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  1. Pullback, yep likely. Sell part of stack ? Not at this stage. I'm patient enough to hold out and see whether it can hit some of the crazier numbers predicted, and in doing that I am happy to risk losing the lot. It's all or nothing for me with XRP.
  2. Even if XRP is central to Ripple, it doesn't make it any more likely to increase in price, that ship seems to have sailed. Wondering whether to wait and pray for another irrational pump to "derisk", or keep it and use it to buy lollies and kiddy toys.
  3. Brad G will do it personally. Infact it might be a new service for where ODL lacks corridors. How about xDeliver.
  4. Im by no means a sec lawyer, perhaps my post was confusing. I was refering to him being one.
  5. The air quality in Sydney has been terrible since November. Lot's of smoke and haze.
  6. Thanks @Sporticus. Have been following this and your comments in the other thread. Being in the game as a sec lawyer, im inclined to listen to your commentary above and beyond the fainboi giberish.
  7. Perphaps i've forgotten what i am actually whinging about again. What was the question again ? Lol
  8. But we dont know whether crypto is good and useful. Bitcoin has been around for an entire decade and is on a trajectory course to becoming the greatest man-made environmental disaster. The power consumption is just outright embarrasing and far outweights any benfefit it offers. Didn't Brad G say 99% of coins without a usecase will disappear. We are far from any type of mainstream adoption, so lets see how it plays out.
  9. There is absolutely no comparison that can be made between electricity and crypto. Not sure why you even chose to compare the two to make a point.
  10. I understand what it can do and the capabilities your describe. Assume it never obtains widescale adoption. What changes ? Nothing. The world will continue to keep ticking. So why do we need crypto ?
  11. Would it matter ? I could say whatever I want on the interweb and still be called a liar.
  12. That's good to hear, although my comment was generic in nature. Not aimed at you. You don't need to explain or justify what you do for a living or how many hours you work.
  13. More like unemployed bloggers and youtubers with plenty of time to kill.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. All his dribble is apocalyptic in nature.
  15. There will never be one world currency. Lol Seriously, you can't make this shit up. If your thinking is legit, you seriously crack me up.
  16. Thanks for clarifying the numbers. In anycase I have no interest in Coil. I checked it out a couple of times and it was abysmal. My interests I can find online without the need for Coil and it's monthly subscription. I was glad when Hodor packed it in with his blog, goodness knows we don't more Ripple propaganda anytime soon. It's meaningless to the price of XRP.
  17. Please explain to me how XRP would have prevented the 2008 crisis.
  18. The crypto space is miniscule, and governments very much have control. Most countries will just digitize their national currencies, which will ultimately allow them to keep control. Tighter regulations will ultimately clamp down on all these outlier currencies in due course.
  19. You literally pointed out the very reason it will never be adopted. Governments want control and will never relinquish that power..
  20. My Spidey senses are tingling. I bet your just another Ripple employee or associated shill of sorts. Fancy profile pic, just like Bob Way and his book club that went nowhere. I'm willing to bet you'll disapear in a month or two and not be active. Curiously in an earlier post you mentioned being paid 10200 XRP for your blogs, yet above you mention 21,000 ?? What gives with the dodgy numbers ? Am I to assume 21k in total with 10k being in the last month ?
  21. The problem is, if they did not offer a solution without XRP usage then practically no one would use their software. There are no ODL corridors available with any significant volume, and many banks simply cant touch or use a solution involving crypto. It was more out of necessity than anything else to start getting a foot in the door with FI's.
  22. Off course you can. Let's see whether this free candy giveaway attracts any quality content. As it stands there is nothing worth paying a subscription for IMO that can't be found on the net already for free.
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