just like the wall street cheat sheet. I could be wrong.
  8. Giant Buy wall at .274. Wow biggest wall I've ever seen of 9 million order. Shorts are falling as well. My guess is who ever the whales were tried to dump below .24 but Bulls trapped them and now they're panicking.
  9. If you look at XRP USD shorts it jumped up by 147%
  10. Hi Molten. I'm a huge fan of your work and decided to participate in this chat with you guys rather than be an observer which I was in the past :). Now back to your proposed charts I want to make a quick comment based on your reaction that the charts and descending triangle specifically is acting strange. Another indicator ive been looking through is exchange where xrp top 10% buy ration has been consistent with 77% - 81% for couple of days. This indicates that majority of whales are buying and only roughly 20% minority are selling. I think they are getting ready for the next wave. Also on the daily it touched the MA as well. I look forward to your next responses my friend. Thanks for all the work
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